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Last Updated On: December 21, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Home Security of America, Inc
Corporate Address:
1861 Luudden Dr
Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-367-1448
Company Contact: Robert Lehmann - President and CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 21 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $29,439.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,401.86

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Scammer and poor customer service

I have been with HSA for many years. I have never had a problem with them until this year. 1st I called to renew my contract in June. I told the lady that I would like my bill mailed to me, so I can make pymts. She went on to tell me they don’t do that, and have never done that. I am like I have been a customer for years, and you have always done that. she told me no. So I said ok I will set up pymts.

A few weeks later I get a call from a sales rep asking me to renew my contract. I told her I had already talked to someone. she was surprised. she went on to tell me they have merged with American shield, and everything is mixed up. She took some time to find my contract, and see that I had taken care of everything.

2nd, they took out the wrong amount of money out of my account. not sure how that got mixed up, but I had to call and get that straightened out. Good thing I was sending pymts in between.

3rd, I found a leak in my upstairs bathroom near the toilet. I called and explained the problem. I was told they would set me up with a plumber.

I waited a week for a plumber to call me. he was terrible. he had a bad attitude about HSA, and how their process works. he even explained it to me even though I already knew how it worked. He went on to say he wasn’t comfortable coming out and having to deal with HSA. he rather have me pay him directly and then work with HSA with getting my money back. I told him that is not how it works, and I wasn’t doing that.

So I contacted HSA again explaining my frustration over this plumber. I said I didn’t want him, and wanted someone else. I was promised I would get someone else. Again I waited a week before I heard from HSA, and to my surprise they set me up with the same plummer.

So I called again and explained how I didn’t want this person. in the middle of all of this, HSA left a message at the plumber’s office about not setting up an appointment, but he never got it. They told me they could set me up with someone else but that person was backed up. This plumber was the only one available. I was given the option of dealing with him, or cancelling my request, and dealing with it on my own.

I decided to cancel my request, and deal with the leak on my own. I was transferred to the area to cancel my request, which I did. now we it is two months later, and I am getting emails that I am behind on a pymt for HSA.

I called last night to find out what is going on. The customer service rep said that I owe for the service of that plumber coming to my home. I explained that he never came out, and that I had cancelled the request. she put me on hold, and came back telling me that I have to dispute this with the authorization dept. I told her not happening.

The guy never came out, and I am not paying for anything that didn’t happen. I told her they can just reverse it on their end. I am not talking to anybody else.

Your company has gone down since this so called merger. I am very unhappy with the service I have been receiving since June. I am ready to cancel my service, and go somewhere else.

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Alternate Business Names: Home Security of America Insurance Services, Inc. | HSA Home Warranty


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have been in need of a Roof Repair on my home for about 2 months now.  I contacted HSA via their Website and they selected Creative Solution Home Exterior to do the repair. Someone from Creative Solution contacted me and we agreed they would come out on a Saturday October 28th 2017 (It was my Son’s football playoff game that day).  My wife missed the game and stayed home to wait on Creative Solution because the roof repair was important. Once Creative Solution’s did not show up I called them.  I received a text message reply followed by a phone… Read more »
Do not buy a contract from HSA Home Warranty. If you need critical systems in your house to be repaired in a timely manner, do not use this “insurance.” If you buy this for your own “peace of mind” you will be very disappointed. Repairmen need at least 2 weekdays to show up. This means if you report a problem on a weekend (or Friday afternoon), you can wait nearly a week. Then, if the repairman cannot pinpoint the problem, (in the case of an intermittent problem, for example), they do nothing and leave saying their hands are tied by… Read more »
I’ve experienced the worst customer service. It takes over an hour to reach a rep every time I call. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH HSA! Placed service order to have ac repaired 9/20/17. Today is 10/7/17 and AC is still not repaired. Same guy from MCE shows up yet never repair ac. He must be an apprentice as he has no skills. He’s not capable of fixing ac. He’s been to my house 3 times. First time 9/23/17 caused breaker to trip and lost power in entire house. Afterwards, said it was compressor, took a week to order replace. Then it… Read more »
this is a warning to any interested in an AHS or HSA account. HSA a once excellent company taken over by AHS which in my opinion is driving it into the ground. No hot water for over a month. I have a 7star plan which cover malefactions. But was told it didn’t until I got someone on the phone that would read the contract and agreed. so it went back to the contractor would will not return calls. I called back HSA several times problem there is 2 to 4 hr hold times. and be prepared the 4 hr hold… Read more »

Company is a scam and should be investigated by State’s Attorney Generals and the FBI for wire fraud. Had an issue with heating system in the winter which took many weeks to resolve. Now have issue with air conditioning likely related to the work done in the winter. Called today hung up twice been on hold for over 2.5 hours. HSA requires payment before they will talk to you and set up a claim. This is part of the scam. HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT USING AND NOT RENEWING IF YOU DO.

This company is a scam. I have waited 3 weeks for repair of a garage door opener. I cancelled my contract with them, but I am doubtful that I will get my $80 back for my service fee. They took that out of my bank account before any repairman came to look at it. I’m glad this wasn’t an air condition when it’s 100+ degrees in Nebraska or the furnace when it’s -20 degrees.

This company is a complete scam. Evidently they use the cheapest repair companies they can find, then when the people they send cause irreparable damage, HSA claims zero liability. AC repair came, put the old coil back in, used the wrong size valves, and caused our AC to over work, tripling our electric bill and causing the system to break down. Now they say we have to pay for a new AC system, because “they’re not responsible”. I agree. They are COMPLETELY irresponsible. Woman on the phone was rude, completely unhelpful, uncaring, just kept saying “we’re not responsible”, “we’re not… Read more »

Contract 198920832
I have requested service for a non working electrical outlet and central vacuum system 3 times and still have not received any service notification. I have also had problems with my HVAC not cooing properly.I have had 2 visits in the last week and my system still does not keep my home at my thermostat setting of 74. I need these systems repaired ASAP.

Sorry group to work with. I am wasting my time telling everyone how useless they really are. Do I have to contact someone who will represent my best interest in order to get them to do anything? Sorry group down there in Tennessee, just plain SORRY.

Wow! I refer all of my family and friends to HSA. I moved into my home and immediately discovered 2 AC units were not functioning properly. I filed a claim and a company came out immediately and repaired both units. Several months later, my oven stopped functioning. HSA sent a company out to repair the stove, after a few days of searching for a replacement part I was offered a stove at comparable value. Additionally, my hot water heater failed and it was replaced. I have had several claims with the company such as repair or replacement components to a… Read more »
I would like to express how unhappy with your service I am… In November I had issues with my water heater which took a week for someone to come out and look at it, and when they did show up it was 3 hours after the given time they would come. On top of that ended up doing it myself (out of pocket) due to they had 600$ worth of “modifications” they said I needed but didn’t. This week my furnace stopped working it is taking 4 days for someone to come out and look at it which is tomorrow.… Read more »

Worse service I have ever had!! horrible customer service.


Accountability, Ownership and Transparency are the expectations of the companies I pay for service.

I have been lied to, hung up on and told my situation was elevated/escalated and still no service. Now I am being told a supervisor escalation will be in 24 hours. The third person (Brittany) basically told me I have no further recourse other than wait 24-48 hours. What a disappointment for a long standing customer.

My pipe rusted out from underneath my bathroom sink. They said it was not covered. I paid $75 for them to come out and say it was not covered. I did take it off to help and the whole thing was rusted and just fell to dust. They said since I touched it would not be covered. Reading all the reviews do they actually cover anything? They never said do not touch the pipe. The same thing would have happened to anybody trying to take off the pipe. I am not sure why we paid for this? It is complete… Read more »
HSA IS A COMPLETE SCAM! Hot water heater (a covered item by contract) rusted out and started pouring hot water all over the basement. Called HSA 7 yes SEVEN days before an approved plumber could come to our house to diagnose the problem. THEN he would have to get approval before he could do the repairs. BUT If I could find a licensed plumber to come out sooner HSA agreed to pay for the work provided I have the plumber call and get approval from HSA prior to the work being started. With the plumber at my side I called… Read more »
HSA uses unethical, illegal business practices to try and avoid paying out claims to homeowners. We reported to HSA that our air conditioner wasn’t working the first week of June. They didn’t send anyone out until June 8. Then, they say they didn’t order a new unit until June 12. It is now June 22nd and we have yet to get a call from HSA letting us know whether the unit will arrive to the HVAC company. They won’t return calls, and when you try to call their 1800 number, you are on hold for hours. I started taking screen… Read more »

My apologies, I referenced the incorrect phone number in my response. The correct phone number to call is 800-367-1448.

This number puts you on hold for hours. I have spent a total of 3 hours holding, and never speaking to anyone. I was told to call to speak to an authorizer, but no one ever answers the calls.

My name is Chris Poeschel, Vice President of Operations with HSA Home Warranty. I wanted to acknowlege your complaint and offer to review the situation / determine if coverage applies. Unfortunately I am unable to locate your agreement with the information provided above.

Please contact me by using our toll-free number at 1-800-637-1448.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.



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