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Lots of people feel good about giving to charity. They feel good knowing they are helping others less fortunate then themselves and that even a small gift given to charity can go a long way for helping others when used properly. There is a kind of happy morale-boosting feeling that giving to charities has helped to make you a better person.

There are a number of charities you can give to. There are local charities and charities to help internationally. There are charities specifically for feeding the hungry, helping children, aiding veterans, helping abused women, fighting disease, or aiding after natural disasters. The number of charities is endless and the local and national charities all help provide services one way or another.

However, you want to know that the charity you are donating to is legitimate. If you are donating your hard earned money to a charity the last thing you want is for the charity to do nothing more than line the pockets of a dishonest lazy person who takes advantage of good honest people. You may truly believe in a cause and it may have personal meaning to you. So if you hear of a charity that has mismanaged money you probably don’t trust donating to that charity again.

Charity fraud is real and even the Better Business Bureau rates charities so when you go to a charity website a good way to tell if it’s legitimate or not is to check with the BBB. And another way to play it safe is to check the ratings or personal accounts of the charity. If you suspect that a charity is a fraud there are a number of places you can complain and raise notice about a charity.

You may even have donated to a charity at a charity website with the intention that they were going to be the only charity you were going to support that year. You don’t want to be flooded with phone calls or emails from other charities hoping that you’ll donate to them as well. Perhaps you are frustrated that the charity you donated to sold your information to other charity sites and now you feel you are being hounded by charities. Perhaps you are like many who receive calls almost every day and feel your charitable mood has been sullied by all the calls.

If you have charity website complaints then please share them here at We want to know which charity websites have given you reason to complain and why. Which sites have lost your support and why should others not give to the site? You’ll feel justified when you know you’re helping others from giving to a charity who either doesn’t live up to their promises or is a scam.

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