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If you need to call a service such as a plumber or a tree cutting service, you know that finding one can be as simple as going into your kitchen, grabbing the yellow pages, turning to the section you need, locating the service, and finding a company. However, as much fun as flipping through pages may be, you can always go online and look up a number of websites online. There are directory and indexing websites that can help you find exactly who or what you need.

Like everything on the internet though, there are problems that exist. You may not find the perfect company or person for what you need because they could always have mislabeled or put under the wrong category. The directory online may have a number of inadequacies. The name may be spelled wrong, phone numbers or addresses may not be correct or up-to-date if a business has moved. And if the directory or indexing websites have reviews, the reviews may be misleading about the company as well.

The website itself may have problems such as their customer service department. If you’ve tried to call to have information updated or changed you may have found that they are not quick to resolve the problem you’ve encountered. The customer service for the website may even be rude or unprofessional for people who call into the site.

If you have a directory and indexing website complaint then please share your complaint with us here at You may not be the only individual or business that has had problems with a particular directory or indexing website.

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