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Last Updated On: July 18, 2017

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Business Name: Tidestore Corporation Ltd
Corporate Address:
275 E. Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, California 90248 USA

Customer Service

Corp Email: service@tidestore.com
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.03 out of 5
Based On: 37 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 97

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $3,037.02
Average Reported Losses: $82.08

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Is TideStore a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Tidestore is a Company of Crooks

Tidestore.com sent wrong size item and items made very bad, send my return address located in China, site give wrong info for US customer return address in LA, they start pay game with you and take me over 40 days to find out they agreed refund if I send all items to China, Case number: PP-005-016-678-836

Seller’s email: pay@tidestore.com

Seller’s transaction ID: 9K5938223W0909058

Transaction date: July 19, 2016

Transaction amount: -$132.15 USD
Return address:
Juhechuangyi Garden Jiahe Street, 2nd Floor, 3 rd Building, Baiyun District, Guangdong Province 510400 China


Official Responses from TideStore

By: olivia wang On: July 2, 2013

Dear customer
I am writing from tidestore.com ,i am sorry for all the inconvenince caused to you .
Concerning your issue on our website ,I will try to help you solve it and find the best solution,please let me know the order number you have on our website and available contact phone number ,i will try to contact you in time .
Tips,the order number which can be found in your account on our website www.tidestore.com ,once you find it ,you can call us at +86-10-5623-4572 or write us an e-mail at :service@tidestore.com .
Your fast reply will be appreciated .Because we really want to help you deal with your case .
customer service department

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Tidestore Corporation Ltd Beijing, Hebei Province China


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I ordered from this site on facebook. I have been given the run around ever since. First I am directed to tidestore and they conversed with me on messenger for 3 days – then say “oh not my company”. Next I am directed to leadstore – they comunicated with me for 2 days on messenger – only to say “not my company”. Now it is apparently the leadtidestore that seems not to excist!! When I first placed my order Internet Payment Transaction Declaration came from support@tidestore.com (which seems to not excist anymore). When I first quiried this order I was… Read more »


TIDEstore is Fraud company! TIDEstore is Fraud company! TIDEstore is Fraud company! TIDEstore is Fraud company! Do not buy anything from them, they will never send you anything to the customer. And Paypal is helping them for the payments. I have received my order even after 3 months. TidestoreOrder number: 431868 $142.69. They simply grab the innocent peoples hard earned money.

This is the same company as Ericdress – total scammers. I know they’re the same because the return address of Juhechuangyi Garden Jiahe Street, 2nd Floor, 3 rd Building, Baiyun District, Guangdong Province 510400 China is the same address given to me by paypal to return my items after messing around with ericdress for 4 months trying to get my money back on the wrong item they sent me. If you used paypal to purchase items through this ripoff company, then by all means, contact paypal to resolve your problems, as these people just want to wear you down so… Read more »

Wow!! Something told me to look for reviews before placing a $300 order! Thank you all for the save!!! That’s too bad, their style is very cute :-(

Thank you all for the updates and your feedback, i was just about to place an order thank you helping to avoid getting ripped iff

I almost ordered a dress. Thank you for your reviews. I will not be ordering anything from them. Good thing I searched for reviews.

Totally agree! The tidestore is awful. I ordered a pair of led shoes for my daughter for her birthday they came a month later. That’s not even the bad part. They stopped working 3 days later. Customer service did nothing for me. They said if she wore them they could not be returned. Really!!! Do not order from them. This place is a joke!!

I want to thank everyone who dedicated their time and effort for the reviews. I was just going to order and the reviews made think quick and not order at all. Thank you all again.

tidestore is a s****y company two weeks ago I paid 120 euro per 4 pairs of slippers and nam received nothing. fu** you tidestore

tidestore is a s****y company two weeks ago I paid 120 euro per 4 pairs of slippers and nam received nothing. f**k you tidestore

Yes, everything is a lie , the sizes are way to small and the fabric is so cheap , now I I’m trying to send back and get my money back.

if you want crappy clothes made in china you can just go to the mall!

Absolutely horrible experience!!
They don’t even have a customer service line in English, you have to call their Chinese line.
I ordered two items: Received one 7 weeks later that smelled like strong chemicals.
Got my other item 8 weeks later, AND IT’S NOT EVEN WHAT I ORDERED. I originally ordered a brown jacket, received a black blazer!!

I was going to order quit a few things. every thing looks so pretty sure glad I read the reviews first . that’s really to bad thanks for the heads up.

I ordered 2 really cute jackets – 1 was $13.10 and the other was $18.00….couldn’t resist that price. What I got and what I ordered are 2 different things. What I received basically looks like “Lining” from a jacket, not the jacket itself. I’m out $45. Packaging was awful too….they just stuffed both linings in a plastic bag and shipped in another outer plastic bag. To be honest, I never expected to receive anything at all. Time from ordering to receiving was about 21 days. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS MERCHANT….COMPLETE FRAUD. I ordered 2 jackets and instead received 2… Read more »

I am so glad I came to this site….I was just about to order some really neat stuff and something told me this is too good to be true and it is…thanks to you guys. I’m searching elsewhere.

Tidestore is one of the best online stores that I ever seen in my life and I love to buy again and again from Tidestore. I dont have words to explain about it’s services and quality, it just amazing with fair prices. If you are thinking to online shopping then you should once visit Tidestore, here you will get all the latest and modern fashion’s cloths with very fair prices.

Highly recommended !!

I am thinking to online shopping there long time
! high fashion’s!!
! high fashion’s!!


This website should be shut down. You sell bad quality clothes to people who willing to pay that much and you say that this website is good and highly recommended? Absolutely s**t terrible fabic poor quality products. I shouldn’t have consider buy anything from China either copy product or poor quality. Your business will go down!!!

Do not order from them…. It is a waste of your time waiting for the package to arrive over a month later… and a waste of your money! The clothes I received looked nothing like the picture and there were loose strings on both of the shirts. It looked poorly made…I cannot believe I wasted my money like this simply because I failed to read the reviews first. Do not make my same mistake please

PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS. IT IS A SCAM. I bought a dress in September and still haven’t received it. Customer service is terrible. They keep sending me the same email saying “please wait, be patient, check your local post office. Lucky I payed through Paypal so I got my money back.

This is the worst place I ever ordered from and I will never order from them again. I ordered in August and here it is now November and I still haven’t received my merchandise. Unbelievable!!!

do not order from these people.I ordered 2 sweaters at the end of September and they still have not arrived.When you ask for a tracking number.all it says is “IN TRANSAT”.Thankfully I used PayPal and get get my money back!!

I bought a hoodie a week ago, it arrived yersterday. the hoodie is warm and beautiful, workmanship is great. I plan to buy a long sleeve dress on this website in recent days. According to my own shopping experience, it is a good website.

Another paid spokesperson/LIAR!

NYCKI and if you notice they are Asians themselves.

So happy. I looked at the reviews. I was just about to place an order. Thanks!

Update on my complaint I left the other day about Tidestore. I received an email back from them after sending “persuasive pictures” to prove that they sent me the “correct” sizes. “We have the detail of the size infromation of the items in the description below the pictures of the items on our webpage. Did you refer to it? You can return the items back, but you need to pay for all the cost for the return, including the shipping cost and the tax. Then we can offer you 30% of the total amount of the items as we will… Read more »

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