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Last Updated On: April 20, 2017

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Business Name: ReadMob Technologies (HK) Limited
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148 Des Voeux Rd 9B Amtel Building
Central, Hong Kong China

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Reported Losses: $7,136.37
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Evil return policy - Dresses not like pictures, ads

I ordered 3 dresses in different colors for Bridesmaids. When the dresses came they did not fit right, nor did they look the way they did in the ad.

The sash and bust area was really off, and ugly.

I tried to return the dresses and was told that they are made to order, which I was never told about. The company never said all purchases are final.

When I tried to return the dresses, I had to submit photos of how the dresses do not fit. The company told me that if the sizing is off that I can get a tailor.

They refused to return the dresses. I am now out $300, and have 3 ugly dresses.

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JJs house is the worst of the worst. Their quality is totally substandard – nothing like the pictures on their website and when you try to return they offer you a minor discount – they don’t do returns despite what their website says. The materials are the cheapest available, the fit is totally off, even when you order according to their size chart — which is about 2 sizes small to US standards!! God forbid you order something you really need – you really won’t find it here.

I too had a heck of a time just getting the return information. The “Mother of the Bride Dress” looked like cheap lingerie. 189.00, cost me almost 40.00 to return this garbage. I am just out that money. I would suggest that anyone who used PayPal, you can get help from them. I had been trying for several days for return info and as soon as I filed a dispute with paypal it only took one hour to get the response I needed. See of your bank or card issuer can be of any help. Good Luck all.

Don’t buy I’m out 180.00 dollars ordered a dress size 10 if it’s my granddaughter return policy ridiculous never mention final sale

This company is AWFUL! First, when the dress arrived, the smell coming from the package was so strong that it was nauseating. I pulled the dress out and thought “I am going to have to get this dry cleaned before wearing it to my friend’s wedding because it smells so bad!” Then, the dress didn’t fit. I am pregnant and ordered 2 sizes up from what I normally wear. I am 17 weeks so I am not huge yet. Despite my situation they made it absolutely impossible to return the dress and get my money back so that I could… Read more »

we ordered 2 dresses from JJs house and made sure we carefully read the return policy before ordering. I followed every step to assure we can return if dresses didn’t fit, and/or color is wrong. WHAT A SCAM – THE RETURN POLICY IS NOT TRUE – DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I have never had such a hard time trying to return an order, and I am out $350.00 – makes me sick knowing they charged my card twice and we have nothing to wear! SCAM SCAM SCAM can’t reach live person.

Buyer beware of this company. Their stated return policy is fraudulent and they will not let returns happen if the dress does not fit or is the wrong color. They communicate only via email, are in China, and clearly have not intention of every taking dress back — even within their stated 7 day policy. Can stress it enough — look some place else for your dress!

Terrible company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I ordered a couple of dresses to try for my son’s wedding. I order the US size 10, which I normally buy. Neither dress fit (not even close). I immediately contacted the company (oh by the way, you can’t contact them except through a “ticket” on their website–no phone or email) to request a “product return” as instructed on their website. They state in the return policy that items returned must have tags on, not washed or not worn. Further down on the return policy they discuss no return for size, because they… Read more »

I have never heard of an online company that didn’t take back merchandise that didn’t fit. Their options of money off for tailoring or a new custom dress is ridiculous. The inner seams of the dress were jagged and there was no way to tailor it even if I wanted to. I sent them an email to tell them having to take pictures was nothing I ever heard of and their response thanked me for pictures I never sent! This place needs to be shut down!

Do not, I repeat order anything from JJ’s House. First of all, there is no return slip when your shipment comes and if there is something wrong with your order, you will have to call someone out of the country‚Ķ..good luck with that. They just robbed me of $130.00 basically. There is no feasible way of contacting them. They need to be put on blast via news media , Facebook and BBB, any way necessary to stop them from their scam.

Needed a dress for my Grandsons wedding. JJ House had a large variety and since I am a mature woman needed a dress that covered the legs, arm etc. Found one on their site and received it but much too tight in the bodice. I was perfectly willing to get one of what I feel is a gigantic size which I have never in my life worn before and spoke with chat two times. They told me they understood and would give my claim top priority and they would send me a return label. Well they “lied” unfortunately….Still have a… Read more »
I ordered a custom fitted bridesmaid gown. I sent in my exact measurements, and have not changed size since the order. The order was submitted 2/11 and I received it on 3/15. The gown took longer than they estimated, cutting it close to the upcoming wedding date. When it arrived, it absolutely did not fit!! It was too wide in the bust and waist, inches too long, and the neck was so tight it barely could button. The overall quality was terrible- the zipper sticks in the back at the waistline. The lace on the upper half of the gown… Read more »

They are most difficult to do business with. It is very difficult to get information from their website. Information on their return policy is buried. Finally, when you do uncover ways to contact them, they are vague in all replies and if you want to return something, they string you along and eventually, you will not be refunded. Please do not buy any product from them. Buyer beware!

I ordered a “custom fitted” slate grey bridesmaid gown. I sent in my exact measurements, and have not changed size since the order. The order was submitted 2/11 and I received it on 3/15. The gown took longer than they estimated, cutting it close to the upcoming wedding date. (Even though I paid for expedited shipping) When it arrived, it absolutely did not fit!! It was too wide in the bust and waist, inches too long, and the neck was so tight it barely could button. The overall quality was terrible- the zipper sticks in the back at the waistline.… Read more »

WARNING: DO NOT ORDER FROM JJHOUSE – They do not allow returns and so once you order, whether or not the dress is sized correctly, is the quality you expected, or for any reason really, they do not accept returns. They charge high amounts for shipping, also. They do not have any customer service to speak of. They are the reason one should buy American only! They should be turned into the better business bureau so that they can be investigated.
Highly recommended is Nordstrom’s with free shipping in both directions and great customer service.

do not order from JJ’s House…they are based in China…their sizing is two or three times too small and they make it extremely difficult to return the item. It took me more than 2 months to get my money back for a $180 dress, and it cost me $25 to send it back to CHINA!!! nightmare customer service….actually Customer No-Service. I will NEVER EVER order a dress online from this company…..note to the company: your sizing is not true to size and you could earn more loyal customers if you had an easier return policy. I had to DISPUTE the… Read more »
“Be Warned! If you buy it you own it!!! The dress came and was too small. I always wear a 4 or 6 so I ordered a 6. The bodice and under the arm area was sooo small. I do not have time before the dress is needed to reorder from JJs so I began the refund process. Which was a complete run around. They kept sending me to their ‘Contact Us’ page to fill out a form that wasn’t there. After 5 or 6 times back and forth with them requesting photos I finally got that they don’t do… Read more »
I’m so mad. Lost $300 ordered 2 dresses for a function and it took a month for the dresses to arrive so obviously I missed the function and when the dresses arrived 2 weeks later I tried to return the unworn dresses back only to be told I couldn’t and they will give me a coupon for 10% off the next purchase. Who in the hell would ever purchase anymore dresses from this company that lies about their return policy. DO NOT BUY THEIR DRESSES BECAUSE IF YOU DONT LIKE THE FIT, COLOR, STYLE or anything at all, you will… Read more »

I have lost 172.00 for a dress that came too small. I’m not rich, I sure can’t go buy another dress Now. This is a criminal act. SHERI lathere

Ordered a dress for my sons wedding. When it came it fitted like a sack and was a whole 3inches too big in the shoulders. I go no response from jjshouse other than to contact them on line. You get no help to get it returned. So now I’m stuck with an ugly $141.48 dollar dress.

My mother ordered a few dresses to try for my sisters wedding, the one the lace looked so cheap!!! we had no idea the dresses came from china! they refuse to let her return it and keep offering her 15% off! oh and we ordered flower girl dresses that came and they are discolored!!!! CHEAP CHEAP dresses and POOR service!!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

Ordered 2 mother of the bride dresses and 2 flower girl dresses and not happy with any of them. The lace on the dress is very cheap looking. The flower girl dresses are discolored and the sizes are completely off. buyers beware. We are out $380 total. JJ’s customer service is a joke. Offering 10% to compensate on dresses that can’t be worn. Do not buy dresses from this company, Also thought this was a company in the USA and it is not. Dresses shipped from China.

I had the same experience. Complete crooks. Each time i emailed them they would increase the amount they would give me or they would offer me a discount on another dress. They finally said I could return the dress for a refund if I sent it back. Followed their instructions by sending it usps only. Well they are still refusing to refund me any money. I will never do business with a company I don’t know again.

I ordered and paid extra for a custom fit dress from JJhouse.com. When I got it, the dress did not fit. It was short and very small. I could not even zip it up. I was told to take to a tailor and have it let out for a 15% refund? Ummm, let out? there is no material to let out! Material does not magically appear! After many many messages later, I was told they would give me a coupon of 25% towards another dress! Are you kidding me? What on earth makes you think I want another ill fitting… Read more »
Glad to know I’m not alone at least. The 70% off shipping that is advertised (all the time) is rather misleading. I had to pay $50 in customs because I was not aware that the company shipped from China. Albeit, I could have done some more research, but that darn 70% off shipping count down had me in a hurry. The website warns that the colour of the dress might be slightly off. I ordered my dress in “Blushing Pink”, which seems practically white on the website, but pepto/ candy pink is what I actually got. The hem line is… Read more »

do not buy from this company at all. Dresses are horrible
with no return policy


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