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Last Updated On: October 1, 2015

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Business Name: Beijing Tidebuy Co. Ltd
Corporate Address:
178 Yuhou Nali Siming District, Room 102
Xiamen, Fujian 100120 China

Customer Service

Phone Number: 86-10-64476833
Corp Email: service@tidebuy.com
Company Contact: StevenCorp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $89.99
Average Reported Losses: $45.00

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Tidebuy - Rip Off

My story starts back on May 29, 2012 when I ordered a wig from Tidebuy and did not receive my merchandise. I used the PayPal company to send my cash payment of $89.99 and the company says that they sent a letter to my home to pick the merchandise up at the post office and no one picked up and it was returned to the company. I am home everyday and my postal services did not leave me a notation that the merchandise was cleared to the U.S.

I ordered the wig on May 29, 2012 and was concern because I did not receive the merchandise as told in 4 days shipment. I wrote the company on 06/11/12 because I was concern and Nicole from customer services says to trust them it would arrive soon. After 06/11/2012 letters were sent to the company on several occasions.

On 07/02/2012 the same thing was told to me and to check the tracking number that was sent to me. Nothing! I sent a dispute to PayPal that I paid for the merchandise and did not receive my product and PayPal said they could not help me.

After 6 months of letters and telephone calls lack of communication because of language bearer the story changed and the company receive the merchandise and ask me to pay $12 extra for the merchandise to return to me. I refused to pay or send them any more money because I did not have the $89.99 before and they wanted more money.

At this point I did not trust Tidebuy. I have been trying to get my product since May 2012 until now and I have not received my product nor my money back.

In March 2012 just one month before this incident I ordered a dress for $129.00 and received it on time and with no problems. I trusted this company to shop again and this is how I was rewarded.


I am still trying to get my money or the product back and I will not quit until I get an attorney to help me with theft and larceny from this company. The customer service people has a very strong language which you cannot understand what they are saying. They will not help you and they stick together about your order. It is there way or no way they do not want to treat people with respect. Tidebuy company will take your money and send you no merchandise.

This company is a fraud….


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Actually I was attractive by the wedding dress when I surf the internet and I bought three pairs of earrings here.I like their jewellery for all styles.Nice items in this nice shopping!!

Bought a dress through their website with request that the colour of the wedding dress be the same as that in the picture. Dress arrived different to that of the picture – in picture it is clear that the dress is white as the model is standing with a white background and dress and background is the same. Dress arrived in ivory colour – defintely not white. I specifically requested that the train be shortened, this was also not done. Dress arrived in a plastic bag – no protection or bag or box as promised Numerous emails – they can… Read more »
Tidebuy was paid by Bill Me Later for Items I refused at the post office. Now Bill Me Later trying to collect from me for items I never received and Tidebuy acknowledges as having receiving the return items. Emails were provided for Bill Me Later but still I am being harassed to pay with interest for item Bill Me Later are fully aware were not received. This is wrong! I applied for Bill Me Later to protect my credit from online scams, but they got scammed for supporting a company that defrauds consumers. Now I am wondering if Bill Me… Read more »
This is very tragic.I planned order one shoe from them,but after read your review i gave up,and i will repost this any times i can for friends and other ingenuous persons what trust in them.This is no be honest,and they should receive many process from all customers what was damaged from theyr poor service.I though also in Light in the box,but i never bought from China,and how theyr fame spread the world(products with low quality,poor made and foxes while doing business)Sometimes,the cheap turn into HIGH cost,and we should evitate this,because is better pay 200 bucks more,and have one good product,than… Read more »
I have lots of problems with this company. 1/ They didn’t finish my dress till I emailed them 3 times to ask them to hurry, took 22 days to finish. Dress came 2.5 days before my wedding day. 2/ Name of the dress is half sleeve, I gave them measurement for half sleeve. But I also noticed they asked for arm length measurement in their own measuring guide below the dress info. So I gave them the arm length measurement as well. They made it long sleeve for me! I never asked them to change it to long sleeve. And… Read more »

I order my dresse on 16/07/2012 for my party but Ihavent receved the dresse and the party is on 11th/08/2012 the receipt number is377-2518-5236-7838. Itryed to call but the personal isepck to daosn,t no english wat can do please help.


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