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If you’re looking for a deal on the Internet, you’ve probably turned to coupon and voucher websites at one point or another.  However, when you went to these websites, your high expectations of finding a deal quickly vanished.  Instead, you might have felt lost in a sea of pop up ads and spam.  Or, even worse, you may have been scammed and lost money and/or valuable pieces of information about your identity!  This list covers just a few of the ways you might have been wronged by coupon and voucher websites.

Deal or No Deal? No Deal.

Of course, when you visit one of these coupon / voucher websites, you expect to get a deal.  When you peruse through all of the supposed “deals” only to find that there are no genuine bargains at all, you probably feel frustrated.  Not only is the website misrepresenting their services, but they’re also wasting your time.  If you’re angry about having your time wasted, let others know about it.  No one wants to have their valuable time wasted.  Filing a complaint with Complaints List is a great way to help make sure no one else will waste their time on a coupon or voucher website that offers no deals.

Misleading Ads

Many of these websites make their money off of ads.  However, they don’t always run the most respectable advertisements.  Many ads that are featured on coupon and voucher websites are misleading at best.  At their worst, these websites run ads that are designed to siphon traffic away from the real deals, and into scams.  Whether or not you actually fell for these misleading ads, it’s important to let others know that they exist. gives you the ability to do so.


In the same vein as misleading ads, spam is a huge issue with many coupon and voucher websites.  If you have been the target of spam messages (whether they’re pop-ups in your browser or messages in your email inbox), warn others about the danger of visiting this particular coupon / voucher website.

Abuse of Information

The fourth major issue with coupon and voucher websites has to do with abuse of information.  Abuse of information could range from selling your email address to advertising companies to committing identity theft.  Sadly, you can’t rely on your personal information being safe anywhere.  Your personal information should never be entrusted to a coupon / voucher site.  It could be too late for this warning, meaning you may have already suffered the consequences.  However, that being the case, don’t hesitate to share your story with others.  The lessons you’ve learned still need to be heard by others!


Again, this list only touches on a few of the issues you might have with a coupon or voucher website.  No matter what your issue is, consider filing a complaint with  The web needs your story in order to make it a better place!

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