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Last Updated On: July 24, 2017

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Business Name: ThredUp Inc
Corporate Address:
114 Sansome Street 5th Floor
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

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thredUP Phone Number: 617-575-9676
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Company Contact: James Reinhart - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 67 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 59

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Reported Losses: $13,749.38
Average Reported Losses: $205.21

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You will be sorry for sending in clothes

I have sent 6 bags of clothes in, because I thought this was a great idea.

I believe that what comes around will go around.

I work hard for my money, so when I saw that they put my jacket that I bought brand new for $139.00 last year, wore twice at retail $39.00, and they were selling it for $9.99, it made me sad to think they would do this to people.

Shame on you for doing this.

And the great news is I got $38.9 cents for the coat.

Way to go.

I’m so sorry I sent in six bags and will never shop there again your loss.

Thredup Location – 2992 Alvarado St San Leandra California 617-575-9676

Official Responses from thredUP

By: Alex Schernig On: February 8, 2013

Jacalyn Moehrle was awarded the $10 referral credit she was concerned about on 2/1/2013. This compliant was registered while our team was researching the issue and trying to understand how the credit was applied to the wrong account. We apologize for the delay in issuing the credit. We hope this is a reasonable resolution for Jacalyn and that this closes her issue.

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Recently sent two large bags of gently used brand name clothes to Thred Up. I was terribly disappointed in the time it took them to process my bags. It took seven weeks to get their “fair” valuation of my clothes, another two weeks to be able to cash out either by gift card or through PayPal and an additional two weeks to receive the gift card so that I was deducted another 2% by PayPal. This is an 11 week process. Additionally, one of my FULL bags was valued at $1.21 after the cost of the bag was deducted. They… Read more »

sent a large bag in over 2 months ago still haven’t heard a word from this company is this for real.

Clever scam…….I don’t think it started out this way.. Your bag fee has gotten so high. It eats most of the “pay out” for the clothing sent to you. And when you add it up, financially, it makes more sense to just donate ALL clothes to AMVETS or the Salvation army because they give you a tax credit FAR LARGER than your little goofy pay outs ( after so much work done on this end). Then I imagine, YOU donate to charity, the VOLUMES of things you do not keep, so YOU GET HUGE HUGE TAX CREDITS and this is… Read more »

Thred UP, I’m fed up, never again. I sent them prob $400 of clothing in excellent condition, a lot with new tags. It took them over 6 weeks to even acknowledge that they received the bag. I did not make $.10 and if I want any returned I have to pay a shipping fee. I’ve already paid $9.99 for their clean out bag. SCAM, I would rather give to the needy.

My interaction with this company) or rather my inability to contact this company has been extremely frustrating to say the least. Sent several messages to support and was directed to the password reset page which doesn’t work,. I’ve tried many times. Have purchased and sent in beautiful clothes that no longer fit. After reading the reviews regarding what they off in “store? credit I wish I had given them to a shelter instead. Great scam, wonder how long they will last.

Loss of over $300.00
They paid $2.85 for a Cole Hahn handbag, like new, a new Calvin Klein blazer, a pair of born sandals, worn once. And several other nice pieces. .And I waited 2 months for this insult. Do not waste your time, donate to a charity and take a take deduction. NOT WORTH IT!

The processing time is ridiculous, and now they just extended it 3 more weeks, by the time it gets processed the clothes will be out of season. I don’t understand why Thredup has had all of this good media attention. I guess the people writing these magazine articles don’t bother to check the reviews.

I am right now very nervous about a purchase I tried to make last night. I was at the check out screen, and after putting in my credit card info, it came up as invalid! I tried another card and the same thing happened, stupidly, I tried another card and the same result. I immediately tried to contact the company. This morning I received an email saying that they would get back to me. My husband called the 3 credit card numbers and they told him they were good. Now I am nervous that they, (ThredUP) have 3 credit card… Read more »

I sent a full bag of beautiful girl’s clothes. Name brands and some never worn. Was extremely disappointed to only have 3 accepted and the rest consignment. I could have donated the items and done a lot better. Never again.

I always wanted to shop on the website but I have to login. I am very fine with this except for the fact I have to play these little “games” to verify that I’m not a robot. This is very confusing and irritating! I have spent 20 min trying to figure out to solve this. Please fix this issue for I am not able to shop because of the fact of your stupid robot verify!

As did I. I still can’t solve the problem.

I USED to swear by three up & referred many people!! Deeply disappointed in their current changes! They now charge $9.99 bag fee! Last bag I sent was full of top brand name clothes some with tag on & was notified the whole bag was worth nothing more that $8.80, which means a whopping zero to me after the bag fee charge!! I would have rather dumped these items at the Salvation Army, at least there I know would have been bought by people who wanted brand name clothes at a good price and to a company that provides jobs… Read more »

I had a similar experience selling to thredup. Huge bag of high quality items netted me eleven dollars. Bought two pair of size eight jeans. They neglected to add that the jeans were eight petite. Returning both pair and I have to pay shipping. Ridiculous. Never again!

I will never again send anything to thredup. After processing my last bag they said my payout was only $2.70. Most of my things sold on their website immediately, and they lied about the prices of the items, which was ridiculous because I could clearly see what each item sold for. I tried to direct my complaint to them, but they were no help at all. Beware of them, and I see I am not the only one complaining. So I would definitely think twice before sending them anything. For what they pay you would be better off donating.

I sent a bag full of very good nearly new clothes They said they allowed me I think $18// dollars I checked my clothes and nearly all had sold for nearly $300 What a RIPOFF

I have been trying to reach thredup to return a dress that is within their 2 week return policy but the website does not give me an option to return my dress – it says there is nothing in my account. I have called them, emailed them twice, tweeted them, and NO ONE is getting back to me. I am really starting to think this company is a scam! I want someone to answer me and no one is!!!

When you pull up their home page you will notice three horizontal lines next to their name at the top left-hand side of the page. Click on those lines and a whole list will come up. Click on ORDERS and proceed from there.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that has an issue with this trash company. I only wish I had done my research & found these complaints first. I sent 2 full bags of clothes, one bag of NWT items with a total retail value almost $1000…. My upfront payout was $15… SO far the “consignment” sales has come to $1… Yea that’s right A DOLLAR!! This is the most insane, appalling ridiculous experience I’ve ever had. I would’ve kept everything & sold them on my PoshMark store if I knew this was the BS I was going… Read more »
I stuffed my Polka Dot bag full of name brand clothing (a lot of Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft, etc) all of which were in great condition. The items they accepted were ones I had seriously considered giving to Goodwill and were from Old Navy, Gap, Kohls…lower end brands. The ones that disappeared into their black hole of “not accepted” were all my high end name brands. I only sent them to Thred Up thinking I would try and sell them and make a few $$. If I had realized Thred Up did not want them, I would have kept them… Read more »

I must be very easy to please….I have had a wonderful experience…..the purses I bought were in perfect condition and perfect for the upcoming KY Derby. I haven’t sold anything…don’t plan to….i donate to a women’s shelter….

Have been trying to return dresses that do not fit. Only have 14 days to return and still unable to get on the site for the return slip. Would not send any one to this site!!!!! What a joke 79.00 lesson learned

I sent a bag of mostly new items three months ago and have not been given a response this not a good bisnwss practice I would never recomend this company

So after sending an overstuffed bag to thredup full of designer clothing–chico’s, ann taylor, gap, banana republic, etc., and not hearing from them for several months, I placed a call and their rep told me that due to the overwhelmimg number of bags the rec’d, they didn’t get to mine yet. Finally, I get an email telling me I netted a little over $2 total, after they charged me for shipping the bag back to them!! Then, they have the nerve to taunt me with emails “congratulating” me with items of mine they sold, while telling me although these items… Read more »
As a point either in addition to, or instead of, many brands are not listed here, and a bigger percent of the clothing in the home is “used”. North Americans throw away 26 BILLION POUNDS of clothing every year. (over 70lbs per capita). That is a staggering number. So while this site touches on a few select, and even more selective processes to resell, thrift brick and mortar stores generally don’t have the same restrictions. ANY form of reusing this 95% recyclable category we call clothing, is commendable. for whatever Thred Up does not accept, please consider the rest as… Read more »

What a rip-off!
Sent bags of new items (my kids never got to wear) they sent me $13.10
Sold alllllll items for a total of 149.53!!!, had the nerve to let me know when the items were sold…..never again…this is bull*%$#!

not happy with the results sent my 3 months ago no reply

This is a complaint I will never deal with this company again They took it upon themselves to domnate my clothes without contacting me that they were not accepted Bad business Bad customer service… If a company like this wants to stay in business they should conduct themselves like a business I will be reporting them to the better business bureau


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