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Last Updated On: April 5, 2017

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Business Name: Choice Home Warranty NJ
Corporate Address:
1090 King Georges Post Rd
Edison, New Jersey 08837 USA

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Choice Home Warranty Phone Number: 888-531-5403
Company Contact: Victor Mandalawi - President
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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

Choice Home Warranty Reports

Reported Losses: $52,942.50
Average Reported Losses: $2,941.25

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The Choice Home Warranty Ripoff!

The average lifetime of a central air conditioning system is usually ten to fifteen years. Here in Houston, we use them a lot. as my home, built in 2000, aged I knew an A/C condenser replacement was bound to happen. That’s when the trouble started. I thought buying a home warranty was a good Idea. Boy was I wrong.

I owned a Choice Home Warranty for three yrs. I did my own ceiling fans and paid for stuff that broke around the house, mostly because I can and its too complicated trying to use the warranty. Then the outside unit starting acting up. First the breaker would pop, then it started tearing up capacitors. The Amps were running a little high on the condenser and I thought she would hang on until fall. She didn’t. I replaced the fan motor and another capacitor, these things aren’t covered with the CHW policy. What was covered was the condenser itself. So here’s the question, do I continue to replace components not covered by warrantee or replace the condenser alleviating the issues.

I replace the outside unit with the confidence my Choice Home Warranty would protect me in my time of financial burden. I was wrong. You see, I’m new at this. The Choice Home Warranty folks are old pro’s. They asked the certified technician questions regarding the replacement of the equipment. “How’s the condenser coil?” they asked. “Oh its in pretty bad shape!” the tech response.

That’s it. Game over. End of conversation. The Choice Home Warranty folks had all the info they needed to deny my claim. Even though the unit was sixteen yrs old the cause of failure was improper maintenance. When I spoke with the telephone rep to try and straighten all this out, he was rude calling me a liar and said that the technician would be committing fraud. That’s not how we do business here in Texas. I contacted the BBB in New Jersey, and filed a complaint. I also found, there’s a lot of them. Even a Facebook community dedicated to the customers that have been ripped off by this Choice Home Warranty company. My, my, How misery does love company.

So unless you just want to swing by and join our community, I suggest steering way clear of Choice Home Warranty. They aren’t motivated by helping folks with their appliances. they are geared towards denying you claims. They have the questions to prove it.

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After 6 years with American Home Shield during which I was very impressed with their service, we changed to Choice Home Warranty a year ago. I signed up for the total coverage package including a second refrigerator, and not the bottom line basic coverage. We are learning that Choice Home Warranty was an enormous mistake. First call was our refrigerator’s freezer was not cooling. They said it was a Freon leak and they don’t cover Freon leaks. Then 5 weeks ago, we submitted a claim on our 4-year old Maytag washer. Today after this morning’s 4th service visit we still… Read more »
Worst Company Ever!! I filed a claim last year and I feel that I have not been treated fairly. My air conditioner quit working during the hottest part of the summer and I called your company to get it fixed. They could not find or had anyone in my area, so they told me to call a local technician and have them contact your company to notify them with the problem and an estimate. I contacted a local air conditioner company and they sent a service technician to my house and diagnosed the problem. The owned then attempted to contact… Read more »

Choice home warranty sold me a $400 warranty. When my fridge needed repair, they denied me the coverage. I will contact BBB and I will see if I can sue them in a small claim court. They are a scam

Note that the State of New Jersey previously filed a law suit against this company.
Details here:

Consumers who believe they have been cheated or scammed by a business, or suspect any other form of consumer abuse, can file a complaint online with the State Division of Consumer Affairs or by calling 1-800-242-5846 (toll free within New Jersey) or 973-504-6200

They refuse to pay for a replacement dishwasher and say that $225 is enough to replace with a comparable dishwasher


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