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Last Updated On: September 29, 2017

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Business Name: Inc
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7500 Hwy 71
Austin, Texas 78735 USA

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Phone Number: 800-672-0365
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 15

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Reported Losses: $937.00
Average Reported Losses: $133.86

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Given wrong pricing, Job was sloppy, had to finish work myself

I was quoted $249 to install 3 sinks, one faucet and one drain but that it would cost more if it went over 4 hours.

The handyman was 2 hours late because his truck broke down which I understood so he showed up with another guy around 3PM.

They didn’t bring the tools they needed and didn’t like my compound sealer caulking gun so smeared the compound around the sink and counter with dirty fingers. They additionally couldn’t get a drain plug working which my son was able to do.

They left at 5:30 pm so less than 4 hours but charged me $387.

I called my representative Jordan and discussed the whole thing very reasonably and have not heard back for over a week.

I’ve left other messages with no return calls responding to work this out. Services were in Florida as this company has handyman services in several states. – Austin TX


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I called to have a prehung exterior door hung. I was told it would take 4 hours @ $99 for the first hour and $118 for the next two hours. After the handyman picked up my door @ Lowe’s (add $15 for pick-up fee), he examined the door and stated the existing trim was “cheap” and recommended replacing trim (add $15 trip to Lowe’s and $37 for materials). Add another $10 for “materials” (not sure what they were), $59 for disposal of old door. Should be up to about $300 now for bill. Handyman used my bathroom several times during… Read more »
I needed some drywall hung and finished and so I google searched local drywall services. Several names/phone #s were generated and they appeared to be legitimate local drywall professionals so I began calling and getting quotes. One of the businesses had a generic name…I think it was “Local Drywall pros” or something like that with an “855” number. I called and left a message about the job and get a call back. The guy doesn’t explain that he is from so all along I think I am talking to a local contractor that specializes in drywall installation. I review… Read more »

I posted a comment on how G4S Witank branch work it is very pathetic and oh so negligent i can’t believe how they work. I used to work for SBV services and have my own team i was in charge of so i know a thing or two about safety and proper work ethics in such a dangerous career. I hope that my comment gets posted so that everyone can read it and they might look at there work better and more serious.

Worked for less than a week with this joke of a company they don’t reimburse to go to customers houses the lack of communication between pm and worker is outrageous then the customers start b*****n about who is coming and who isn’t customers have 2 different people calling them this company is a d**n joke and hopefully it fails miserably

When searching for a handyman, I found Looked like a great designed website, so I booked a handyman to come at 10:00am. The project manager called at 10:30 to confirm that the handyman was there, however, the handyman was not there. The project manager claimed that the handyman was not answering his phone and wife thought he was on a job. The PM the said he would find someone else and get back to me. After another hour, I didn’t hear anything so I call the PM. He said that no one was available and would have to schedule… Read more »

Being a member of Angie’s List does not guarantee quality work as they are a “booking agency” just like Done, Porch, Handyman, etc. Even having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau does not mean the next year that same company has a failing rating.

I hired Done to help me hook up my cable box with an infrared remote. The person they sent out had no experience whhatsoever. He spent two hours googling on his phone and looking up instructions. He told me he had fixed it and beleived him so I paid him. As soon as he left I tried it out and it did not work. Then he said my equipment was faulty. I had to call another coompany who sent womeone out who knew what they were doing. It took this other person less than 5 minutes. Done refused to give… Read more »
I hired Inc to install a TV mount because I wanted it professionally installed, however, handyman was inexperienced. Tv mount was in an unopened box yet the handyman still made the error to defect my mount due to not being big enough. If the handyman read the instructions he would of been able to figure out how to properly place the mount. I started a claim October 31,2016 but Done has been pushing my claim for months now. In additioin, Done has blocked my phone number to call the 800 number and Felix the Project Coordinator. Bad service and… Read more »

I called to have a hole repaired to one business and paint for another. The technician was supposed to show up at 6:30p to repair the hole. At 6:22p the technician called to say he was 30 minutes away, fine. At 7:00p I’m looking for the technician. The tech stated he was lost and could find the location- are you serious??? It’s called GPS! The business is not in an hidden area, and we see more than 120 patients a day at this location.

It’s a joke, don’t do it!

Buyer beware! We went through to have a dishwasher installed. We have had the contractor out twice and still do not have the dishwasher installed properly. We have had to order more parts for our brand new dishwasher because they were damaged during installation. We also had a ceiling tile broken in our basement during the process. The contractor also showed up 4 hours late. To top it off our check was deposited twice and we have had to file a claim with our bank. We have repeatedly called to resolve the problem or to just get a refund… Read more »
BEWARE…… Called to install a dishwasher for elderly mother. This is a referral service where contractors pay a fee for referrals. The contractor came and installed the dishwasher but it did not drain properly after the installation. Several calls made to the contractor but his voice mail was full (eammons) and he never returned the call. The worst part is when we called they told us our MOM paid with cash so there was NO warranty or Guaranty for the work now ! If she had paid with a check or credit card they said there would have been.… Read more »

The person did not show up when he was supposed to. Jack, the supervisor in our area, said the handyman was now not available until 7 hours later because the current call he was on had additional items to work on. When I questioned that an additional 7 hours did not seem right, he went on about “you know how some customers are”.
The handyman called me later, said he had been up all night and needed sleep before coming, not that he had been on another job.
Trying to cancel or contact anyone locally is impossible.

Definitely a crooked, scammy company. I took the day off to have some work done in my new home. Originally, my appointment was at 3p but there was a lot of back and forth with the project coordinator about calls I supposedly missed (I had no missed calls) to explain why no one was showing up. Long story short, they finally blew me off at 6:25p. I called DONE.COM Support to complain, but the operator said I would have to talk directly to the project coordinator in my area. When I explained I was calling to complain about the project… Read more »

These guys from have turned me down 2 times. Its services are look like as being rendered by the crooks.
Do not recommend them to anyone.

They are crooks. 91% complaint ratio


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