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Last Updated On: May 17, 2017

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Reported Losses: $552.66
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Another Angry Cat Lover

My story is the same as every one else. I purchased the cat t-shirt with a pocket reveal and received a printed pocket. The cat wasn’t even facing the same direction.

Zero details were correct!

I have emailed them multiple times and they claim they are not responsible for my purchase as it was made through Facebook.

I followed a link on Facebook to their site, where I made the purchase.

If they are not going to stand behind the ad campaigns on Facebook they should not allow their sellers to provide a link.

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I ordered a shirt on FACEBOOK from Teezily. in midJanuary. The shirt came and was way too small (maybe children’s size)l, did not measure to their size chart. I called and emailed Teezily. They promised to send a larger size and I emailed them to measure the shirt before producing it so they could make an appropriate size. I received the second shirt which was the exact same size as the first. They ask me to send photos of the shirts which I did, NO RESPONSE!!! It is May 17, 2017 and they told me that if I didn’t get… Read more »

I got a full refund through PayPal Resolution Centre. Teezily tried to settle for 50% through Facebook, wouldn’t even respond to PayPal claim

It takes a few days but I got ALL of my money back from these cons

Bought the pocket cat shirt, got scammed. False advertising- They claim they do not control their advertising, but it is a complete lie.

Completely disappointed in this company it is a scam to get your money, product nothing like advertised!!!! STAY AWAY! THEY REFUSED TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM.

I am in the same position. horrible shirt. sizing off, and not as described or pictures. No pocket with image inside as shown, just a photo of a pocket. Teezily is fraudulent.

I raised a dispute with PayPal and I’ve had my money back, Teezily didn’t even bother responding to PayPal as far as I can see so I’d recommend that route to anyone who used PayPal for the purchase.

bought 2 t shirts not what they said they were and they will not give 100% refund expensive shirts contacted Attorney General

I just filed a complaint (and negative review) of Teezily with the Better Business Bureau with my desired outcome to be refund to me AND that this company is investigated for fraudulent behavior.
Again, here is the link to the BBB for Teezily’s review/complaint page: https://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/clothing-retail/teezily-in-saint-cloud-mn-1000010040/reviews-and-complaints
It defaults to the “review” page, but you can submit a complaint by clicking the grey box to the right.”
My account was refunded, and I believe it was only because of my claim to BBB.

I ordered 2 shirts, idental inscription, sIze and color. I received 1. I have the original packaging. 2 shirts would not fit
After numerous emails and a call in which I was assured it would be resolved I was told I had to send them a signed affadavit that I received 1, which I am willing to do AND a copy of my ID. I will not put a copy of my ID on the web. Nothing from them.

FYI…I found this site to order the shirt I thought I was getting through teezily: https://www.themeowshop.com/products/cool-cat-graphic-t-shirt?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&gclid=CImx_peNx9MCFcZXDQodrzUHew
The shirt is less expensive here and a portion of sales helps stray cats: http://www.meowfoundation.com/about/

Thanks very much for that, I just bought one. Bloody legend!!

The refund hit my account today. I believe it’s because of the claim I filed with the BBB. Simply trying to work with Teezily will probably NOT produce the same result, in my opinion. Good luck, everyone!

same issue as others with fake cat pocket tshirt, raised it through paypal and they tried to fob me off with a 50% refund, I sent them the following message in reply and got a full refund: I am exercising my rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 to a 100% refund, which I am entitled to as I am still within the mandatory 14 day cooling off period. This email constitutes formal legal notice that my sale contract with you has now been terminated, meaning you are required by law to provide a 100% refund within 14 days of… Read more »

After sending them a link to this complaint site, I received the following email:

“I am writing to you regarding the refund of order number #-#####.
Your refund is currently being processed and your account will be credited within the next 5 working days.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Kind regards,”

I also told them that I was filing a complaint with the BBB (which I had already done) and that I will tell anyone who will listen not to fall victim to their fraudulent practice. I’ll follow up when I actual received the refund.

I have also been victim to this false advertising. As per Australian Consumer Laws, I have written a complain letter as per the ACCC website, and will be escalating my claim if nothing has been done within 10 days.


PayPal dispute raised via the Resolution Centre and I’ve also lodged a complaint with the ACCC against Teezily Australia Pty. Ltd.

ABN: 13 601 916 947
ACN: 601 916 947

I vehemently hate rip off companies, and I hope to receive a refund. and also an investigation from the ACCC. In fact, in Australia, having an ACCC complaint lodged costs the business around $200 for the complaint to merely be investigated.

The more people that complain around the world, and depending on consumer laws in your relevant country, will hurt the company badly for this dodgy business practice.

Happened to me, too! And I got the same form letter. Not responsible for sending the wrong shirt. Do NOT buy from their site! Total scam!

Same issue – the not as advertised “pocket cat” design. Same response stating no responsibility. This is not correct. If you are based in the U.K. You are covered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. First step is to write to them and reject the goods on the basis that they are not as advertised within 30 days of receipt. You can get a template letter from here http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-to-reject-a-faulty-product-and-get-your-money-back. Will post back on how I get on. If no refund I am going to issue a claim in the small claims court. This is a standard response from this scam… Read more »

Yep. Got ripped on the cat shirt with no pocket. The advertisement had a real pocket. The actual shirt none. Teezily says they won’t refund as the description matched what was on their website (which they took down). I’ve submitted a case with PayPal.

I have the same issue of a lot of people apparently. Ordered a t-shirt that I saw on Facebook with a REAL pocket and a cat drawing showing the middle finger inside it. The Facebook page directed me to their website to purchase the item. Received instead a very bad T-shirt with a printed pocket…. Horrendous quality of the t-shirt, the printed image and also of the customer service, that blame me and replied that they sent exactly what they put on their website and that Facebook pages are not their issues. All the pictures and links to that T-shirt… Read more »

I ordered two shirts with the ‘cat in the pocket’ design. They are completely different from the advertised photo, the pocket is fake and cannot be opened. Bait and switch. Overpriced garbage. The sizing was also WAY smaller than anything I’ve ever seen. The XL seemed like a small, and the adult medium looks like it would fit a small child. I was able to get a partial refund through Paypal, but I still have two completely useless, ugly, stupid shirts. BUYER BEWARE – AVOID TEEZILY!

If you live in the EU then, regardless of what Teezily say, you have an automatic right to a refund, including postage cots, if you notify them that you want to return the product within 14 days of delivery. This applies to all online purchases and is a consumer right so their company policy can’t overrule it.

I just filed a complaint (and negative review) of Teezily with the Better Business Bureau with my desired outcome to be refund to me AND that this company is investigated for fraudulent behavior.
Again, here is the link to the BBB for Teezily’s review/complaint page: https://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/clothing-retail/teezily-in-saint-cloud-mn-1000010040/reviews-and-complaints
It defaults to the “review” page, but you can submit a complaint by clicking the grey box to the right.

Thank you. I just filed, as well, for the same shirt. Purchased two. To me this is such obvious fraud, selling one item and replacing with something different. Then they don’t respond to your messages. I opened a dispute with PayPal and am committed to spreading the news of these scammers.

I posted a warning about this company on my facebook page, too, since that’s where I found the ad for the shirt. Ridiculous.

I ordered 2 shirts, which turned into 4 shirts on my checking account, got a refund for one, returned the other 3 and still waiting for a refund. And they want a photo of me returning the shirts! A photo?? Who does that?? That’s stupid! I’ve been trying to get refunded for almost 4 months now. These people are a HUGE rip off!!

This is a followup comment on my original post. I have contacted PayPal and filed a dispute. If you payed for anything from this company using your PayPal account, call them directly and they will do the fighting for you. Point out to them that many customers are unhappy and claiming this company as a scam. When I see PayPal on a website, that usually gives me more sense of security in a company. PayPal does not want to be associated with scammers. If they get enough complaints, they will take their own action toward this “company.”

Same thing. Same cat shirt. No reply to my email. The customer service number does not go through. I have 2 shirts that are not same as advertised. Bait and switch.

If you live in the EU and you purchased online you have a right to a refund within 14 days of delivery. Just google EU consumer rights online purchases and that will give you all the info you need.

I ordered the cat t-shirt as well. Came with no pocket. When I complained here was their comment.. “We confirm that we have received your complaint and we are sorry that you’re not completely satisfied with your product. Please note that the product that you have received is exactly as advertised in our main website and there is no mention of a real pocket on the description of the campaign. Kindly note that we do not have control over Facebook pages. we regret to inform you that we won’t be able to help you any further with respect to your… Read more »

Yep. I got scammed, too. The tshirt arrived. It has no pocket and no picture of the cat, except it’s head. Called them and got the same BS about it not being their responsibility, but the artist. They told me to email and someone will get back to me. I’m not holding my breathe. Anyone have any advice on how to stick it to this company?


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