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Websites is a very broad category. If you have a complaint regarding a website, then this is an open place in which to share your complaint or share with others your two-cents on how they operate or treat others.

Perhaps you have come across a website that is offensive or dangerous. Have you found a website that shares illegal information? Perhaps the website offers step-by-step instructions on how to grow or build something that is illegal. Maybe the website shares the best way to get away with a crime. Maybe in endorses illegal or explicit activity.

During your time on the internet, you may have come across a website that promise the moon and deliver on nothing that they promise. Perhaps the website offers a service or product that is a scam and you want to alert others to the bad website.

Perhaps you want to warn others about a website or forum where people may offer services and the potential for danger is high. Perhaps it is a dating website or other form of social website where you know someone uses it to stalk individuals. Maybe you even know the name of the person who is dangerous and what websites they frequent.

You may even know of a website to avoid in order to avoid viruses or other malware that computers are susceptible to at a specific website. Perhaps the website is a broken link or a decoy sight and when you travel to it, you may pick up a Trojan or have your personal information stolen.

If you have a website complaint, then please share it with us here at Help to inform others of what websites need to be avoided and why.

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