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Last Updated On: April 13, 2017

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15 red army S Rd 2nd Fl Chaoyang district
Beijing China

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ERICDRESS Phone Number: 00852 21364995
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Company Contact: Wang Eric - Admin, Registrant
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Average Rating: 1.14 out of 5
Based On: 35 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 71


Reported Losses: $22,537.44
Average Reported Losses: $643.93

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EricDress is a Rip Off

I ordered two dresses from Eric Dress and realized that they would both be two small for me so I contacted their ‘live’ helper and advised him, I was told that if I cancel within 24 hours they would give me a full refund. Based on that I reordered with bigger sizes. They never confirmed my cancellation notice and it looked lie both orders were being processed.

I wrote a few more times and each time I got the same automated message saying I just need to conform I wanted the dresses and they would post them. I wrote again and raised a dispute with paypal. PayPay suggested we try sort it out via the forum.

I’ve done this and EricDress are now saying that when I mark my dispute as resolved with PayPal they will send the clothing, still nothing about the order I cancelled. I have now raised a second dispute on the second order as I really am anxious about dealing with this company.

I am hopeful PayPal will help, they have been very good in the past. Please, Please don’t waste your time or money with this appalling company. They reviews are totally fake. All in all I’m out 145 Us dollars that I can ill afford. I am contacting my bank to alert them to what is fraud. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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I ordered a dress for my daughter for her very first formal dance and she was so excited to get it. When she received it and tried it on it looked nothing like the picture. They must have used the cheapest material they could find to make the dress! It’s hideous! AND they want you to pay return shipping and only get HALF your money back. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! ITS A SCAM FROM CHINA!!!!!!!!

My daughter bought a dress from ericdress and it was total garbage. Poor quality, shoddy workmanship, cheap material… looked nothing like their stock photo. They are scammers who refuse to refund your money for unworn, undamaged clothing. They know they are selling garbage, which is why they won’t give you your money back. Don’t buy from them, they are NOT a reputable business. Absolute worst customer service, dishonest business practices!

Horrible quality, Bad costumer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PAGE. I ordered a dress that looked beautiful on the website but reality was totally different. First it took a month for me to receive it. It arrived in a bag all wrinkled full of strings all over. The nylon used to sew the fabric together was sticking out almost on all seams. Quality of the fabric was horrible. I contacted customer service to return it and they offered me 26 dollars to take it to my local tailoring shop to get the strings cut… Lost 200 dollars just like that!

I order a black color block patchwork short sleeve round neck casual dress. My order was place on March 12th & was giving a order number . I haven’t receive any package. I email the company to let them know whats going on & no one has response to me. This isn’t professional you are welling to take consumer money but not giving them what they purchase. That is so disrespectful to run a business and take consumer money. You can reimburse me or give me what I purchase.

Angela McDonald

Strange… ERICDRESS is still existing?

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Items are mislabeled (“cotton” but arrives and is clearly polyester, but NO TAG on the item so company won’t replace the item because you can’t prove they lied about the material). I ordered from these crooks and they didn’t ship for two and a half MONTHS and only shipped after I complained to paypal. Also, their items are incredibly cheaply made. Think about the clothes you find at Halloween superstores, and that’s what this company’s clothes are like. You don’t want to wear that garbage year round, do you? Especially not at the rip-off… Read more »

The dress may have been ok but it was sown all wrong, the cap sleeves were different lengths, the bust was off center and the size was off. I even ordered it 2 sizes larger so I could be safe and have it tailored. Now I’m trying to get a refund but there is no info on how to??? if anyone knows how to contact them please email me at

Terrible customer service. Would not refund the money. VERY poor quality clothes.

I ordered three tops Dec 31/16. They arrived in 2 shipments in the third week of January. All are of very inferior quality, one was much shorter than described, all were much smaller than the measurements suggested, one had buttons that fell off on unpacking. I emailed within days from the website with all the particulars as instructed in order to get information on returns and refunds from Canada. Got automatic acknowledgements but never any follow-up instructions. Emailed a repeat on Feb1/17. Same. This is a shameful operation. I will sew the buttons back on and donate the tops to… Read more »
They advertise a US return address is available, but in my case, I was told to cancel the claim and they would send me the address to return the items. Website help says: New Return Address For US Customer Only Address: Los Angeles,United States Notices: 1:It’s an address for return only. 2:It’s an address for US orders only. 3:For address details,Please contact with customer service. THEY DO NOT OFFICIALLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS AS A VIABLE RETURN ADDRESS WITH PAYPAL! Even if you can get the address, you will NOT get your refund. I escalated the claim and now have an address… Read more »
Its a complete Rip off – I ordered a coat which was out of stock and had to choose another item. Surprisingly the order did go through! Ericdress offered that the next item that I choose could be 10% more of the actual value that I ordered, as a compensation. I said okay and ordered a item which was in that ball park, but the customer care called me and asked me to pay the difference amount of $5 which I was surprised. Did my best to explain it to the customer care person, but she did not try to… Read more »

worse expierence ever!!! ordered an item from ericdress on 01/09/17 still havent heard from the all i get delays on my email sent them emails like 4times paid $33.19 i want my refund in full havent heard from them in march 9, 2017 will be 2months and havent received no package watsoever there is no phone to contact them only email in which they dont respond its my first time this has happend to me i hope i hear from ericdress soon regarding my full refund sincerely, thankyou Luz m. Calderon

After a long delay, I just received the dress I ordered from Ericdress. What a bait and switch! The colors aren’t the same (the fabric looks like it was rejected after the dying process, with only two of the five colors shown on the website model showing up on the dress I received), the waistline is cheaply stitched with elastic tape at the back (unfinished), and the hemline is “finished” with a contrasting-color thread serging. I tried to post a review on their website, complete with photos, and guess what? The website doesn’t work to accept reviews. I’m now assuming… Read more »
Ericdress is to be avoided like the plague – Sister! Stay away. They will take your money for products that are cheap in quality (often out of stock despite the order going through) send them piecemeal and with multiple delays, costing the earth in customs duty and never never give you an address or process for returns. They will tell you all will be fine in customer service chats and sweetly ‘forget’ you asked a question about the oil marks on an item sent or for the fifth time about returns process or asked for some recompense for the customs… Read more »
(Long comment, but it chronicles my terrible experience with this company, and I didn’t want to leave anything out.) Honestly, I was foolish to buy from this store without taking a close look at the site itself. The fake reviews – complete with consistently terrible English grammar and male names attached to female clothing (or alternatively, very oddly spelled names that could have been derived from real names) – should’ve been a dead giveaway that this store is not being upfront with its customers, but since the items I had purchased didn’t have any reviews on them, I didn’t see… Read more »
I pretty much have the same complaint as everyone. The material was worse than a Halloween costume, zipper was crooked and my size large dress fit my 9 year old 12/14 children size daughter. It took a month to get here and I was extremely disappointed. I needed this dress for a special function and had no way of tracking it. Just said it had shipped. Big clue too, I had to get special permission from my bank for the order to go through and it was a huge hastle. I loved the dress in the picture, not at all… Read more »

I ordered two items and it took like a month and a half to receive them! Cheap quality and one was two small! When I contacted them they responded that they were sorry and that’s all! Scam!!!

I purchased an order with Eric dress and after waiting 3 weeks for items to deliver, once received all items were too small. According to the website you have to contact customer service before doing an exchange or refund. After several emails and live chat attempts I was told I would have to pay for shipping and return expenses. Once I agreed and still awaiting an address the representative of the live chat said I would receive an email within 24 hrs with an address and the abruptly ended the live chat. So there’s really no return or exchange policy… Read more »

I believe they only make one size- Extra Small. Sure they might sew a tag on with the size you ordered, but it’ll still be ridiculously small.
As another poster mentioned, they should be more clear that they’re based in China, because we all know how difficult the return/exchange process is. Ultimately, that responsibility falls on the consumer and I regret not doing my dodillegence. You get what you pay for- lesson learned.

DO NOT BUY FROM ERIC DRESS – Ordered 4 items but only received 2 items. Filed complaint with Paypal, Eric Dress offered to refund $22.00 which was only a portion of the total $115.00 ordered. Paypal decided I was eligible for a refund and as you know to send the items back is an enormous amount especially if you want to include a tracking number. This has been BOUGHT SENSE to not ordered from ERIC DRESS or any of the other companies that advertise not located in USA. Stuck with 2 items I’ll never wear that have a left such… Read more »

Really upset, worst service i have seen , ordered a dress from them on 19 November, nothing can be seen in my account nor tracking, contacted them to know where is my order, then they send me the tracking number and site.
last shipped from china was 23 November till now the 1 of December and nothing!!
contacted thier live service guess what!
she blocked me suddenly just telling me last thing to track!

BUYERS BEWARE – DO NOT – DO NOT BUY FROM ERIC DRESS. I ordered a dress from Eric Dress, and when making a payment, it seemed to not have gone through the first time, so I attempted to pay again, and it went through. When I saw that they had taken 2 payments from my PayPal account, I contacted them, and they replied saying that I had ordered the items from 2 different email accounts – THIS WAS NOT TRUE, IT WAS A COMPLETE FABRICAITION BY ERIC DRESS. I think the website is deliberately set to do what they did… Read more »
I ordered one dress From ‘Eric Dress’, and I was lead to believe that the transaction had not gone through, therefore attempted to pay again. I now think this was probably deliberately by Eric dress website. They took 2 payments for the same dress I ordered. Having realised what Eric dress had done, I contacted them, and they replied that I had ordered 2 dresses from 2 different emails – which was not true. I have contacted Eric Dress many times by emails to no avail – this is a dreadful, dishonest company – please do not buy anything from… Read more »

Yes this site looks dodgy because it does not have international size coversion

Eric dress can u pls tell when I ll get my order from last one month u saying super saving is slowest method does that mean it ll take forever to deliver new wht does completing payment means when money got deducted from my card …my order no is 845536 … don’t fool people


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