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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Choice Home Warranty New Jersey
Corporate Address:
1090 King Georges Post Rd
Edison, New Jersey 08837 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-531-5403
Company Contact: Victor Mandalawi - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.24 out of 5
Based On: 25 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 45

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $77,301.50
Average Reported Losses: $3,092.06

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I took out this Choice Home Warranty on 11/27/2016 for 2 years.

First, my garbage disposal went out and they replaced it, then my AC went out and I was told they could not get a tech out here for me to get my own technician and pay them and they would reimburse me.

Now they will not reimburse me.

Next, my stove top went out, they said they could not read the serial #, so they could not replace it.

Then my hot water heater went out and they lied and said the technician said one thing and the technician told us just the opposite of what they are saying.

They said we have a leak. We do not have a leak. They do not want to replace it.

Please, if you are looking for a warranty, please go elsewhere. They are the most dishonest people you could ever do business with. They always change the diagnosis that the technician gives them and make up their own as I was standing here when the technician gave them the diagnosis and none of them were what they said after the technician told them.

Stay far away from this company. Stay as far away as possible are they are bad news all the way around.

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Choice Home Warranty are spamming 3 times a day with unsolicited emails. Their opt out link does not work which is illegal. I called the company and asked to be removed from their email list. They continue to spam me 3 times every day. i have filed a complaint with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau.

A complete scam. They don’t replace the most likely to fail or most expensive parts. They always find a reason not to pay. Our heat went out in the middle of winter. It took them almost a week to send a technician. He didn’t overnight the part, so we went with another company that could get the part next day because we were told that Choice Warranty would reimburse us. Then they said they don’t cover that part. Stay away from them. You might as well burn your money.

Choice Home Warranty is not a trust worthy company. It is the worst service I have ever dealt with. They lie, they cheat, they read multiple lines from the contract and twist them to do anything but pay as advertised and promised. I have filed two claims in a three month period and both have been denied. I even paid a rider on my policy to cover the aerobic system. When I took out the 6 yr. policy, I asked if these types of claims were covered and assured they were but NOT. I was advised that I needed to… Read more »

This company is a total scam. Do not waste your money by trying to do business with them. Their answer to any claim is it is not covered.

This is one s****y a*s company to have a warranty from. They will choose a word out of a sentence and deny the coverage even when the contract says it’s covered. Do not use this company for warranty!!!! Even the techs they higher to do a job say they are s****y to them too.

This company refuses to pay any claims. It’s always something. Usually it’s maintenance. So, my boiler wasn’t covered because I wasn’t cleaning it regularly. Who the hell cleans their boiler??? They denied a claim to my dishwasher because there was a piece of broken glass, and that was my fault for not being more careful. Sidenote: I have no glasses that were broken. They refused to cover my oven because it was dirty. Total scam. I’m trying to cancel now, and I’ve been on hold for more than 45 minutes now.

Just had a terrible experience with this company. I explicitly stated that my faucet coupling broke, explained the type of faucet it was and what I needed fixed. The clown they sent to do the repair asked for the $45 deductible, called in saying it was “not repairable” and needed to be replaced. Here’s the gotcha part…replacing a faucet is not covered by the warranty…this a*s clown “service person” then tried to get my wife to agree to letting him install a new faucet for $375 which he just HAPPENED to have in his vehicle. I was pissed…she told him… Read more »

Scam alert … I had 3 products that went out and asked choice to fix. Every one they denied. Including telling me that the roof was covered in my policy then denying it when I had a small leak. Stay away. Don’t waste your money.

Spent over $1000 for a Choice Home Warranty, 3 years ago. They have not had to replace one item in my home. Our gas water heater has a big burned or flare up mark on the front of it and it is not heating properly, turned all the way up. They said they had trouble finding someone to come look at it, then they said they were sending a technician out. He finally showed up later than he said he would be here. Showed no ID, no ID on his vehicle, had a hard time deciding which house was mine.… Read more »

Complete GARBAGE. We have a GE Monogram 36″ Gas Cooktop that has an electric starter that needed to be replaced. After Choice Home Warranty sent the technician a DAMAGED part, the technician returned two weeks later with a new part, except now, the claim was that the unit couldn’t be repaired because of a RUSTED SCREW, and so Choice Home Warranty said that they would not replace my unit because of the rusted screw, and offered me $250 for the unrepairable $1500 unit. STAY FAR AWAY FROM CHOICE HOME WARRANTY.

Does anyone have their corporate phone number. My husband called them when our air conditioner went out. They sent someone out ,the man fixed it but claimed the part he replaced wasn’t covered by the company. Plus the man claimed he didn’t have his receipt book that he would send it to hiis email but that never happened either. Been in contact with the man at least 5 or 6 times still no receipt. So my husband called the insurance and they said the part was covered but they won’t reimburse him either.

This was the first time ever using this service and I promise I will never again. My home is 3yrs old and my microwave has gone out however they only want to offer $169.00 for a built-in over the stove microwave and mind you I have to have someone to come install it, I can’t even purchase one for under $339.99 minus labor. Never again this company is awful I wish I never changed from American Home Shield, never had an issue just didn’t like the deductible price however you get what you pay for but in this instance, I’m… Read more »
My experience with Choice has not been good lately, My refrigerator/freezer stop cooling around Nov.1st. the next day I called Choice It was 4 days including the weekend before a technician troubleshooted the refrigerator.,With the parts being ordered and expedited for swifter delivery.It took another week for the technician to come out.finally the temp dropped down from 77 degrees to 27 degrees and the freezer minus -1.Once again now loosing more food to frostbite the refrigerator is at 26 degrees, now so cold the water dispenser is frozen solid. Now a third work order has been sent with now another… Read more »

Choice Home Warranty is the most disgusting company I have ever dealt with. They lie, they cheat, they read multiple lines from the contract and twist them to do anything but pay as advertised and promised. I now know what it is like to be treated like human filth by a company contracted to protect my assets and I do not recommend the experience.

I had a plumbing stoppage, they refused to cover the drain snaking and said that it was a pre-existing condition. The woman on the phone stated although homeowners won’t know until the problem persists and makes itself known it takes months to get a stoppage and that would mean the problem started before my warranty started with them so in that case they will not cover it. Refused to let me speak with anyone above the customer service manager, I ended my policy and went back to American Home Shield.

These people are nothing but HARASSERS. I have tried for 3 months to unsubscribe my email. I get 5-10 emails a day, 5-10 phone calls a day. When I block their number they move to another line. They haven’t learned how to text. I don’t need this HARASSMENT. I rent!

I contacted The NJ attorney generals office and I am completing a formal complaint as I type…they told me that they were very familiar with Choice. and have multiple complaints pending.

We never received any paper work from the company and had to fight the realtor of the wwomans that we bought the house from to get information about the home warrenty. A week after the 30 daays to change claims we finally got info from realtor. So what if our water tank is wrong…..that does not make the valves not leak or the tub draining. Plumber took $65 from us and now today a week later I called and was told they are not covering even the valves nor the tub!!!!I would NEVER refer your company to anyone it’s a… Read more »
When we purchased our home we were offered coverage from CHW’s so-called “home warranty” I was told they offered “comprehensive” coverage. No more than 7 months after purchasing our new home, two of the air conditioners failed. I filed a claim with them on July 11th notifying them of my intent to utilize the benefits afforded to me by their policy. On August 3rd, I was advised by Annie that the claim was excluded because the issue was caused by corrosion. The technician who inspected the units did not state this. This is an assumption made by the company in… Read more »

I agree with Gerald Vestal. I also had a problem with CHW not fixing my air condition…they didn’t for the same reason .I was out of $665 to have a qualified tech to fix the problem.

They are a bunch of crooks. I have a recording of their CSR telling me this is a covered item they they now tell me they won’t cover it. Not only that, they did a temp repair. so they should be responsible to complete this since it can be a hazard

Just had Choice wriggle out of paying a claim like many others- My AC was not cooling properly and the guy that came forced me to pay for a leak detection (There was none) then said I had a rusty coil
Choice have denied my claim Im cancelling with them shortly – i noticed after some research in 2016 big payout for class action lawsuit, and my local TV station did a consumer piece on them advising to be wary -Wish Id have seen it at the time!

Don’t ever use this company, bad customer service, and they lie a lot,

Arizona heat AC broke 2 weeks ago. I am a teacher so limited funds to buy on my own and my wife and I have a six month old our home is 106 inside outside its 118. Absolutely, discussed with choice. Total rip off!

I don’t normally attack companies on social media since I run one. This is one that I really feel strongly about. The company is Choice Home Warranty. I recommend and hope that you will share this with everyone you know. This is the worst warrant company in the United States. Everything it says it covers always has a way for them to get out of paying for your repairs. They are so bad that they offered to give me back my money if I signed a document saying I would not say anything bad about them. Well a couple hundred… Read more »
Run FAST away from a policy with Choice Home Warranty. We have an oceanfront rental unit. The Maintenance Director called and said the a/c was tripping the breakers. I called CHW and was connected with a professional serviceman who reported the unit was useless and needed to be replaced. CHW denied the claim and decided it was not “normal wear and tear.” 12-year-old, rental oceanfront a/c unit that runs constantly — it needed replacing. More than half the units similar to ours have been replaced. What was really annoying was two-fold: 1) they volunteered to replace the unit “at their… Read more »

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