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Last Updated On: September 27, 2016

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Business Name: PVBody
Corporate Address:
1735 Stewart Street Ste B
Santa Monica, California 90404 USA

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PV.Body Phone Number: 855-463-5543
Corp Email: customerservice@puravit.com
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 15 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

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Reported Losses: $503.85
Average Reported Losses: $33.59

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Thumbs down to PV Body - Now "Ellie"

Just received my “exchange outfit” which took forever to arrive! Once again, my preferences were NOT matched with my shipment.

Called PV Body customer service only to hear that their call volume was busier than they can handle.

I have cancelled my PV Body membership, but I’m really disappointed in this company.

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I ordered with PV Body just last month and I love the outfit!! I love the gym so the leggins they sent me was sooo comfortable and colors were awesome! Thank you PV looking forward for my next order… https://www.facebook.com/Goodbyefatty?ref=hl

I ordered for the first time in december and was promised a 25 dollar gift card to lululemon. With no mention of the card upon ordering I also called and was placed on the list for the next shipment. It has been about 6 weeks and i guess they are still waiting on that next shipment. They then billed me in january before i could cancel my shipment and i have literally received no contact whatsoever from the company. No notice of shipment, no ability to get on the website, and no package. I would now gladly just take a… Read more »
I have had too many problems to list. I started my subscription at the end on November, my card was charged right away, but my package did not arrive for 31/2 weeks. My December order has not arrived. I had a bank induced change of credit card, but forgot to update it on the pvbody website. I kept waiting for the charge and checking their website for order status and my status said nothing. After 3 unanswered emails I finally called and was told not only that there email system was down but my account had been suspended, but they… Read more »

I have tried twice to cancel my pv.body subscription yet you keep sending me stuff. I have cancelled my credit card and I will not be paying for any more orders from you.

Robin walker

Kristen @ bostonrunnergirl.com
I subscribed to pv.body on January 31, 2013 and was unaware that there would be a change to Ellie. This is not what i signed up for and wanted to cancel my subscription. When I went to access my account I was unable to do so. It is unacceptable that a new website is set up without the ability to access a subscribers account. I would like to know how to cancel my account. If I am not able to do so within the week I plan on going to the bank and cancelling my credit card. Any company that… Read more »

I have inquired on my order three times now. The first time I got a response from Riquel stating what everyone else says about waiting for super cute stuff. Um maybe you guys shouldn’t charge peoples cards until you actually have the super cute stuff ready to ship. I have a bad feeling is a scam or at best a very poorly run business. If I dont get to the bottom of this in a day or so I will be disputing this charge with my bank. This is totally unacceptable. Get it together guys.

I’ve had the same problem with PV Body the shipment was "initiated" on January 20th and hasn’t done anything since. I, too, contact customer support regarding the delay in shipment (as is apparently typical, they were VERY prompt in processing the payment) and received the same email regarding waiting on "SUPER CUTE" clothes. . .blah blah blah. I sent a follow-up email with a CC to Claire who said that if the tracking info didn’t change by the end of (last) week that she would "personally pack" my order and "expedite it out". I have yet to receive a return… Read more »

same message was sent to me and now i can’t even cancel because i cant even log in! ha!

I totally agree…the way that they are handling their customers is outrageous. I placde a order before Christmas and have yet to see it. They had no problem charging my card. They can keep telling us that they are on backorder and that the new clothes coming in are REALLY CUTE, but that is not handling the issue. Myabe a site wide apology for the way you are handling your customers. So many people are just cancelling it. I do know that after continous emails and still have not received the order or a refund. So now i am taking… Read more »
hmm… this is very unfortunate to hear. We will be using this information to learn from and prevent this type of un-satisfaction with our company from happening in the future. We have every intention of shipping every single order that processes through our website. In this particular situation we were delayed 2 weeks due to the fact that we want to ship our customers the newest, freshest and most current styles and lines of clothing available. We just received some SUPER CUTE new products and a shipment of clothing that has never been released. We are shipping all of our… Read more »

If you were waiting to send these so called "super cute" clothes, then why did I get the EXACT same pants I had already returned? I think this whole thing is a scam. You people should be ashamed.

horrible, this was posted one week ago and this is like an identical copy and paste email that I got where you guys said that there was a delay in shipment, waiting for super cute items. I’m on week 2.5 for this supposed package. It seems you have 35% happy customers and the rest is UN-lucky.

sincerely-forever waiting for my package.

Funny Justin, you are the gentleman I spoke with regarding the delay shipping my order. I was charged also 2 weeks before my order shipped and you told me about waiting for those fresh new cute items! Well by@#$%&. I was sent the same top I received last time!!!! That is so ridiculous! Spoke with Anna in cs, supposably sending out replacement. Hopefully it comes……

Justin, how your company does business is not SUPER CUTE.

Sad, sad, sad. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

How you guys work for a company like this and are able to go home and look at yourselves in the mirror is baffling. Where is your integrity?? You must have none.

My experience with PV Body has been frustrating, as well. I ordered a subscription with them on 12/30/2012 and was also charged the full amount despite being offered a discounted price. Although, they did refund me the difference and I’m glad they reached out to their customers about the technical issues regarding the discount. My problem is the fact that after three weeks, I still haven’t received my first package. I contacted a customer service representative, Justin, and I was told that they were waiting on a shipment of new merchandise to arrive and packages were delayed to include new… Read more »

My shipment was "initiated" on January 11th and here we are 10 days later and it has not shipped.

I have been very happy with my products and when I did have to contact customer service Katy was more than accommodating.


Hi Cathy I understand your frustration and we have no problem allowing the charges to be reversed. If you would like me to process the refunds today to expedite the process just let me know and I will take care of it. I would love to discuss this with you further and remedy the situation if you would allow me to contact you I would like to any steps necessary to make this right. You can reach me by email or directly at (310)526-8255. We are aware of the difficulty our customers have had in reaching us and we are… Read more »

Hi Cathy
This is Katy from PvBody. I would like to get in touch with you and make sure we get this resolved. I assure you we are not a scam and I will personally see to it that you receive your merchandise or a refund. Please email me at katy@puravit.com.

Thank you,

Katy Leuty

It is far too little, too late. You guys messed up beyond belief when you deleted my comments on Facebook calling you out for giving me the runaround.

I’ve canceled my subscription and have disputed the charges. Deal with my credit company. I’m done with PV Body.

I feel sorry that you choose to represent such a sham of a company.


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