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Last Updated On: April 20, 2017

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Business Name: ThredUp Inc
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114 Sansome Street 5th Floor
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

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thredUP Phone Number: 617-575-9676
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Company Contact: James Reinhart - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.20 out of 5
Based On: 66 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 41

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Reported Losses: $13,749.38
Average Reported Losses: $208.32

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ThrewUP - What a RIPOFF

I sent 3 bags that were so full I had trouble carrying them. They were full of good quality items. I am about to make an international move so I was quite ruthless in determining what to send.

2 months later I get an email to say the first bag has been processed, and the new – with tags items have been swiped for upfront payout of – wait for it… $16! Including a bag full of Missoni for Target stuff, with tags and a jumpsuit I bought at Xmas for $378. Again, never worn, with tags.

Seriously – it’s an insult to my intelligence as well as a big fat waste of time and effort.

I own a brick & mortar vintage store, an etsy store, and used to sell on Vinted, and another online site that has since closed. I treat my customers like family – that’s why I have a successful business.

This experience is a blatant exploitation – nothing more. Do not send your clothes to ThredUP – you will regret it.

Official Responses from thredUP

By: Alex Schernig On: February 8, 2013

Jacalyn Moehrle was awarded the $10 referral credit she was concerned about on 2/1/2013. This compliant was registered while our team was researching the issue and trying to understand how the credit was applied to the wrong account. We apologize for the delay in issuing the credit. We hope this is a reasonable resolution for Jacalyn and that this closes her issue.

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I stuffed my Polka Dot bag full of name brand clothing (a lot of Anthropologie, Ann Taylor Loft, etc) all of which were in great condition. The items they accepted were ones I had seriously considered giving to Goodwill and were from Old Navy, Gap, Kohls…lower end brands. The ones that disappeared into their black hole of “not accepted” were all my high end name brands. I only sent them to Thred Up thinking I would try and sell them and make a few $$. If I had realized Thred Up did not want them, I would have kept them… Read more »

I must be very easy to please….I have had a wonderful experience…..the purses I bought were in perfect condition and perfect for the upcoming KY Derby. I haven’t sold anything…don’t plan to….i donate to a women’s shelter….

Have been trying to return dresses that do not fit. Only have 14 days to return and still unable to get on the site for the return slip. Would not send any one to this site!!!!! What a joke 79.00 lesson learned

I sent a bag of mostly new items three months ago and have not been given a response this not a good bisnwss practice I would never recomend this company

So after sending an overstuffed bag to thredup full of designer clothing–chico’s, ann taylor, gap, banana republic, etc., and not hearing from them for several months, I placed a call and their rep told me that due to the overwhelmimg number of bags the rec’d, they didn’t get to mine yet. Finally, I get an email telling me I netted a little over $2 total, after they charged me for shipping the bag back to them!! Then, they have the nerve to taunt me with emails “congratulating” me with items of mine they sold, while telling me although these items… Read more »
As a point either in addition to, or instead of, many brands are not listed here, and a bigger percent of the clothing in the home is “used”. North Americans throw away 26 BILLION POUNDS of clothing every year. (over 70lbs per capita). That is a staggering number. So while this site touches on a few select, and even more selective processes to resell, thrift brick and mortar stores generally don’t have the same restrictions. ANY form of reusing this 95% recyclable category we call clothing, is commendable. for whatever Thred Up does not accept, please consider the rest as… Read more »

What a rip-off!
Sent bags of new items (my kids never got to wear) they sent me $13.10
Sold alllllll items for a total of 149.53!!!, had the nerve to let me know when the items were sold…..never again…this is bull*%$#!

not happy with the results sent my 3 months ago no reply

This is a complaint I will never deal with this company again They took it upon themselves to domnate my clothes without contacting me that they were not accepted Bad business Bad customer service… If a company like this wants to stay in business they should conduct themselves like a business I will be reporting them to the better business bureau

It’s a total rip-off. Quality is not as advertised. I returned clothing and requested a refund. Only to be told they could only issue a credit. After looking for several months, I could not find anything I wanted. In addition, I would have to pay shipping charges . It’s a complete rip-off! Lost $ 21.00. They are “racking in the dollars!”

I too wish I had researched this before sending 3 bags of high end clothing – @ MONTHS AGO !!!! They rake off the new stuff with tags for upfront purchase and give pennies on the dollars. $16 for a bag I had trouble closing. Seriously ? Including a new with tags $278 jumpsuit from last Xmas season. I am terrified about the other two bags I sent (which included a Jimmy Choo purse). Theres no recourse available to remedy either. AWFUL ! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY ! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY ! D O N O T S E N… Read more »

I never signed up for thred-up…..never heard of it. Please do not send me another email…’s garbage!

Total Ripoff!!! Not only did I wait almost 2 months for them to process my bag, but they only gave me $27 and of that $10 they kept for shipping! They then sold my items for triple the amount! What a horrible company!

same thing; crooks.

Should have checked out the reviews before I sent my clothes. I used to own a women’s plus size clothing store and recently closed it and had merchandise left over so I sent about $500 wholesale price worth of clothes. They were supposed to consign everything and instead purchased my items and gave me $7.00 for all of it. Some of the items were in several sizes and they posted on their website different prices, different descriptions and different retail prices for the same item. They have not returned any of my emails, the phone number listed for them is… Read more »
Good Idea, BAD BUSINESS!!! I heard about ThredUp from a friend and immediately ordered 2 bags. I sent one on Jan. 31 and the next on Feb 14th. The February bag was processed within 2 weeks – I was shocked when I only got $31.70 for a bag packed with Lands end and other name brand clothing. I have been emailing them about the other bag and they are totally playing dumb with me about it. At first they told me it had been sent elsewhere for processing and then they told me they were behind due to volume. I… Read more »
I recently ordered a dress, leather coat and boots for my daughter. I recieved them today and the box is DESTROYED. I mean soaking wet, torn and crushed with clothes exposed. (I have pictures) The clothes were just thrown in the box with no protection. My daughter is devastated and I am so disappointed. There is no one to call, the “chat” is unavailable. No one to help solve this issue. Such a shame. I really was hoping this experience would have been a start of a good relationship. At least my followers, friends and family can be warned so… Read more »

I sent a bag full of clothes -some with tags– including DVF wrap dresses, Trina Turk pants and dresses, a brand new Tory burch Robinson bag, lily dresses, BCBG sweaters but they were NOT accepted….all the other crap from crap stores… they took. And worse yet….they overpriced everything. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t. Scam scam scam.

Agreed I am in the process of reporting the company to the BBB – can anyone provide me with an address and phone number – please and thank you

Shady, sketchy, misleading, BEWARE!
What do you think they’d pay for a huge bag of Designer jeans/True Religion, Lucky, 7 of Mankind, Hudson, Roxy, Abercrombie…….40 cents. I kid you not. Don’t bother with these scammers, just donate your things and take the tax deduction-you’ll be much happier. Wish I did.

This scam company’s success depends on taking your clothes, paying you next to nothing for them, then marking the clothing up over 1000% to make a profit. I made less than $6, for 9 items. Sent them new items with tags and in their original garment bags. The clothing was received in December and processed in February. It’ll cost $10 to get your return items shipped back. By the time the processing is complete you’ve paid someone to rob you. Left a vm.. no call back. Email reply took 3 days. Bbb complaint hasn’t received a response, so it’s clear… Read more »
I discovered Thred Up when perusing the web for resale sites. The concept seemed great. Wrong!! I ordered a couple of items from the site and I ordered a bag to send items I wanted to sell to Thred Up. The items I received appeared well worn and small even though I ordered a large (I am about 150 lbs. and 5’8”). I kept one and sent one back at my expense. Still I decide to send my 12 resale items to Thred Up – some with the tags still on. I estimate I would have received about $50 to… Read more »

Wish I had taken time to research thredUP! They’re thieves. I sent in a bag with all items with retail tags, never worn or used. Beautiful hand tooled Spanish leather back pack that converted to handbag, value at least $300. They gave me $7 and pennies for the clothes and said the leather bag had spots/dirty and couldn’t be sold. Gave it away! I’m done and hope this message helps someone else. Stay away from thredUP! Loss at least $400.

ThredUp is a HUGE waste of time, money and effort. I have sold several bags and I’m ALWAYS disappointed and frustrated with the process. Why I kept sending them stuff is my fault. I was too lazy to sell it myself and I paid the price. Not only do they take your items and literally give you pennies on the dollar for it, but now when you want to cash out your measly earnings, you are CHARGED A FEE to have your money transferred to your PayPal account!!! ThredUp sucks, it’s a horrible operation and I recommend using Poshmark, eBay,… Read more »
In spite of the fact that there is a category of “formal wear, wedding gowns, and so on” on the web page my dress was discarded and I was told you don’t accept formal wear. Then they should get that off the page because that is what indicated to me that they did. And $6 for a pair of Bandolino pumps AND a Cache sundress is ridiculous! YES! For both! And each one is posted online for no less than $19.99 each! So, I’m just chalking it up to lesson learned. And I’ve begun my own page for people to… Read more »

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