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Last Updated On: September 19, 2017

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Business Name: City of Tallmadge
Corporate Address:
210 Osceola Ave
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278 USA

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Phone Number: 330-633-0851
Company Contact: David G Kline - Mayor
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Is Tallmadge Water Department a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Water Dept Over Billing Consumers

I just moved to my home town Tallmadge, OH, Since January 3rd I moved in January pipes froze they came out thawed outside lines, both my neighbors water turned off and they froze. Maintenance said it is because of the lines outside are installed wrong, they are on top of Akron lines, which they are to close to the surface and they freeze. According to my three neighbors this has been on ongoing thing.

We have to leave our water run during the cold months, but they say they will adjust the bill, but they don’t. My sister next door was without water for a whole week, and her neighbor’s pipes burst in her house because when they turned the water off, and back on they exploded, she had to pay to have pipes fixed herself/water company said not there problem. My neighbor on my side was without water for three days., with 2 small children.

We are getting to high of water bills when they bill us and they are not compensating for the times we have to run our water, and when you call them to adjust the bill, the lady that does billing is nasty about it, and does not want to be bothered. If I did that with my company I would have been fired.

Then in March ( the middle of March ) getting warmer i turned the water off, and low and behold, my lines froze. They turn the water off and my neighbors lines froze between all 4 of us on Southwest Ave its a constant battle. We did find out there replacing lines close by, but to beautify the town, really. Here we are on our street, without water, no toilets, no showers.

They get mad when they come out and your lines are frozen, they always say you have to leave the water on, we don’t want to pay high water bills, would the mayor leave his water on all the time, would the billing lady leave her water on? I think not. The problem is they don’t want to fix the problem, they should have installed them correctly the first time.

My bill was $217.00 (3-month bill) March – June and its only my son & myself, and we both work long hours. My sisters bill was $180.00 and she is never home she stays at her boyfriends house. How can we get the city to do something……TALLMADGE WATER DEPT., 210 OSCEOLA AVE, TALLMADGE, OH 44278 330-633-0851

We want justice. and things to work properly without the hassle of leaving running water on thru cold winters,

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