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Last Updated On: December 13, 2017

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55 Broad St #13F
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Reported Losses: $103.99
Average Reported Losses: $103.99

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Is DateMySchool a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Scammed by a known dating website

I am a young college educated woman who has moved to a new city for graduate school. Wanting companionship, I decided to look online for websites that catered to college students who were looking for company (love, hookups, etc.). Being that I am very anti-social and keep to myself most of the time, I thought that going online would help me get out there. I have tried other “dating websites” and have found weirdos and jerks who only wanted to hookup. I was not looking for that so I thought I try a new website.

I came across DatemySchool from a google search of dating websites for young adults. I looked through the website and became curious because the site looks legitimate. I made a profile and not even an hour went by before I got notifications about new messages. I went to click on the messages and was unable to read them. Instead I was redirected to a new page that listed “subscription” rates to unlock more features on the website. So being a college student and wanting the lowest price, I clicked on the option that said “1.99/month”. So they asked me for my card information and when it went through, I saw that they charged me 103.99 for the subscription ( I have proof of it on my bank records)!

I basically got tricked into buying a subscription did not display all of their information. I did not see anything on the website that said that they wanted 103.99 upfront for the duration of the subscription. I canceled the subscription and deleted my profile immediately. I tried to get in contact with Datemyschool but they have not answered me back. I have sent two emails because there is not a number listed to get in contact with them. I read their terms after all this took place and it says that they only give refunds in certain situations.

I am currently seeking action to see what I can do legally to get some type of refund but I am almost certain that there is nothing I can do.

PLEASE DO NOT GO ON THIS SITE! Being tricked out of money is never a good feeling. Hopefully I can save someone else from experiencing the same thing.


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Thank you for the warning.
I’m also a woman and I’m a little anti-social but I found that it’s not hard to find friend in college, especially you have a hobby. Find friend online via Facebook or fandom, or from part-time job is good also. But never find job from flyers, totally scam. Or like me, spend time with close friend and family, learn to live by myself in the future, independently. The first year of college is always hard for everyone.
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