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Last Updated On: March 5, 2016

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Business Name: Eat-Sleep Boost Apparel
Corona, California USA

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Reported Losses: $144.99
Average Reported Losses: $29.00

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Getting shafted

On my second order from eat sleep boost, I ordered four shirts two weeks before Christmas to add to my growing boost apparel.

But unlike my first order, which took a month to receive, I have yet to see anything from them except a bank statement showing that they had no problem taking my money and keeping their d**n product.

Thanks a lot

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I lost 32.00 to this company, this is a rip off, I even filed a complaint with the BBB and they did nothing for me, I hope they are made to repay everyone they ripped off.

Same situation here guys, been waiting a month for my stuff. Only $16 thank god but I want that s**t back. Anyway we can file for a law suite?

I ordered on the 30th of oct…no shirts yet and also get the cell phone message and no response to the message I sent via their website. I guess I need to report it to my bank._

Just went through this! Thankfully we are only out 25$ but regardless, its MY 25$ & i want it back!! or the products i ordered!! what a bunch of JERKS. I got an address for them. So thats cool.


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