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There are a number of ways you can go about repairing or working on your vehicle. If you are a big do-it-yourself type of person then you may find that auto parts websites are a perfect way for you to find needed parts or wanted accessories for your car. You may be able to find parts for a better price then in an auto parts store. And you will benefit from doing work yourself rather than paying someone else to work on your vehicle.

When it comes to your vehicle, having good quality parts is very important. You want to buy a part that will last and won’t cause harm to your vehicle. A poor quality part will have to be replaced more often. And repeatedly replacing a poor part will only waste your time and money in the long run. So it may be more worth your time to buy a more expensive part as long as the quality is good and the product lasts. Of course another part of doing work yourself on your car is proper knowledge. You may be able to buy a great part but unless you know how to properly install it you may cause unknowing harm. So parts as well as know how is equally important. That is also why when you go to an auto parts website they don’t misinform about their products.

If you are big on doing things yourself then you probably have had experience from ordering auto parts online. So you may have the best insight on which auto parts websites are better than others. For instance, is the information on the products they provide accurate? Do they make suggestions about which parts they recommend the most and why? Do you agree with their assessments? Does the auto parts website organize their products by neatly and easily understandable categories? You want to be able to find your way around the site easily so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. And you don’t want to become confused and by the wrong product.

However, sometimes you may make the mistake of purchasing something the wrong product. And in such cases you want to be able to return or exchange your purchase easily and without too much hassle. So does the website make returns or exchanges easily? While you may have only a limited time to return or exchange your purchase for a full or partial refund you are sure to want to be able any unnecessary parts without having to argue repeatedly with the websites customer service department.

You also want the website to actually return the money they promise to refund. You probably have to pay to have the item returned but if the website promises to refund money for your returned product you don’t want to have to wait weeks or months before your money is refunded to you. If you have had to wait such a long time for your refund chances are you are not happy with the website and feel their customer service needs to be improved. When you order something from an auto parts website you rely on your purchase to be sent out in a timely manner. If they have parts available and receive an email that your purchase has been shipped you don’t want to wait weeks for your part to arrive either. If you haven’t received your purchase and call customer service where you told that your order was shipped and you’re being charged for something you’ve never received?

Have you ordered from an auto parts website and were left so angry with the quality of the products or the customer service that you feel it is your duty to warn others from ordering from the website. Or perhaps you order and are charged for purchase but the product you order was never even sent out. Do you feel as though the website is nothing more than a scam? If you have auto parts website complaints then please share them here at

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