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Last Updated On: August 9, 2017

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Business Name: JustFab Inc
Corporate Address:
800 Apollo St
El Segundo, California 90245 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 310-683-0940
Corp Email: contact@justfab.com
Company Contact: Kimora Lee Simmons - President Creative Director
Corp Website: justfab.com

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Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $19,700.53
Average Reported Losses: $165.55

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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 119 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 124 comments

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JustFab delivers subpar merchandise, and even worse customer service.

Buyer beware, when you go to cancel your membership be prepared to fight them to get any money refunded to you. I spent almost a month trying to get a refund. Talked to over a dozen agents who spoke with such heavy accents it was nearly impossible to understand them. One agent got so snotty with me that I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle her!

I thought I’d made it very clear that I wanted my membership cancelled. Apparently, they just cancelled the VIP portion and charged me regular price for the membership. So, I called again…and was put on hold for over two hours!! Probably because the agent didn’t want to have to deal with me.

I call again, and by this time I’m so angry I’m spitting nails! I had to cancel my bank card just to make sure these fools couldn’t get at my money.

My advice to anyone reading this would be to stay away from this company. The merchandise for the price is very poorly made. And, as you can see from my story, the customer service really isn’t about taking care of their customers….just about lining their pockets with your money!

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Alternate JustFab Inc Business Names: Intelligent Beauty, JustFabulous, Shoe Fabulous, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, Fabkids, Fabletics

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they stole 80 from my bank account out the f*****g nowhere and they dont pick up the phone

JustFab is a scam. I made a 1-time purchase in Oct 2016 and in April 2017, $39.95 mysteriously got charged via PayPal. PayPal told me they are a notorious scam and is trying to reverse the charge. I am writing to everything I can online to warn people that JustFab is a scam.

Just Fab [oxymoron] – I purchased 1 pair of shoes that I was not pleased with but kept. I cancelled my credit card when I realized they billed me in January. I got 2 subsequent charges and on a different credit card # as the bank cancelled the previous one. I am not sure HOW they got that number. I threatened to go back to my bank and have the bank file a complaint and reissue me another credit card. At that point, I was able to get both additional charges refunded. I am really wary of how they got… Read more »
I got a letter from my bank stating that they were going to chargeback to my bank account 4 amounts of $39.95 which comes to a total of $160 for VIP Membership fees from JustFab. This is a lot of money especially in my situation right now being unemployed right now and just had surgery. JustFab also refused to give me my money back for a couple of items I wanted to return brand new, they insisted on giving me store credit which is not what I asked for. I had disputed these amounts with my bank and I was… Read more »
Like most of you here I have been scammed as well. I am still discussing with them the reimbursement of my money and even the possibility to buy products from their page. But every time there a technical issue that makes that impossible so I have to reach out to them again and again on my time and my expense. A situation very convenient for them. Long story short, they took from my account the equivalent of 6 credits: EUR 239. Gave up the idea that they will reimburse so i wanted to use my credits. I selected some products… Read more »

This is the worst company ever!! They refuse to issue a refund for a subscription started in November 2016. I unsubscribed over the phone in January 2017 after skipping December 2016. Thought it was all done…nope!!! Out of nowhere in March 2017 I’m charged again. Will be filing a complaint with BBB and whoever else I need to

Jenn Hillman-Gauthier
So, if you would have asked me last year or even a few months ago how I felt about this site, I would have told you that is okay…good prices…etc… However, in the past weeks I have had A LOT of trouble with them. I was just reading through a few comments and what other people have stated below is basically TRUE! They do charge you a restocking fee if you want to return an item and if you return it and just ask for a store credit (to spend at a later date) they do not charge you this… Read more »

JustFab stole $85 from me and it took 2 months to get them to stop accessing my account. They are thieves – plain and simple.

I ordered two pairs of boots back in October 2016. Both came, were VERY uncomfortable to walk in and I can barely wear them for over an hour. This wasn’t even the worst part. It’s January now and I was just checking my back account, and saw that JustFab had taken £35 from my account this month! I emailed just fab, asking why this had happened and I was told that it was due to their VIP membership scheme. So, I replied saying ok but I need a refund of this and I needed my account to be cancelled –… Read more »

Signed up for monthly membership and “skipped the month” they still charged my card $40. And when I called they said they “can give me $10 store credit” dont’t sign up for their scam.

I had ordered two pairs of shoes; One pair I received damaged, while the other was sent to me with two of the same side shoe. It has now been a month and a half since that order was even placed, and none of my funds have been returned. I have been shipped another pair of one of the sets of shoes, which was (surprise, surprise) damaged upon arrival. The other pair of shoes I tried to originally get a replacement for was no longer even available. After branching out to various pointless emails found on their website with no… Read more »

They took money out of my account without my permission. They took $80.00. I wouldn’t do any kind of business with these crooks.

They take money unauthorised with misleading advertising and scarce information on registration process.very dissapointed

All of you people claiming this company “robbed you” or “charged you without authorization” are delusional! If you purchase an item AT THE VIP PRICING, you’re told you are paying the VIP price, and there’s a link that clearly explains what the VIP membership entails. If you take the time to actually read the terms and conditions before checking out you will understand how this works. This isn’t a scam or stealing because the disclosure is outlined for you and you have to check the box agreeing to those terms before making your purchase! So to everyone bashing this company,… Read more »

WRONG ANSWER!!! As a consumer it is literally OUR RIGHT to have a company DISCLOSE up front, in writing – preferably in a contract form – that the consumer is giving the company the authority to access their bank accounts. This is a common practice within the internet world – AND BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT IN THE UNITED STATES – good luck suing them. Disgraceful!

Jenn Hillman-Gauthier

I agree with some of the things outlined in the posting but they do not make the 6.00 restocking fee very evident.

You are probably the actual justfab website trying to not make yall sound like ILLEGAL THIEVES!!!! I know people who are sending you letters frim their lawers threatening to sue if you do not give them back the money that was wrongly taken. I don’t understand how their can be such dispicable human beings im this world whos moral compass is so skrewed up that they would scam the middle working class of america out of their hard earned money and not have any remorse or simpathy. The justfab company is run buy a whole group of lazy moochers who… Read more »
So last year in october i ordered a pair of heels from justfab and they came in perfectly fine but They were EXTREMELY cheaply made, uncomfortable and did not look like the online photo. During the order prosses i didnt realise i was going to be charged $40 a month if i forgot to skip the month. So the bext month i notice a $40 charge on my card and was at first afraid someone had gotten my acount information. I later looked and saw that just fab deducted this money and i was extremely upset. I read through all… Read more »

I just tried to order two pair of boots and I Couldn’t complete the transaction ,but just fab still took money out of my account.

I came accross an advert for Just Fab and purchased a pair of boots. I really wish I hadn’t. I had no idea and no warning that it was a subscription site and if I had, I would have steered clear. I have just realised on checking my paypal that £35 pounds has been deducted by them and on reading further information on the internet, found out it’s a subscription charge. They are just con artists please be aware that a purchase seems to mean you are subscribed and they don’t make it straight forward for you to cancel. I… Read more »
I was promised a refund from JustFAB for misleading me into paying more for an item than I intended. Since not receiving this refund at all, and being blocked from their facebook page where I was trying to reach out to them (and warn others of the costs of the misleading VIP service setup), I resort to posting here. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Check your bank balance after dealing with them. They charged me £50 for an item that should have been £12.70, did not alert me/invoice me with the extra charge and despite promising a refund have not… Read more »

they got caught in 2014 and are still doing the same thing, i dont get it.

they have been charging me 39.95 each month for a year now- I just caught it this month as my card was skimmed.I do not know how to rectify this as it looks impossible to do from others posts.

I joined JustFab and bought one pair of boots. Within days of receiving, I did a LiveChat and cancelled my account. LiveChat or by phone is the only way you can cancel per their terms, no emailing. After having to demand they cancel me because they wont give up until they try to change your mind, the rep assured me I was all set, account cancelled. Then the following month I am charged 39+ dollars for not placing an order. When I did another LiveChat they said there was no record of me cancelling. I demanded a refund and threatened… Read more »

READ THE CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE!!!! First item is $9.99. BUT THEN, they will charge your credit your card $39.99 each month if you do not purchase anything.

in my opinion justfab, shoedazzle, and shoefashionize are the same company! they all have the same VIP membership in common and all have the same domain name godaddy.com. i had same experience as consumers with complaints below. ordered a pair of earrings FREE, pay only $5.99 s&h. it was cheap costume jewelry but what do you expect for ‘free’? i got an email from the company with subject order confirmation #xxxxx with no mention of terms or membership or trial or account number or 14 day trial or monthly deliveries. when my credit card was charged $98, i called and… Read more »

This company website looks just like the Sammy Dress website. They have the exact same products etc, and both are in China or Asia. I wonder if they are one and the same, and just going under two different names. America needs tougher laws against fraudulent companies, and need to monitor them better. Take that up with your government people.


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