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Last Updated On: September 16, 2017

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Is Asian Beauties a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

I should know what bait looks like by now

I’m an old fisherman. I should know what bait looks like by now!…as well as what it smells like.

OK. I’ve been taken. I’ll admit it, and I’m red-faced. Guys, I wished I had read your posts before I invested in the Asian Beauties, Anastasia, and AmoLatina websites. Loneliness will do wretched things to a man, and hope for an attractive companion will delude him.
I’ve been taken for hundreds of $$$ from these sites. I looked at it as an investment in my future with my future bride. Wrong!

My mistake did not become apparent immediately, but I should have known. The disclaimer that says “these ladies are not employees of Asian Beauties, etc. blah blah blah” is a bald-faced lie! Most (but not all) receive compensation for keeping us old dudes on the line, burning up credits, and spending our money.

Maybe I am naïve, but I believe some of the ladies are the real deal. One very fine older lady that I chatted with admitted to having to purchase a membership in order to contact eligible “Western” men. If that’s the case, then AB and the other sites are raking it in from both ends! The sites are not only deceiving us guys, but the women on the other end, as well.

You know, I really would consider what I’ve spent to be a bargain if I had actually been able to share contact information with the ladies. The problem is, you will NEVER be able to share your personal e-mail address or phone# with the ladies. The vampiric sites want to keep bleeding you and your bank account, credit card, whatever. If you were able to contact your chosen paramour away from the site, you would no longer need to purchase credits! Several of the ladies that I chatted with and wrote to were obviously sincere. (Not the 20-somethings that pop up every 10 seconds)

It was my understanding upon joining the site, and reading the “about” part, that I would be able to share personal information with the lady after 4 letters. (80 credits for two-way…still $60 US) Ain’t gonna happen! Even if you were able to separate the professionals from the sincere ladies, you’ve still wasted your money. I guess we could say that the “pro’s are con’s.” I feel sorry for the sincere ladies who might have invested money as well as a piece of their heart in their search.

There should be some way to prosecute the progenitors of these sites for fraud. “Fraud” IS an international crime.

If I can keep just one guy from being ripped off by these people, then this letter has done what it was intended to do. BEWARE! Written guarantees are worthless with this bunch! They want you to buy one of their “tours” and spend thousands of dollars…for basically nothing in return. Of course, there will be a young lady who will volunteer to be your “guide.” Good luck with that!


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Another sure sign of a scam is? All of the photographs of these women are professionally taken, as though created for a portfolio to sell something? with there stunning poses. There’s no pictures at all, where the women are photographed naturally as themselves or taking selfies??? Come on! In this day & age of technology, to not have any general photographs or selfies of them being out on a social ocassion or taken in the privacy of they home, is highly suspicious, if not? bloody! obvious it’s not real. Try to find pictures that resemble everyday, average & general reality,… Read more »

I must be missing something here. I have met many gorgeous women willing to marry an older Doctor. I don’t think you men have spent more money than you would have courting a hottie in a usual dating senario, but then I don’t know for sure. All I can atest to is my joy and fun at meeting and exchanging with these lovely women, and my successful meeting two years ago, with the love of my life. Good Luck and don’t be so sour about spending your lonley guy money.
Press On,
Dr. Jeff Callahan

I join the gentlemen above having being scammed. Never saw so many very young women wanting to marry older men. That was not true, one 19 year old sent me 115 emails in one month, of course I did mot answer them. Could tell it was a scam when they would talk or write about off the wall subject’s which had nothing to do with dating her. Yes, also sat chatting with one who drawed out the conversation by not answering questions, at one & half minutes at the most. The best clue came up when I was supposed to… Read more »

Same here on Anastasia,Got 20 letters a day from some of the girls,most really,all a scam people !!

I was duped also, I really never trusted the site so I picked the ugliest one, thinking she would have to be for real, no one else would have her! I spent so much money that frankly I am too ashamed to mention how much, I can tell you it was in the thousands though, and I am actually still chatting with some woman, but the one I was serious with told me I was her only one and that she was waiting for her visa, she would soon come to my tiny little town where everyone knows me, she… Read more »
The girl you see pictured is not the girl you are writing to. The girl pretending to be the one pictured is actually working in an office, assuming the identities of as many as 7 different women pictured on the home site. It is her job to keep you talking and entertained for as many days and hours as she can. She gets paid based on how many minutes or hours she can keep you occupied. It is never her intention to meet you or call you or marry you. She is trying to make as much money for the… Read more »
I am a member of the site and I say the Ladies are real (at least here in the Philippines), and are hoping to find a husband outside the country. Most of the women here have somehow gone through tough times in their life and were looking to find a second chance at being in love, this time with a foreign man. Though costs may be too high for it this dating site, we ladies don’t get commission out of it and we are not paid to chat. We simply, voluntarily joined the site to find someone out there to… Read more »
Oh that I had done some research BEFORE I had paid ‘countless’ hundreds of $$’s!! ~ [did I say thousands!!] Yes, we (here) have realized our mistakes and ALL the letters written above ARE TOTALLY TRUE! I did get a complaint going thru a service called "’. For the premium service it is about $10.00 (USD)/month. Maybe I will have success here (?) Yes, you feel as though you are making some concrete connection to a lady, even sent the ‘gift’ of flowers, and that phone call scam thing!! Yes they keep you talking and you will pay around $500… Read more »
I agree with the consensus, had an older business woman seemed legit and said she was coming to America. the letters were cheap then the 2 hour a night chats started and in 8 weeks I spent $2700.00. The date came and went and she never came and never answered questions at the end only talked of love hand in hand forever etc. On the chats it took forever to get her response because she had a couple of conversations going. Finally I called her a liar and a cheat and cursed her family and ancestors well in a 1/2… Read more »

The "ladies" on the site who are definitely scammers are Jiaolei(Laura) and Yixing. Who know if there are legitimate girls on that site? Stay clear!

Hey!!!! At least you didn’t travel all the way to China and pay $140.00 a night for a hotel in Shenyang to have the Chinese girl be a no show. It is a scam, believe me, i went the whole distance to be treated rudely by the Chinese and air so dirty and polluted had blood coming from nose!!!!!

Dan from Detroit

I spent over $500 for one translate phone call. The woman claimed to be an airline attendant so I was excited in that we could meet in the USA. During the phone call she dragged it out for interminable time, even having to spell out the numbers so we could communicate. In the end we did not talk any more and I was very angry about the whole thing figuring she got a large part of the fees. All actual contact is expensive and very conditional. You pay hard for learning experience on this site.

I called this "lady" named Jiaolei(Laura). I speak fluent Chinese so I thought the phone call would be short – to just exchange email addresses. She dragged it out to 12 minutes before my credits ran out, and I opted to not continue the call (didn’t want to pay more). I did get one email from her but it was a one-liner. Meanwhile, the next days and weeks I still see her online at that scam site and she sent me multiple letters through that site. I didnt’ open those letters. She obviously makes money off those letters so she… Read more »
I have to agree with most these comments. I think Asian Beauties is a pseudo-scam. It is legit in that they don’t overcharge your card and the prices for services are what they say. The scam is the women. I think there are some legitimate and mostly "fake" women who get some sort of compensation. They are well trained and they are coordinated. They will use the same phrases at times. I think the real women are probably the older ones. I have a son who lives there and one actually met him in person to verity her identity for… Read more »
Unfortunately, I would have to say it is a big scam. I understand Chinese and type it well on the computer. Yet, these girls that I chatted with, after agreeing to chat with me on private email or QQ, did not do so. Instead, after they got my contact information, they continued to stay on that website and continued to send letters to me there and chat invitations there. For the girl Yixing, her situation is very dubious. Originally she was listed as Changsha, and then after a while it felt like it was a different girl typing the responses… Read more »


the site is a fake site, i spend nearly two month on the site. i have spend close to two thousands dollar, in two month i have befriend a few of the girls on the web site and still are, and continued the friendship with them outside the site now. and most of them no longer work for the site anymore. the truth is that they all are just translator which the site hired working in many different location through China. they call it satellite office, and each office has about 15 translator and each is responsible up to 5… Read more »
I guess I’m a FOOL too. I got scammed for close to 2000 dollars within 2 months. I fell in "love" and the heart was my credit card. My daughter warned me but I was too stupid to listen. The lady in question would always write these 4 to 5 sentence letters with no substance to them. I finally told her that and "she" became angry. The letters became a little longer but not much else changed. She lived in Changsha and her profile said she was an HR manager. At 20 years of age? About a month later I… Read more »
you right Paul every word you said is true they hire models and they take their photos then these woman write letters under different photos and another thing if the site is in Cyrus Why is the U R L in Queensland Australia?It turns out the bikers own it and they are **** at me.One woman i got through the iron curtain to talk to she explained she was a model they used her pictures,well she must of got paid for the modeling. well you work there then and she said no i just wright letters .so anyway she said… Read more »

I 2nd suckered comments…they only want your money! I talk ed to a few girls, bought some credits and then continually received letter after letter. Once girl sent me 45 letters in one week which I never opened. Was able to get offline contact info for a few but the communication petered out when I ran out of credits.
You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars on this site and end up with absolutely NOTHING.

Your lucky you got off cheap! Me on the other hand cost me mega but you have to spend some to find out what is really going on then when you find out your **** at these sites! Takes time to dig a tunnel to get inside to find out the facts then you know you been Cheated! That is another thing they just put in free three minute chat this woman wants to chat with me and says to me, it better not be 3 min chat or i do not want to talk to you! My answer ya… Read more »

Lost about $250. I strongly believe these women work on commission. One was sending me 7 letters a day, not answering my questions and I even told her I have enough credits for one more letter and that’s it. She sent me another 7 letters. I was newly divorced and didn’t do my due diligence. I hope you are and find my comment before spending a penny

This Jiaolei(Laura) was sending me 19-21 letters in one day. I told her on day one that I did not wish to spend that much on that website. She agreed. After I phoned her through their call system and gave her the contact info – I speak Chinese so I kept the call short to control the cost – she emailed me once on the private email. But it was a one-liner. Then she kept sending me multiple letters on that site. She was online there during strange hours (like sleeping time in China), which led me to conclude she… Read more »
I cant tell you how to spend your money for me i would put a red flag on it! Same deal with me she was divorced 27 and a good looking picture but it is only a picture could of been a dude behind that picture the one i am talking about took me for some money for English lessons but that was a test the thing about i spent hundreds of dollars on the site to to keep in touch flowers the hole shot lots of money spend and come up with a zero once she got the cash… Read more »

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