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There’s no doubt about it: Online shopping has made our lives more convenient. After work, school and home responsibilities, who has time to wander around department stores, trying on clothing? Not to mention dealing with a lack of sizes, disorganized sales floors, rude or indifferent sales people, parking and everything else. It’s also much easier to make impulse purchases when you’re in a department store, so it’s no wonder that so many of us are turning to the internet to make our clothing purchases. We can sit back in our bathrobes drinking coffee, and click our way through the “store” – taking as much or as little time as we want. We can select size, color and style from drop-down menus without having to dig through piles of garments.

That’s the positive side of online clothing stores. However, there are so many of them these days that it’s almost impossible to know which ones will offer a good shopping experience and which will be a pain to work with. The issue that all online clothing stores must address above all others is that of returns. Many stores offer free returns, but if you pay close attention to the price, the return is not always “free”. If you are a savvy shopper, you will check several sites for the same item, and compare prices and shipping to get the best deal. Sites like Google Shopping make this easier than ever. And if you are a smart buyer, you may have noticed that very often, sites like Zappos charge about seven to eight dollars more on average for the same shoes offered by their competitors. And why is that? Because they offer free returns. That is just one of the pitfalls to be aware of when shopping online.

Have you ordered something online, only to open the box and be shocked at the terrible quality? That is one of the most frustrating issues associated with online shopping. It’s often very difficult to gauge the quality of a fabric if you cannot touch it. Photos, descriptions and videos can only offer so much. If you know a great deal about fabric texture and the quality level of various types, you might be at an advantage, but most people don’t have that particular expertise. You could call customer service, but chances are they are sitting in an office somewhere while the merchandise is in a warehouse, most likely in another state. They won’t be of much help to you, then.

Once you’ve ordered your clothing, getting it in the mail is another issue. Sometimes stores offer a tracking number, but other times they just give you a vague idea of when the package will arrive. Still other stores just send an email saying the package has been shipped. If no confirmation is required, it’s easy for someone else to claim your package, leaving you responsible for the bill. If this has happened to you, let us know!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had shipping, return or customer service issues with an online retailer. You’re in the right place! Complaints List wants to hear all the details – not only will you be exposing online stores for their shady practices, but you’ll be helping other consumers make a smart choice.

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