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Last Updated On: January 13, 2017

Auto Processing Center Contact Information

Business Name: Auto Protection Alliance
Corporate Address:
2530 Red Hill #225
Santa Ana, California 92705 USA

Customer Service

Auto Processing Center Phone Number: 800-356-8170
Corp Website:

Auto Processing Center Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 10

Auto Processing Center Reports

Reported Losses: $430.85
Average Reported Losses: $107.71

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Is Auto Processing Center a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Calls weekly-started swearing at me when I asked "Paul" to stop calling

I contacted the company to cancel and they stated that paperwork would be mailed out and I never received it.

I called today 6/17/2014 and wanted to know what happened and they stated it was my fault I overlooked it in my mail.

Really? Then it was canceled due to non payment and not refund.



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These guys are really pestering me and I would like to sue them. If you have a contract from them, then please send it to me and I will see what I can do. Be part of the solution.

I did too. this f’n guy hung up on me then

Hello, Everyone! I used to work for this company for a moth and before that get realize that it was fraud and I´m afraid to say this guys but is really a scam, I just quit from this company and am still feeling bad about this , because I found so much info about this scam in internet, here´s my history, a friend told me about it I was really happy, I started to training and we had to learn a script ( I can give you whole) and it was really strange for me beacuse We coundt say that… Read more »

I used to work with them also. They fired me for no reason and call me disrespectful names out the doors. Please call me or text at (714)865-3818

I am not actually in america , I’m from Costa Rica, they are located in Costa Rica, Panama and mexico… But if u wanna talk text in

My elderly mother received a phone solitation from them a year ago. She thought this was the company she already had an extended warranty with and that she needed to extend it again. They began taking the monthly $109.66 from her credit card. In August while she was in the hospital I found the charges on her credit card. After talking to her about it I searched her files and could not locate a policy. I was able to reverse the July and August charges from her credit card and cancelled with Omnisure. I called Auto Processing Center several times… Read more »
I have had the same problem with this company. My contract was returned on Aug 6h, 2013 and still have not received my refund four months later. I called 6 or 7 times and had to leave a message because there is no one to answer the phone. After several of these messages I did get a call from "customer service" promising that my refund would be coming. That was several months ago and still no refund. I wrote a letter to the manager a month ago and have not had any response. I have now filed a complaint with… Read more »
Complete scam so stay clear. Told me I could cancel within 30 days of purchase. Received the contract 8 days after the phone call sale and once I looked it over I decided it wasn’t for me. I called them 6 times and got the same message. Nobody here to take you call, leave name and contract number and someone will get back to you at OUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. I did get a call back after my 5th attempt from someone in customer service (so they claimed). But she spent the next 15 minutes telling me why I should keep… Read more »

Received a call from them. This is definitely a scam.

I got a call today too. What I’m concern with is how did they get my information about my car and everything. I can smell a sales pitch a mile away. This guy just hung up on me after he figured out that I knew something was up.


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