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Auctions have been around for a long time, and they remain one of the best ways to move merchandise or property quickly. When the sale closes, it goes to the highest bidder, and if you miss your chance, it’s gone for good.

If you’re a collector of antiques, cars, art, books, coins or other specialty items, or even if you just like to look for a great bargain, then you are more than likely a user of auction websites. Almost like a combination of shopping and gambling, auction sites are a fun way to bid on items you want, in hopes that you’ll get them for a great price. It can be a rush to check back and see how much the price has gone up, and whether you’re the highest bidder. Auction fans also love to talk about the amazing deals they’ve scored.

But the very nature of auction sites makes it easy for dishonest people or opportunists to pull a variety of scams. For example, certain items, such as sterling silver, coins and jewellery, are very easily faked. Sellers can describe the item as the real thing, and when you receive, you may discover it is a fake. Has this happened to you? Has the auction website done anything to fix the problem? Tell us about it, and bring these scammy sellers to justice!

If you are a seller and you offer your items on an auction website, you know there are a number of problems associated with that, too. Sites like eBay have changed their policies drastically in the last few years, and not in favor of sellers. If a buyer has any problem with an item whatsoever, they can file a claim with eBay, and you will be forced to refund their money. Sometimes you don’t even get the item back. Sound familiar?

What auction websites have you had negative experiences with? Have you had a buyer who refused to pay? Or who filed a false claim against you? Or maybe you’ve had an experience with a seller who didn’t tell the whole truth? Did an item arrive with missing or damaged parts? Were you overcharged for shipping? Share your stories here and take the first step to shutting down dishonest sites and sellers. A bad situation will only go on as long as people allow it to. Don’t let them rip off another person. Post your complaint now!

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