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Last Updated On: August 4, 2017

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Business Name: Date Faithful Inc
Corporate Address:
340 S Lemon Ave #6146
Walnut, California 91789-2706 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-402-2890
Corp Email:
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 19

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $544.94
Average Reported Losses: $68.12

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I signed up for 3 days of services with Date Faithful. I was charged for 45 days because I did not cancel within that 72hrs or 3days. I did not use the site after this period of time nor received any e-mail saying that I would be charged $99 for 45 days which I did not use.

I don’t think you should be charged for something you didn’t use.

In the 1st 72hrs, I signed in 12 times. Pretty shabby for $99. Due to fine print I was charged.

I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone. This to me is nothing short of being a scam.

Official Responses from Date Faithful

By: On: April 25, 2014

Please call us directly at 1-888-402-2890, you may ask to speak directly to the General Manager to assist you with a refund. You can also contact us via email at In the subject line please type Refund Offer.
Gloria Albright
Customer Relations

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As a representative of I apologize to those who were unsatisfied with their experience on the site. We ensure you all that we are a legitimate site with thousands of satisfied users, and would like to work with you directly to do whatever we can to further assist in making this right. Please email with the following: Your username and email address used to register to our website The amount and date you were charged Your phone number – So that our General Manager can call you directly to rectify this complaint. We will immediately reach out to… Read more »

I used a greendot visa with only 10 bucks in it… I didn’t see this site before I paid the 1.99, but at least they wont be able to get any cash out of that credit card haha

Of course it’s a scam. Here is the best way to figure it out. Make a plain profile with no pic and no info. If you immediately get profile views and messages(asking for money to open them) then you know it’s a scam.

Total rip off ! If that statement was in there it was awful , awful small print . I didn’t ever think I would need a magnifying glass to read my computer ! I can’t believe you thieves can get away with this B. S .

datefaithful, don’t walk away.–RUN, **** will get them.

I’ve been on rapefaithful for 3 months…after my $1.99 for 3 days of bot mail…The slaughter of our English language should be your first clue these God-less bottom-feeders are not who they claim to be…this is a problem with many social networks online…and this site is infested with them…instead of the cute girl in the profile, you are e-mailing or im a big, ugly, hairy man in Russia or Nigera. They are the creepiest role-players this side of Hollywood. Oh…yeah, the site management is a fraud and bills you $99 dollars…I have to pray for parasites like these to keep… Read more »

This is totally a scam! There is no site with members!!! They give you 6 matches and charege you for 1.99 plus a $99.00 charge after the 3 days. This type of Highway robbery has got to stop. Or all ligitimate site will have problems to do business!! These thieves rob your shirt off your back and you cannot do anything about it!

I will sue my bank to get my money back. May be then they would do someting about this kind of thieves. Sam, Scam, Scam!!!!

try to get enough people who have been scamed by them to file a class action law suit

Withdraw my complaint against datefaithful..I didn’t read the small print…Tachnically it’s my fault…

Same happened to me got charged 100 bucks afew days after the trial and was told they charge every 45days well I got charged twice in two weeks. Total rip off

date faithful is a scam…they faithfully take the money and you get no dates

SCAM: Same thing happen to me and $99.00 is now pending in my checking account. I was told if I tried to fight it with my bank that I would lose. The web site is very difficult to navigate and I know for sure that I was getting false notifications from so called members. How can this be legal?

I don’t know where this scam comes out of, but may be a master site for spinning off such scams. I had my bank dispute the fraudulent ‘service’ which never materialized even after I paid the 119.95 6-mo. subscription. It’s like putting change in a vending machine and there is no sound and nothing comes out. I WON THE DISPUTE THERE WAS NO QUESTION. MANY REPORTS OF MATCH.COM SCAMS. IT IS BASED IN ENGLAND. ANY BILLING THAT COMES FROM CYPRUS SEEMS TO BE BAD NEWS IT SEEMS. GET YOUR BANK ON YOUR SIDE. PROVIDE YOUR BANK WITH AS… Read more »

Total BS scam I spoke with Estabahn he said I did not check no next to the recurring box. What box? Not only that he was a smart a*s from the word go. He said I could dispute this with my bank but they would win with information related to my not checking no to recurring payments. There was no box to check.

I have had the same thing happen to me with the hidden $99.00 membership fee and no cancellation link. 2 weeks later after the so-called 3 days was up they went to my bank and took out the money. It is a total scam, I complained to them but all they did was offer me a $25 "courtesy" refund. I am fighting them!

Total rip off. Unusable site, so what’s that tell you. Signed up for 3 day trial and I’m sure I’m going to get ripped off for $99.

Time will tell>>>I’m going to unsubcribe 11-4-2012 which is day #3 and run a copy for records and go from there..>>Thanks for the warning!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOTAL SCAM: $1.99 three day trial with hidden $99.00 auto-renewal; inaccessible cancellation/support; extremely "User Deterrent" navigation; bogus zip code/profile "matches"; extremely "sketchy" flirts/messaging/chatting.


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