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Last Updated On: August 10, 2017

SammyDress Contact Information

Business Name: Global Egrow Limited
Corporate Address:
526 Nanshan Road
Shenzhen, Futian, Guangdong 518000 China

SammyDress Customer Service

SammyDress Phone Number: 001-909-581-9508
Company Contact: Jia Dong Xu - Director
Corp Website:

SammyDress Ratings

Average Rating: 1.16 out of 5
Based On: 922 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 741

SammyDress Reports

Reported Losses: $56,186.69
Average Reported Losses: $60.94

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Waiting for Delivery From SammyDress

I have seen a lot of beautiful clothes advertised on FaceBook and my husband advised me to check the reviews on the stores before we actually try and purchase the clothes I like.

After much deliberation, we decided to order from SammyDress because they have a pretty impressive ratings and comments by most people who have actually ordered from them. I bought two nice looking shirts: (1) Loose Fit Lacework Splicing Blouse AND (2) Raglan Sleeve Happy Letters Printed T-Shirt.

I am just concerned about a possible delay in the shipment or about not receiving the items at all, but I give it the benefit of the doubt.

Today is the 15th day of the time frame mentioned in the email from SammyDress:

Hello, my friend

Thank you for choosing us!

We have shipped out your order M1610140834232803 today. Your tracking number is LM126318403CN .Your shipment is delivered by E post(SU).The package should normally take 7-15 business days for normal country to arrive (approximately). However, please understand this is an estimate. The shipping speed is outside our control and is dependent on the courier company.

Note:Please be patient if the carrier not update the tracking data in real time.

I am not sure if anyone from SammyDress will get to read my review but I will be more than happy to give you a perfect 5 rating in all categories once I receive my order in good condition and when they look exactly how they are advertised.

I never would like to be one of the unhappy customers who either never received their order from you, worse, they received items in bad condition.

Please make sure I get the two shirts in the next few days.

Official Responses from SammyDress

By: Rona Chan On: March 6, 2013

Thank you to everyone, we always welcome feedback from our valued customers. Let me start by apologizing for some of the experiences that have affected our customers. We really want to make this right. We wish to let every one of those customers know that we are extremely sorry for their disappointment. We want to apologize for any and all inconvenience caused.

We are categorically NOT a con. We really do not need to risk our reputation by operating in the way that the unfounded allegations assert. Nevertheless, we respect the opinions of customers. We are perhaps even more upset about this than some of the customers here are. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we work extremely hard to provide responsive customer service. Having said that, we have undertaken – and are in the process of carrying out – key improvement initiatives that will minimize delays and provide a more responsive customer service experience for all of our customers.

For orders made around or during the recent Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, the supply of products had been significantly disrupted. Major factory suppliers have only recently started to return and we anticipate that supply will begin to normalize over the next few weeks. The holiday has caused unavoidable delays in terms of order processing and the helpdesk. We are extremely sorry and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers, and ask for your kind understanding. Please understand that we are more than willing to assist any customer.

There is one other point we’d like to make. Sometimes the only indication we had that there was an issue with a specific order was by reading the postings on this site. While we appreciate the feedback, both good and bad, we encourage all customers to contact our Customer Service Department directly before posting a review. We find that to be a much more efficient way of addressing customer service issues. If after doing so you feel compelled to write a review, positive or negative, we would welcome the feedback. You can reach our Customer Service Department on 1(909)581-9508 as well as Please understand that we are more than willing to assist any customer. That is why we are here… to help.

The point is, when you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.

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More About SammyDress

Alternate Spellings: Sammy Dress, Sammys Dress, sammys dresses, sammi dress, sammie is self-described as: "Wholesale | wholesale fashion clothing | wholesale lots of low price clothing -" is a "wholesale" online clothes seller based in Hong Kong China, who it seems, sells cheaply made clothing for cheap. They say about themselves, "We are professional to selling cheap clothes and wholesale chothes. We are the biggest cheap clothing online of online clothing stores."

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My experience with SammyDress was by far the worst I have seen posted. I ordered 2 backpack purses because they were cute & on clearance & they had no problem processing the order & charging my credit card but then emailed me stating they would not ship the items until I had sent them photocopies of my credit card & driver’s license. They stated they could not charge my card until they received this info but in fact they charged it anyway which is fraud. I contacted their non-existent Customer Support & now they are running me around in circles… Read more »

where is your phone number?

I spent 4 hours looking at there website picked out 1 shopping cart worth $161 and a 2nd worth $171 then I get a email they are refunding my money don’t know why I pay on to seperate credit cards not PayPal since I don’t use them and I cant seen to see why this happen, left number of tickets to them no reply if what I’m reading about ripping peple off there clothes are really cool looking but again coming from China so never know proper size I’mm be happy with the refund then…..

I am a new customer, I am trying to purchase or rather other the clothes I have seen. But its impossible cause I keep going back and forth all I have managed to do so far is put things in “the bag” and mark them as “favourite’…can I please have assistance

I sent you an order – M1701272265526506 . You claim it was shipped out on Feb 1, but I have not yet received it . I believe you are sending me 2 dresses, but I ordered only one. Please take the other one out and send me only one please. You sent me an email but it is not working correctly.

this company takes your cc payment and be lucky to get what you ordered…. order was incorrect and wanted me to pay to have it send back to China!………….. what a RIP OFF

This company is the BiGGEST rip off I have every come accross

i ordered a dress a 3/4 sleeve floral dress and i have never received their is no e mail address to contact them or numbers of the seller or tracking numbers,

I ordered 2 tops on feb 14 2017 I haven’t got no email information or product yet…im very disappointed because I really wanted to order other items as well…my order number is M1702140021386697 ive tried to reach someone thru contact number that doesn’t work at all..i even tried to do a live chat no answer there either..#.just fed up

ordered a dress i never received and no way of contacting them

Placed order two months ago. Never received. ALL contact links on website are inactive. This company is not legit.

My order number is MB1702191749107576 and I was wondering where my package was located

Uzenzile Jerkins-Karega

I lost 54 dollars on sammy dress. stay away from this site!

my order #m170216083748417 did not arrive , there is no way to contact these folks.
I am still waitng on my package

My order transaction ID 80V39258Y6693071C Invoice ID M1701252301371469 was paid for in full by PayPal Jan 25, 2017 and I have not receiver my order Yet. Please Reply to

I been waiting for 3 years for my dress ummmmm must be a back log ummmmm NOT THIS IS A SCAM STORE!

how can we get this company shut down?

My son order worth of 266 us dollars product. The product came month later with very bad smell. We complaint to paypal since we couldn’t get hold of anyone from Paypal instruct us to return items to sammy dress where the company address SHOW IN CHINA. We spend almost 100 dollars more to return all the items and still until today we have not receive our refund. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY ITS SCAM FROM CHINA.

I ordered and paid for 3 night lights in November 2016 for my kids. After their email the next day saying they were shipped out, I still have not received them and it’s February. So disappointing. I gave tried calling without anyone answering and submitted 2 tickets without response at all. Terrible business. Do NOT order from them. I am out my money and from what I have read, they won’t reimburse me for any list products on their end!

Kelly Whiteley Jessop

I ordered a Super Mario light in November 2016 and still haven’t received it,it was going to be a Christmas present.Its now coming to the end of January 2017,so can someone tell me what is going on.

i ordered two pair of boots from sammydress. i had ordered a pair of shoes from them one time before. i contacted them to let them know that they stink and i cannot get rid of that smell no matter what i do. i threw them away. they were smelling the house up really bad and it started making everyone sick. so i got on live chat and asked if i order these boot, that would they smell. there garanteed me that they won’t and they have never had that problem before. that was a lie. and do not ever… Read more »

I am trying to track my order also. Called the numbers provided and the phone just rings and rings. I have a tracking number but have tried to track it and there is no way. I am so upset that I got scammed!!! I am calling PayPal to get a refund but I really wanted the dresses

I am trying to track my order, can’t do it. I have tried to call them one number 855-222-8111 recording says to try on my computer, at Didn’t work. I tried the other number 909-581-9508, that number I was told by recording that they are off line.

I ordered 3 dresses and got 2 have send you several message and getting no respoce. why

I ordered two dresses on dec 17 2016 waiting for them going on three weeks now i wrote email after email and got no reponse if the website is a scam it should be taken down p.s i didnt know these items was coming from hong Kong! !!! Wtf


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