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Building a website is no easy task.  And, if you’re not visually oriented, or you find yourself too busy to focus on your company’s website design, you’re probably outsourcing the task.  While there are a lot of great design and development services out there, not all of them provide quality work.  If you’ve been frustrated by your experience with design or development services, then filing a complaint with Complaints List is a great way to draw attention to the company that let you down.

Design and development services rely heavily on their Internet reputations.  After all, many of these companies are online-based.  When potential customers search for more information about the design / development service that didn’t live up to its promises, your complaint will be one of the first things they see.  Needless to say, your honest testimonial will be a big turn-off for the customer!

Here are just a few of the complaints you might have about an experience with a particular web design or development service…

Poor Design With No Follow Up

Good design and development services listen to you.  They pay attention to who you are, what your needs are, and then they create something to meet those needs.  If they mess up, then they do another draft, aiming to get it right on the second time around.  Unfortunately, not every design and development service is like this.  In fact, if you’re reading this page, you probably wish you had a design and development service like that!  Because your experience wasn’t everything it should have been, you owe it to yourself to file a complaint on  It might be the only way to get any kind of resolution!

Lack of Communication

One of the biggest problems in any client/contractor relationship is poor communication.  If you did everything possible on your end to stay in touch with your design / development service, all to no avail, then it makes sense for you to be frustrated!  Unanswered emails and unreturned phone calls can be really aggravating – especially when it involves your project and your money.  Don’t let other people be subjected to this kind of irresponsible behavior.  Let others know by filing with

Failure to Take Direction

Another major problem many people have with these services is their stubbornness.  Sometimes a design / development service will simply ignore your project’s parameters.  This can be infuriating!  Not only are you paying them to create something that doesn’t fit your needs, but they refuse to listen to you!  Don’t let this kind of behavior drag out any longer.  Annul the contract, and file a complaint on Complaints List.

Pricing Disagreements

The last major issue you might experience with design / development services has to do with pricing agreements.  This can really be a problem with startup companies and companies that aren’t well established.  Did you agree on a price upfront, only to get something different in an invoice?  If so, you might have a hard time resolving the issue with the service.  Though you should always try to resolve the issue with the design / development service, filing a complaint with might be your next best option.  When you file a complaint here, the public attention that you draw to the service might be enough to pressure them into resolving your price disagreement.


Of course, this is just the beginning when it comes to the various issues you may have experienced.  No matter what your issue is, feel free to file a complaint on  Web users need to hear your voice so that they know which services to avoid!

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