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Last Updated On: April 5, 2017

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Business Name: PlentyofFish Media Inc
Corporate Address:
555 W Hastings St Suite 2625
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B4N5 Canada

Plenty of Fish Customer Service

Plenty of Fish Phone Number: 604-692-2542
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Markus Frind - Owner, CEO and Founder
Corp Website:

Plenty of Fish Ratings

Average Rating: 1.32 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 173

Plenty of Fish Reports

Reported Losses: $51,900.17
Average Reported Losses: $879.66

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Discriminates Against the Elderly!

My 76 year old mother was BLATANTLY a victim of AGE DISCRIMINATION by these HORRIBLE people! You have NO idea how long it took me to convince my 76 YEAR OLD WIDOWED MOM that she could at the very least make friends on these kind of sites!

I helped her sketch out a profile, she put a picture of the two of us that was very nice. Fully clothed (I’m being sarcastic!), full faced, and I showed her how to sign in and out, and how to add to a description of herself when she was ready.

Well I left and she apparently went on again to add to her profile but it had been DELETED! Less than two hours later!


She wrote them two emails she said and now wants to just forget the whole thing! After all my time CONVINCING her to try this!!!

I am SO PISSED OFF at these HORRIBLE PEOPLE for what they did to my poor mom! They have NO shame or COMMON HUMAN DECENCY, the bastards!

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I met Rond21 who turns out to still be very married , is into multiple women to only have sex. He comes off as a nice guy but is truly a married player who only uses you.i

I have been trying for several days to get back on my account. For some reason I couldn’t sign on, so I followed the forgot password routine only to find they had no record of my user name, password, or my signup email!!! Several emails returned generic answers, phone calls were not answered or not working. How the hell do you correct the problem! I finally opened a free account and now being asked to upgrade!!!! I think this Marcus character is a robot! Still cant retrieve my paid account, and have no recourse if I can’t get a human… Read more »

I met a serial fraudster and registerd women abuser on POF two years ago, I went through hell and was left in poor health and destitute.

After I left him last month he set up a fake profile on POF and registered with my email address.

I got in Touch with POF about my concerns,asked for investigation as police is involved and they ignored me plus my warning about how dangerous my ex is.

I’m seeking legal advice.

WTH? POF has lost my interest. After creating the same account multiple times only to be deleted minutes later, I’ve decided to call it quits. I called 1 800-592-9878 and was advised by some Indian guy that my account was hacked by someone in Nigeria, and in order to get my account back and remove hackers they would need to charge me. I didn’t let him spew out an amount as I told him no and hung up. This is ridiculous and maybe a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, this will happen to enough of us and Mark’s punk a*s will… Read more »

This is Pattyav. What happened to my site? It been fine for years. All of a sudden I get no responses yet I’m still active!!!

Sign up for three month session 40$ , after a month I cancelled my account even had two month left. They said I could not get a refund , for the two month left. Four months after they charged my paypal account another 40$. No refund from PayPal or plenty of fish. No return call from PayPal or POF.
What a scam

Just look out for these and scammers. Gives states KY, Ca , Ny Ghana . Jaron Anderson can provide photoshopped pics

Really Disappointed in this site. My account was hacked yesterday. Details were changed. Pictures all changed, text removed. I’m now a widowed engineer in Los Angeles. Since when? Reported to POF…. instead of getting back to me, I received an email notification that I’m getting a refund and my account is closed. No explanation and no discussion. THIS is how they handle things! Normally, I’d say fine and move on. BUT, this once, I was developing a great rapport with a young lady who now thinks I could be a low life scammer. NOW – tell me what woman in… Read more »

Just because I only like whites and Hispanics as my dating preference guys on POF have the nerve to trash talk me on POF then personally message me on Facebook and continue to trash talk me there. I’m not racist at all. I have plenty of diverse friends on my Facebook. I work with a bunch of different ethnic backgrounds. Everytime my POF account is deleted

Hello my name is Joe. I have tried joining the site several times over the last three years. There is a woman who goes by LadyRouge57. This person has gone out of her way when I have no idea who she is to trash me on the site. I have put in blocks and reports to receive nothing but basically the generic email. I always have to delete my profile and pix losing touch with some people who are actually nice. But this person goes out of her way to post on her own profile my profile name and make… Read more »

This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full. Don’t ever give them any payment information, including paypal as they will continue to charge you even if you cancel

I was on Plenty of fish for about 6 months and I met nothing but losers. The dating site shouldn’t be called Plenty of fish, it should be called Plenty of losers. I have scammers trying to contacting me from across the Atlantic ocean and pretending they were locals. I have women sending notification of they want to meet me. and after writing to them once they will not write to me at all plus I got messages saying I was blocked for no d**n reason. If anyone is looking for a chance to a nice relationship with someone do… Read more »
To start I have been on Plenty Of Fish for about 6 months and I met nothing but losers. I think this dating site shouldn’t be called Plenty Of Fish but Plenty Of Losers. I have received notification from people saying they want to meet me and I wrote to them and never heard back from them at all. When I wrote back the second time I received a message saying I was blocked by the user. I really like to see this web site improve with real people the are looking for real relationship there. I know there are… Read more »

I have been on pof for a little over a few months. I met a girl and we started talking. Come to find out she was 16 and I am 26. this site is dangerous for people like me.

If they don’t like your profile for any reason even personal opinions then your account will be gone in a matter of days, one went as far as to pay for a premium membership to my account and then it got reported as fraud, when if they’d look at the ip addresses they’d see it wasn’t even me or in my state that whoever bought me a membership. How can you trust prejudice when finding love and romance through crooked admins.

They logged me out of my plenty of fish account and could not log back in. I got deleted out of no where while just signed barley up on the site with in not even 1 hour and nothing on my profile was bad or even looking for a “fast hook up” I was putting serious effort into my profile and nothing I have done was wrong and next thing you know am logged out with no reason why…

So I got a message a little while back on pof. I messaged the person back she seemed nice the profile said 21 years old. She quickly asked for my number so I gave it to her. Right after I did she sent me nude pictures without asking if I wanted to see them. Didn’t think much about it. The next morning I woke up to another number blowing up my phone. Apparently she was “16” and her dad was calling me. He said she stole her moms phone and threw it at a brick wall and broke it. He… Read more »
I think pof has taken one of my profile pictures and used it on their sites as advertisement or with one of their affiliates me friend sent me a screen shot and its the same picture on my pof dating profile but its in zoom so i cant see the url just me and two other women side by side and top says try which im not even on and at the bottom says lets talk about sex i dont know what the hell is going on. Can they do this without my permission? He found it searching the… Read more »

In my location the same losers on POF are on Match or any of the pay sites.

My experience with POF, Match and OurTime is that the majority of their profiles are fake. Even though I was very specific in describing myself and the type of person I was interested in, I would get views, flirts and messages from men whose profiles were fake, men who were not in my specified age range, and some that were so creepy they looked like they could be sex offenders or serial killers. It’s unfortunate that for people like me who are more of a homebody than a social butterfly that these sites are shady at best and not an… Read more »

POF Profile hacked by this guy. If you are on POF let him know as I cannot get access to POF any more since my profile was hacked. He changed the picture, occupation and a few other details, the rest was my profile. Here’s the dude. Anyone know him?

Here is my hacked profile:

POF Hacker…must be one of dozens or more. My profile was hacked on or about July 16. There was no way I could get help from POF as they had blocked my account, no access to it, they had deleted my email, etc.etc. No phone help, no online help. Good thing I did not pay any money for their sh*tty service. NEVER pay them any money for going on their site. You will live to regret it. Anyway, here is the dude who hacked my profile. Just changed the pictures, career and a few minor things. The rest of the… Read more »

Oh,one more thing, don’t even consider paying to join. All you have to do is google POF and reviews to see that there are WAY too many complaints about unauthorized deductions. Once you give them your information, they can and DO just take your money. Good luck getting it back. I hope the BBB shuts them down, it’s a crap site anyway.

I joined 6 years ago and quickly figured out the site was useless for dating. You might as well bank on winning the lottery as to think this site is any good for dating, it isn’t. I stayed for the forums and now even that has been ruined. They randomly remove people with no warning. On a public forum, people are going to have arguments. Whoever is behind the scenes is playing a very childish game of favortism with who they delete. So, the only thing that WAS good about the site has now been ruined. Don’t join, it’s an… Read more »
Hi, I used to be a member years ago, there were issue then, but never this bad. I’m sure POF might use some tactics of allow somethings, but i’m pretty sure it happens on other sites too. The problem is that, a lot of people on here are new and only dealing with what exists at the moment, times have CHANGED, from what I’ve seen on the site, I can definitely say that, women are asking way to much from a man, not all, but most. Also, at least here in Miami, all the profiles have women of all ages… Read more »

Can someone just hack & take their site off the internet forever. Give them their own medicine back. That should teach them, that fake markus a*****e who claims to be the creator of that bullshit site.

Women beware. Gilbertgodfree3 (Dumont, NJ), Frank. Really thought at first he was a sweet nice guy and then it hit…..4 prior restraining orders. 3 charges pending in court from last ex at this time. STD carrier. No job. Didn’t find all this out until it was too late. Then I disconnected. Profile is 100% inaccurate. Extremely mentally abusive and manic bi-polar. Hope this will keep another woman from becoming another victim.

The same can happen with women. There is a woman on the site going by LadyRouge57 who goes out of her way to publicly trash me and I have never sent her messages or anything. No matter what site I try she is on there and finds me. I have never met this person. I complained to POF and they did nothing. My fear was she would find my profile on Facebook and trash me when I am a good, honest hardworking man. Sucks that the sites are full of haters and scammers now.

gilbertgodfree3 – now frankied1959


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