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Last Updated On: July 13, 2017

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Business Name: Choice Home Warranty New Jersey
Corporate Address:
1090 King Georges Post Rd
Edison, New Jersey 08837 USA

Choice Home Warranty Customer Service

Choice Home Warranty Phone Number: 888-531-5403
Company Contact: Victor Mandalawi - President
Corp Website:

Choice Home Warranty Ratings

Average Rating: 1.27 out of 5
Based On: 22 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Choice Home Warranty Reports

Reported Losses: $68,901.50
Average Reported Losses: $3,131.89

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Rip Off - 73 degrees outside, 80 inside

I called my home warranty to get someone to check my air that was running 20×7 hrs a day. He came on a Monday and stated everything running to specs.

Wednesday evening my son texted me, 83 degrees outside and 80 inside.

It was after hrs so would have to call warranty company again in the morning.

My son texted me at 6 am. 73 outside and 80 degrees inside not good.

Choice home has guy come back out but cannot get there till 6 pm.

Compressor is bad.

I call warranty company in the morning and… you got it- NOT COVERED.

I stated, but Daniel stated everything was working on Monday; they did not care.

I suggest 5-10 Warranty, I never had a problem with them.

Cancelled my warranty with Choice Home. What good are they- not covering first issue I had.

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They are a bunch of crooks. I have a recording of their CSR telling me this is a covered item they they now tell me they won’t cover it. Not only that, they did a temp repair. so they should be responsible to complete this since it can be a hazard

Just had Choice wriggle out of paying a claim like many others- My AC was not cooling properly and the guy that came forced me to pay for a leak detection (There was none) then said I had a rusty coil
Choice have denied my claim Im cancelling with them shortly – i noticed after some research in 2016 big payout for class action lawsuit, and my local TV station did a consumer piece on them advising to be wary -Wish Id have seen it at the time!

Don’t ever use this company, bad customer service, and they lie a lot,

Arizona heat AC broke 2 weeks ago. I am a teacher so limited funds to buy on my own and my wife and I have a six month old our home is 106 inside outside its 118. Absolutely, discussed with choice. Total rip off!

I don’t normally attack companies on social media since I run one. This is one that I really feel strongly about. The company is Choice Home Warranty. I recommend and hope that you will share this with everyone you know. This is the worst warrant company in the United States. Everything it says it covers always has a way for them to get out of paying for your repairs. They are so bad that they offered to give me back my money if I signed a document saying I would not say anything bad about them. Well a couple hundred… Read more »
Run FAST away from a policy with Choice Home Warranty. We have an oceanfront rental unit. The Maintenance Director called and said the a/c was tripping the breakers. I called CHW and was connected with a professional serviceman who reported the unit was useless and needed to be replaced. CHW denied the claim and decided it was not “normal wear and tear.” 12-year-old, rental oceanfront a/c unit that runs constantly — it needed replacing. More than half the units similar to ours have been replaced. What was really annoying was two-fold: 1) they volunteered to replace the unit “at their… Read more »
Stay away from Choice Home Warranty Filed a claim for AC repair the tech said he needed to do a leak test to find the issues Choice Home Warranty would not cover said they do bot cover testing. After they determine the coil was leaking and it was caused by minor rust in a spot that you can not see until you take apart the unit. and they have turned down this repair as well so have paid my monthly premium-and now have to put out over$6000 for the repair Run fast from this company I have also filed a… Read more »
This is a joke, My hot water heater went out, and I called. this is the first claim that I have ever made with them. well today I was told that they now have 4 days in order to respond to a claim. WHAT! I’m a disabled vet and need hot water just to be able to move around. I explained that to them but the girl didn’t care. Why is this company even in business. I paid for my policy in one lump sum but I guess the money went to the CEO party fund. Never again will I… Read more »
They totally screwed me! My AC unit went out after 26 years and they said it was negligence! It lasted more than 10 years pasty average lifespan of an AC unit in Phoenix. They finally offered me $1500 which is not acceptable. It costs at least three to $4000 for an AC unit to be replaced which is what their advertising promises. They claim in the FinePrint that they will only pay up to $1500 but their Q&A ads say a/c’s will be replaced if they can’t be fixed! That is fraudulent advertising! I have contacted the Attorney General’s office… Read more »

Omg, they said the same thing to me

Please count me in! I can’t even begin to tell you how many lies they have told me about my 30 year old a.c. unit in order to deny the claim! They said the tech that came out took pictures that showed the coils were filled with leaves and therefore, it was a maintenance issue. I requested to see the pictures at which time they told me I’d have to get them from the tech. I requested them from the tech and guess what? There wasn’t 1 pic that showed leaves in the coils! I feel the same way…if my… Read more »
Had them come out April 28 to check unit not blowing cold air. Told I had a Freon leak. Contacted them just last week and they arrived June1 to do a leak check and technician took a picture to tell them my furnace coil was leaking. I believe the girl I talked with was Laquesha who informed me nothing was covered because the coil was rusted. My furnace is 32 years old…it was leaking freon OF COURSE THERE WILL BE RUST AND CORROSION. I continued to be told they do not cover parts that are rusted, however remember my technician… Read more »
Check this out on the BBB website for New Jersey. Doesn’t appear they have changed their practices. Filing a complaint now! GOVERNMENT ACTION Final Consent Judgment The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below. June, 15, 2015 NEWARK – Edison-based CHW Group, Inc., which does business as Choice Home Warranty, has agreed to pay the State $779,913.93 including consumer restitution; revise its business practices; and retain a compliance monitor for at least one year… Read more »

I just had the same thing happen to me! I am taking them to small claims court in AZ and contacting the Attorney General’s office in New Jersey and Arizona since they have licenses in almost every state. I am going to sue them. My unit is 26 years old and they said I didn’t maintain it! didn’t even ask for service receipts. 26 years for an a/c unit in AZ is pretty amazing. I am going to fight and two service people will testify in court that they are crooks!

We bought a house less than two years ago. After a year, we were contacted by CHW inquiring if we would like to continue coverage from the previous owner. I agreed and we paid nearly $400.00 dollars for a “total” warranty. Last week our A/C gave out and we contacted CHW. They said our A/C was fully covered and they would have one of their contracted A/C companies contact us. On 4/26/17, the contracted A/C company, MorganAir came to our house. The MorganAir Advisor wrote up a contract after contacting CHW and we signed it. He said that CHW will… Read more »
I am very disappointed by the services I received for my air conditioner claim. I was told by the technician that I had a leak in which I had to pay for a leak test to be done because Choice wouldn’t cover it. I was also told my unit was becoming obsolete and I would have to soon replace my entire system. I called into Choice to inquire about the information that was reported by the technician in regards to my situation and it was stated that I had a leak in my evaporator coil and nothing would be replaced… Read more »
After 6 years with American Home Shield during which I was very impressed with their service, we changed to Choice Home Warranty a year ago. I signed up for the total coverage package including a second refrigerator, and not the bottom line basic coverage. We are learning that Choice Home Warranty was an enormous mistake. First call was our refrigerator’s freezer was not cooling. They said it was a Freon leak and they don’t cover Freon leaks. Then 5 weeks ago, we submitted a claim on our 4-year old Maytag washer. Today after this morning’s 4th service visit we still… Read more »
Worst Company Ever!! I filed a claim last year and I feel that I have not been treated fairly. My air conditioner quit working during the hottest part of the summer and I called your company to get it fixed. They could not find or had anyone in my area, so they told me to call a local technician and have them contact your company to notify them with the problem and an estimate. I contacted a local air conditioner company and they sent a service technician to my house and diagnosed the problem. The owned then attempted to contact… Read more »

Choice home warranty sold me a $400 warranty. When my fridge needed repair, they denied me the coverage. I will contact BBB and I will see if I can sue them in a small claim court. They are a scam

Note that the State of New Jersey previously filed a law suit against this company.
Details here:

Consumers who believe they have been cheated or scammed by a business, or suspect any other form of consumer abuse, can file a complaint online with the State Division of Consumer Affairs or by calling 1-800-242-5846 (toll free within New Jersey) or 973-504-6200

They refuse to pay for a replacement dishwasher and say that $225 is enough to replace with a comparable dishwasher


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