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Business Name: People Media Inc
Corporate Address:
PO Box 25458
Dallas, Texas 75225 USA Customer Service Phone Number: 323-603-0188
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Gregory R Blatt - CEO
Corp Website: Ratings

Average Rating: 1.72 out of 5
Based On: 32 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 72 Reports

Reported Losses: $1,142.94
Average Reported Losses: $35.72

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Charged on billing but site, but they say unable to charge?

I attempted to signup (pay for a month) and Seniorpeoplemeet returns this:

Payment Unsuccessful – We’re sorry, PayPal was not able to process your transaction. Please choose another method of payment. SPECIAL OFFER – Save 50% Today.

But paypal sent me an email saying – You sent a payment of $18.99 USD to Peoplemedia Inc.

I tried to find a Seniorpeoplemeet contact number, and when going into their help screen I see their FAQ and one of the selections is Contact us. But the section of the screen goes blank that has all the selections; it doesn’t give enough time to select any.

BTW, the telephone number listed for these folks is disconnected.

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More About is run by IAC / InterActiveCorp the same company that runs,,,, and

IAC / InterActiveCorp - 555 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011. Senior People Meet target people over the age of 50 looking to meet other people online for dates. Related Complaint / Company -

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I looked at the site because I was curious and thought I might sign up – one day. But, I didn’t sign up or pay to join the site. They found an old photo of me and added it to the site!!!! I looked for a number to call to ask them to remove and find out why they would do that but can’t find a photo & have so many emails for the site – it’s crazy!!

Avoid this site. I am 60, soon turning 70. I have written to them several times about my matches, and after that, the matches got worse. Here is what they have done since I complained about the ridiculous match with men the age of my children! I also asked to me matched only with Caucasians . . oh well. Monday 4/10 Tues 4/11 4/12 4/13 4/14 1. 11 years younger 13 years younger 10 younger 16 younger 9 younger 2. 5 years younger 18 years younger 5 younger 6 younger 11 younger 3 20 years younger 18 years younger 20… Read more »

Total scam. They use pictures and make up the profile. They are so stupid they use the same scam letters and change a few facts and the picture.

I was charged $171.82 March 1, 2017 and I am no longer a member. Your site is a scam. Please do not charge me again and return the money you stole.

I asked not to be connected to African American people. This did not happen during my generation, and I have a lot of family that would never accept it.I get several Afro American males every time that I check my matches. This is a waste of time. Also,tell the men to shave, get a haircut of get their teeth cleaned. Most look like grungy, dirty old men. Don’t you screen any of them? I am afraid to put too much info on the site.Do you do any background checks. Look at most of the men. I am not desperate and… Read more »

unable to phone contact them to remove me or close my account , Once they had my credit number they keep charging me without notice!!

I just wanted to say that my husband and I met on Senior People Meet. Our first date was on Feb 12, 2011 and we were married exactly one year later. Not only that, we both canceled our memberships after we met and I asked the people who run the site if there was any way I could get back the messages and flirts we had initially sent each other so I could put them in a photo album. Even though we were no longer paying customers they re-opened our accounts for us for a week for free so i… Read more »

I think my account was hacked over the weekend, can’t get any support over the weekend. I also have been scammed by 3 men, thank God I was smart enough to realize, good luck to everyone decent in there journey.

Just found out my account has been hacked. Not a safe site.
Can’t find a human to e-mail or call , the whole operation seems to be on auto-pilot.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), I would rate at no more than a 3.5. Their latest scam is advertisement that start talking without as you go on the site. Each time I would check out another woman, the same dang advertisement would insert itself. The owners of this site are unethical, but they do give some value.

They also run Our, i tried to delete my profile and pictures and checked the box saying i wanted that done but i am still getting emails from the site. How can i get emails if you were supposed to delete all my info? While on there i had a few people that i knew that were no longer on the site somehow miraculously look at my profile and write to me saying they were a friend of the owner…funny because my friend never heard of them…lots of scammers on this site!

Thanks for the question, I have joined this dating site , it’s not free but i think members here are not active , and i joined another online dating site Senior Meet Login , I have many happy time here

Thanks for the question, I have joined this dating site , it’s not free but i think members here are not active , and i joined another online dating site Senior Meet Login , I have many happy time here #seniorpeoplemeet #over50 dating with the senior people and meet the best senior singles,welcome to the best senior people meet dating site!

I love Lucy

Their customer service is the worse that I have ever seen. In fact you might say,”what customer service?”
You cannot call them to correct any errors or or any other problems.
My account got hacked into and someone was messing with my messages.
I have credit coming and cannot contact any one regarding getting it issued to my account.,
Really bad site. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT !

Several friends urged me to try Internet dating. I am a 71 year professional female so I thought I’d try Senior People Meet. I met a couple of gentlemen who were pleasant, but no chemistry. However, I decided to opt out when I received an extremely offensive and inappropriate response to my photo. I complained to the site, but it never responded to my concern. Instead, they attempted to coax me back with a lower monthly rate. No more SeniorPeopleMeet for me. I would not recommend the site to anyone.

Oh! And now I have to wait for these comments to be approved before they will post.

I signed up for one month. This sight continuously sent contacts to members which I gave no indication for. It deleted my profile after I spent a week editing it. It has been impossible to maintain contact with other members. What a Crock of S**t.

I have a grandmother I love very very much. I cannot image her on this website!

S.P.M. is as BIG A SCAM as P.O.F. which means Plenty Of Fools. You are better off going to a local “Club, bar” whatever, you want to call it. You will get more out of it

Last night went to renew membership for 1 more month, but when I check on new mail was charged for a 6 months renewal. I have tried calling them for the number on my credit card statement and they only record a message to go online, which doesn’t work either. I can’t afford over $100 for that membership as I’m on limited income. I was just going to try 1 more month to see if maybe I could find someone. I think I got railroaded.

Dispute the charge on your credit card. The bank should remove it.

I met a man who turned out to be very dishonest. I lost $3400. Beware RMB from Boston. Lied about age, education, history, home ownership, income etc,etc, etc. I was completely duped. He just joined up again.

has he ever used the name Joe?

And now he is in Denver looking for someone again…before his stuff is even out of my house!!!

Keep his stuff and change your locks.


Thanks for the question, I have joined this dating site , it’s not free but i think members here are not active , and i joined another online dating site Senior Meet Login , I have many happy time here

Gee carry you talk just lime lucy in a prior comment…are you guys plants in here for tbe sites to drum up business…who speaks like many happy time here?

The phone Senior People Meet is 866 320 0106


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