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Last Updated On: May 4, 2017

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Dating Phychos

I have tried for the last eight years to get my name removed from the website “” and my information from google search. I have tried to contact the person that submitted the information but they used an alias and I am unable to get them to take it down themselves. The information is factual inaccurate and complete defamation of my name and outright lies.

I have offered the company numerous opportunities to take it down themselves, including paying them. I am a professional and this information is detrimental to my career.


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The site seems to be down for the count since I’m seeing an 403 Forbidden error now. Hopefully, this site will never be up and running ever again, especially in regards to those who’d been flasely/libelously posted about.

Just recently, an ex-guy-friend who had lashed out by mostly slanderously posting about me on this site and sharing some personal details. This is his seventh time slandering me online so far. Besides it being an invasion of privacy… He exaggerates to make me out to be the bad guy when he had done wrong himself. Exposing him as the slanderer and including screenshot proof for others to see him as he truly is and where the problem started. He seriously has mental issue himself to have nothing better to do with his time than to ruin/tarnish others. I know… Read more »

Also, the cyberbully/slanderer (AJC) posted similar content of me on the site. Such a guy is a coward to not face the truth or accept responsibility for his misconduct/wrongdoing.

I’m trying to remove a post I put up about an ex a few years back on another site which datingpsychos stole and added to. I have sent 3 emails and have been ignored so far.

Still no response from the site. I believe my e-mails have been ignored as well. At least I shared my side of the story for others to get the facts straight. Plus, he’s already exposed to the public for being the cyberbully and slanderer.

I too have messaged the site’s webmaster and am still awaiting for a response from him/her.

I had friend on their site get some negative comments and get comments from someone that pretended to be me, yet the site won’t remove the comments under my name! I offered them proof that whomever posted under my name was a fraud and proof that I am who I say I am and they still ignored me. So, in turn, I’m going to post my investigation on the site owner. There’s a lot more info, but I can’t legally post it, as it’s not public record data – GENE ALLEN ONWELLER – 32 Years Old Possible Email: Possible… Read more »

My name is Jeff Boyajian, I just found out all of these accusations against me that are absolutely false. My ex is trying to pay me back for not paying child support for a long time but that has changed. Other complaints I have had from ex girlfriends a while back are also not true, I have a clean record and never been in trouble with the law and treat people with respect, lots of women are evil and they will do whatever it takes to seek revenge from little arguments that occur. I want my name removed please

You are are slandering yourself. Why would you defame yourself on the internet about you being defamed. You sir are moron


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