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Last Updated On: November 16, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: PlentyofFish Media Inc
Corporate Address:
555 W Hastings St Suite 2625
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B4N5 Canada

Customer Service

Phone Number: 604-692-2542
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Markus Frind - Owner, CEO and Founder
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.32 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 207

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $51,900.17
Average Reported Losses: $879.66

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Discriminates Against the Elderly!

My 76 year old mother was BLATANTLY a victim of AGE DISCRIMINATION by these HORRIBLE people! You have NO idea how long it took me to convince my 76 YEAR OLD WIDOWED MOM that she could at the very least make friends on these kind of sites!

I helped her sketch out a profile, she put a picture of the two of us that was very nice. Fully clothed (I’m being sarcastic!), full faced, and I showed her how to sign in and out, and how to add to a description of herself when she was ready.

Well I left and she apparently went on again to add to her profile but it had been DELETED! Less than two hours later!


She wrote them two emails she said and now wants to just forget the whole thing! After all my time CONVINCING her to try this!!!

I am SO PISSED OFF at these HORRIBLE PEOPLE for what they did to my poor mom! They have NO shame or COMMON HUMAN DECENCY, the bastards!

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I never signed out once in any amount of time period that could replicate itself. It signed me out. If time could replicate itself it wouldn’t have signed out, signed my handle out.

Rip off for 51.00 at POF, no teturn, it was at multiple for service, didn’t even want once for going into a facility for a date. I’m not that ugly one, two; I didn’t get any get any real people to talk in replying on a regular basis, not to mention the amount umm, uneven. It’s only 43.- with a price tag and no hash tag for the extra little bit they slip in. I think more than once, then about to ten times, with sustaining a talkative nature to others. Let’s take this back, open craigsl… back open or… Read more »

My account was hacked for the third time on POF. This time was less than a month into my paid membership. 90% of the people I received messages from are scam artists. POF sent me an email stating my email had been changed and if I couldn’t get in that I should reply to their email, which I did. Their response is that they don’t reply to emails! All I want is a refund of my membership. They just aren’t worth the effort it takes to be a member.

My account was hacked for the third time on POF. This time was less than a month into my paid membership. 90% of the people I received messages from are scam artists. POF sent me an email stating my email had been changed and if I couldn’t get in that I should reply to their email, which I did. Their response is that they don’t reply to emails! All I want is a refund of my membership. They just aren’t worth the effort it takes to be a member.

pof was ok for a while. then someone hacked my account. opened a new one several times and each was made inoperable. NO response from POF. called phone in – i think british colombia and recording said they would NOT reply to any messages . i cant cancel my accounts as i have forgotten my password. what a worthless site. evil people are using us and abusing us.

I had a guy send a first message of sexual assault, I sent screen shots, POF deleted my account, I had only been on for less then a day and that same scumbag in on there trolling, they def are racist if you aren’t a white male on there,. all it is is discrimination and sexual threats from their users

someone hacked my account and they’re still letting people post picture of me and over stuff on the account

Have been on pof for about 12 months as a free member.

Three days ago tried responding to a pof member contact and found I can’t access my profile.

My name and/or password was not recognized and yet my profile is still online.

Have tried numerous password resets over three days and none of them have worked.

Tried the automatic help section and nothing covers my situation.

Tried finding a section on to contact a real person and there is no such section.

Even tried to delete my profile and I can’t even do that.

Paid member. Account was hacked. PoF unresponsive, and I cannot use the service I paid for. I intend to find out the Breach laws for Canada, am sure they have them which would be a lawsuit unto itself since I or other members weren’t notified. They really need a class action lawsuit…

Sorry Craig Al Saunders

Do not date a man on POF or Badoo of the name Craif Saunders, he Lives in Port Doveer and has scammed alot of women out of their money by telling them he has cancer. He sees two women at a time. He tells the women he has assets and has his own house but he only rents and has no assets. He tells the women this to pretend he is going to pay them back. i have been scammed and know a few women who also became prey from this horrible person.

Someone hacked and stole my POF account. they were able to delete the email associated with the account and now I cannot reset my password. I also cannot register a new account, even using a new email address. The person pretending to be me contacted, by text message, someone that I met on POF. he is the one who initially made me aware of this. He also reported that profile as being fake. I am stuck at this point. my photos and information are in someone’s hands and I can’t get anyone from POF to respond to me.

Stolen account and fake account.


pof contests persons identity? – why ? – what if you have a female personality and live in a male body and you are quite happy with that – plenty males go around living their lives as a female – dress hair you name it – and they are quite happy doing that – is there a law against it

POF seems to have gotten in a rut where your profile is only active until you log out or are logged out, and then you can’t log back in. At least it works that way for me. Can’t recover accounts anymore either

My account has been hacked by a female scammer. She is using my ID: IronBlondie1962. I cannot get in and answer the notifications.

I created an account, it does not recognize my username or email address. What can and should I do?

The exact same thing happened to me last week. I am unable to login and their only suggestions are to make a new account. It is just a scam. I might add that I am also a paid member.

pof is a gloriffed brothel posing as a dating site / its structure and operation are highly questionable – girls held in total isolation like in prison cells – it is made out to be a communal site – do wat everyone else is doing – but that is just not so – without any advice people struggle to present what is basically an advert for then selves – the more bare skin the better eh – well not so – the site is designed to wat standards – no one knows – you cannot get hold of site management… Read more »

POF is being hacked constantly. The hacking has increased and it has compromised many many peoples accounts. If you cannot sign in nor retrieve your password…or change your password, your account has been hacked. It happened to me and a friend who is in IT traced it to Russia. Be careful folks, the site is not safe and if you read the agreement, they will not take responsibility for hacking. You can email their customer service department but they are so backlogged in complaints that many are being ignored. Heads up!!!

pof is run like prison – people feel isolated and can left on the shelf for months on end – is easy for arrogants to attack the isolated vulnerable – a poss gov collection site for psycho info – it should be run as a communal site – human are social animals – what have people to hide

I am going to be 26 years old. I figured i would see what the older women are like, you know just curious. So i set my age from 18 to 42. when i hit search it shows up 39. Come to find out they have a 14 year age restriction on people and a 9 year age restriction under 22. POF has no right to say who you can and cannot talk too. And also they have a policy of messaging the same message to different people which I feel is an invasion of privacy. I mean yes if… Read more »

my profile was deleted without my knowledge or permission, and when I attempted to contact pof I was told….. you have to sign in to contact/delete profile. pof would not permit me to sign in. ??????? Now what ?

I just posted a comment re pof wanting $50 to give me my password and it was delected

after being on this site for 3 yrs my profile disappeared and I couldn’t remember my password. I gave them my email without any help. I then called the phone number given and was told they would help me with my password for $50.


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