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It used to be that if you were looking to buy a used car or needed a new job, you would open to the classifieds in your local paper. Today, many people may not even subscribe to their local paper and instead gather their local, state, and national news online. Using classifieds online also saves money from subscribing to a newspaper, yet still has the advantage of reading your local classifieds.

Like everything online, every individual has to keep an open mind to the idea that something posted on a classified website may be a fraud, a scam, or not as good quality as the classified may make it sound. The usual red flag comes into play if you read something that sounds too good to be true or doesn’t sound legitimate at all. So when you’re on a classifieds website always use caution if you do call someone about meeting somewhere you’re unfamiliar with to look at an item. Or take care before buying a service and inviting someone into your home that you may not know.

If you’ve purchased something that was fraudulently represented over a classified website you may feel it is your civic duty to warn the website that a particular seller not only sold you an item they knowingly misrepresented but you want to alert them to the fact they may try to do so again. When you try to get into contact with the people who run the classifieds website, do they treat you with respect? Where you able to get a hold of anyone at all? Or do they act as though you –the honest person calling to report a problem- is the one who is at fault and need to be kept in line?

Perhaps you made a purchase through the classified website and found that you were charged more than the item you purchased. Or if you have your own account tied to the classified website have you found that someone has hacked into your account and have fake advertisements under your name? Are the various problems you’re experiencing with the classified website worth the work and trouble it takes to complete the problem?

If you have a complaint or multiple complaints regarding a classified website then you can certainly share your complaints and stories here at You’ll feel a certain amount of satisfaction knowing you’re helping others become aware and alert to the problems that already exist and how they are not being handled.

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