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Thanks to stock market and economic instability, the price of precious metals like gold has been rising at a steady pace for the last several years. This can be a great financial investment, and you can see a very high return over the years, but only if you know what you are doing. Of course, this also opens the door for all kinds of scammers to cash in on this phenomenon and make a quick profit off of unsuspecting people. Have you been a victim of a “cash for gold” scam? Get the word out and prevent these companies from making another penny!

One common tactic used with coins is known as the “mint scam”. A mint condition coin is just what is sounds like – one that hasn’t been handled since it came from the mint. Mint coins can be worth hundreds of dollars more than their regular counterparts. An unscrupulous dealer can easily lie about the condition of a coin, and unsuspecting or untrained buyers might not be able to tell the difference. Has this happened to you? Expose the company so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

Similar to the mint scam are counterfeit gold coins. It takes a good deal of skill to spot these fakes, and scammers know that. Not only will they try to pass off fake coins as the real thing, often time they will offer a fake appraisal to go along with it. Getting an outside opinion is crucial – and if the company doesn’t allow that, walk away and report them!

Even worse than counterfeit gold scams are the ones dealing with imaginary gold. Yes, it’s sad, but true. You may have even been a victim of the exceptionally brazen con of “holding” gold that never existed in the first place. Some companies actually offer to keep your valuable gold and coins in escrow to protect against theft or damage. And they will often charge a storage fee on top of it! If you know of a company that has pulled such a scam, we want the details.

Have you been involved in a mail-in gold scam? Another commonly reported scam has to do with companies that require you to mail your gold pieces to them for appraisal. There have been numerous companies and internet start-ups that have been accused of receiving the gold and claiming they haven’t. Of course you can purchase “insurance” through the company itself – for upwards of one hundred and twenty dollars! And the appraisal values of these companies have been reported to be ridiculously low. They are taking advantage of honest people like you who are doing all they can to create extra income.

They only way these gold scammers can be stopped is with your input. If enough complaints are logged, it will lead to investigation and eventually, the business will be shut down. Share your experience and help make that happen. Having your investment taken away is no different from being robbed.

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