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Sometimes called the publishing medium of the 21st century, blogs (originally called web logs) are a testament to the modern world we live in. Sites like WordPress, Typepad, Blogger and countless others allow anyone in the world to become a publisher. Blogs have changed our views on free speech and censorship. They have altered our language and vocabulary. They have revolutionized marketing and the way we search for information.

Originally, all blogs had a single author. But in the last several years, multiple-author blogs or MABs (blogs that have have many authors and are edited professionally) have increased in popularity.

But like any media that is free and open to the public, blogs have the potential to create a host of problems. We have all heard about the various legal and social consequences of blogging. This can include slander or defamation of individuals. Employees can be held accountable for posting negative content about their employers. Political and religious fanatics can have their say about anything they want. There have been many cases of individuals being fired or even sued because of blog content.

Because users are often anonymous, blogs are much harder to control than traditional print media. The content posted on blogs can seriously damage lives and careers. They can become a threat to personal safety. These days, it can take just a few hours for internet content to reach the entire world. Because blogs can be shared so easily, they can get out of hand very quickly.

The only way to stop this from happening is to tell your story. It’s possible to have a blog shut down for unethical behavior, but you must make your voice heard! Have you been a victim of unethical blogging? Cyber-bullying? Has your credibility been destroyed, or have you, your family or your career been threatened? We want to hear from you. Post your complaint today and break the silence!

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