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Last Updated On: August 2, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Dead Llift
Corporate Address:
8329 Alfred Blvd
Punta Gorda, Florida 33982 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 941-875-1988
Corp Email: killergnomes95@gmail.com
Company Contact: Jessica HartCorp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 26 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 26

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,835.38
Average Reported Losses: $70.59

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Heard really great things about this company, BIG MISTAKE

I ordered almost $200.00 worth of products from this company for my sisters birthday, which was almost a month and a half ago.

I still have not gotten a order confirmation email to track my products, and the money was already taken out of my account.

Honestly thought that their products were super duper cute, which they are. But their lack of being able to be reached and their lack of pleasing their customers is unreal.

MY father owns a business, as does my mother, so I know how this works, and this is poor service for sure.

Would not recommend to anyone that is smart tbh! Good luck.

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I placed an order on 11-10-2017 and after not receiving it for 6 weeks I cancelled the order which was just completely ignored and I received the order almost 8 weeks after I placed it and was charged. Now they are saying there is no refund just credit. Why would I want that when it takes 6-8 weeks to get an order placed. I am going to fight to get a refund of the 44.95 I paid for a bathing suit that would fit a doll!

Order placed 26th October 2016 for Christmas presents.
Followed up numerous times. Finally received a package on 31st January with 2 out of 7 of my products. I was advised that they were sending the rest of my order. It is now 1st May 2017 and I still haven’t received anything further, I have asked to be refunded for the products I did not receive but am not getting a response.
I am from Australia – Can anyone advise me what next steps I can take?
Reported loss: $107 USD

Order placed on 3/15/17 & credit card was charged immediately. After 2 email requests for confirmation, I was told the order was shipped on 4/4. It is now 4/24 and I have still not received my order or a refund -or- a returned email. I will begin legal proceedings if I am not refunded today.

I ordered two bathing suits and never received either one.

Reported Loss: $61.00

I ordered two bathing suits for my daughter and never got either one.

Reported Loss: $61.00

They are thieves! Preying upon teenage girls – same scenario as all the others below – takes weeks for a response – cannot get a return label or a refund or even a credit – cannot get in touch with anyone – dispute the charge on your credit card – any reputable company does not make a charge on your account until the items ship.

If you look up the address of the company given by the BBB, you will only see a house that is for sale.

The owner’s Facebook profile is under the name Jess Ayres. For those that may have been blocked by the company profiles, I thought that would be another way to get in contact with them! You may have to put in a city filter with the city named Port Charlotte, Florida. The lady has a husband covered in facial tattoos, so that should help identify.

I haven’t received my package and it’s been a month, I tracked the package and it was send to a different address! I send an email to the link you guys have on your web page and I still haven’t had an answer… Why is it so hard to reach you guys? I’m extremely disappointed

I bought 3 bathing suits and a crop top on 2/2/17 for $150… it is 3/7/17 and I still have no received my order but my payment went through on 2/3/17. I have emailed multiple times, a person named Shelby replied and said jewelry was delayed (notice that I did not order any jewelry at all). There is no phone number contact. They have had my money for almost 6 weeks, this is fraud. This is a scam! Do not do not DO NOT order from this site!

I ordered a dress and they sent me the wrong one, I went on their website and found the picture of the dress they sent me and it didn’t even look anything like the online picture, like it looked like a cheap costume is was so bad, they resent me the dress that I actually ordered and that one looked nothing like the online picture either, like they were complete garbage. It was like they found a picture of a really cute outfit and just cheaply remade it. It was like tinder vs. real life. I wanted a refund but… Read more »

The shop is horrible. Their clothes are not like the picture. They’re poorly made and when you get the clothes, they’re not what you expected. I bought a sweater and when i opened it, it had a huge hole on the front where the yarn camd undone. They’re also very overpriced. You can find some of the same items cheaper somewhere else. The owners are rude, unhelpful, and fake with you. The shipping took 2 months even though I live a few states away! I would never order from here again. It’s very disappointing.

Ordered a rose gold bar necklace in 11/16 for my daughter that was suppose to have her dads bday on it in Roman numerals (he passed away last year so this was very sentimental) but when I got it the year was wrong. I was told to send it back and they would send me a corrected one and refund my return shipping. They got the package on 12/27/16 and I was told in early January my corrected order was being shipped back to me. I contacted them in late January and was asked to refresh her memory on what… Read more »

January 17th, waiting 6 weeks still no product, no longer need the dresses I ordered. No one answers emails. Im out $116.84.
They charged my card immediately, no product and now disputing the charge through my credit card. Stay away from this website!!

On December 14th I ordered several items for my daughter for Christmas. Knowing they take 3 plus weeks, I prepared her for the fact that they wouldn’t be here on time. Come January 5th, I emailed them to inquire as to when the order would be shipped. They responded “today.” January 23rd, still no package. At that point my daughter already went back to school and I would need to ship her order to her. January 25th, I received the package only to find out that the black boots I ordered were gray and the dress I ordered was the… Read more »

I bought a romper here and when I received it it had very low quality. Online they look amazing but in person they are horrible would never buy from here again

Ordered item for Christmas on December 5 th. No product and no refund and now avoiding my emails. Worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with very unprofessional.

I ordered a necklace…no confirmation email or teacking. Reported to BBB

Susan Madden Ryann Adam

Needed to cancel an order and since there was no way of doing it on their website (pretty sneaky), I emailed the address provided, which said there would be a response withing 48 hours. Well, 8 days and 4 emails later, I still have had no response. My next step is to contact my credit card company to request that the charges be reversed. Don’t waste your time or money on this joke of a “company”.

Good luck, my daughter ordered a homecoming dress with her own money. It was to small and 2 different colors. We returned it, 50 emails later still no refund and haven’t heard anything back. I keep writing a review on their website and they keep deleting it. They suck.

Report to BBB they will get your refund

I ordered three tops on Sept 15, 2016 in the amount of $86.88. I received one top in November and never received the other two. On my invoice there was a hand written note saying that top 2 was out of stock and top 3, they did not have the color I ordered but could send me another color and for me to email them, and I did. The note looked like a 1st grader wrote it, very messy and very unprofessional. Top 1, that I received was of such poor quality that I returned it and requested a refund… Read more »


I loved the bikinis I bought from there. It says ships within 3-5 days. What people don’t understand is it takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. I would definitely buy from them again.


Love this store. Have bought many time and never had an issue! Items take about a month


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