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Last Updated On: December 17, 2017

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NWSP Services Corporation & AIMCO / Regency Oaks Apts

have been at Regency Oaks Apts in Fern Park, FL since 2010. Whenever issues occurred with the unit complex has been very quick to get them resolved until recently. In May 2012 the water heater was replaced by a 3rd party company DBK. Little did I know that the water meter that was connected to the old unit didn’t get connected to its replacement.. I saw it sitting on top of the tank as usual and did not think anything about it, until I recently got a letter from the complex stating that I owed more money for the prior months “rent” which includes water. The letter mind you wasn’t attached to my door nor was it in the handle of the screen door it was on the ground in front of my unit.

When I went to check the water meter I discovered that it was not attached at all. So from approx Mid May to when I received the note which I again found on the ground at night on 11/20/12 was when it was discovered that the meter had not been reattached. As I work for local power company I know all too well that with metered services they can vary greatly depending on many factors. However, as we are governed by the Florida Public Service Commission if we ever are not getting an accurate meter reading on a bill our statements must state ESTIMATED when it is not ACTUAL read. When I contacted NWSP about why their bills did not have this wording on it the only response was we’re a 3rd party billing company take it up with your apartment complex.

Needless to say I was extremely distressed. I then took the entire device in a shopping bag to the complex office on 11/23/12, I was told that I needed to raise the limit on what I was allowing them to withdrawal and that well they looked right. I could see from the bills since May 2011 (since NWSP only retains 12mos of bills on file my suggestion to anyone if they are on electronic billing save them to PDF or print them because NWSP is of absolutely no help) that what I was being charged in now way reflected those prior 12mos of bills. The next statement from the complex manager (currently Matthew Comicz) was you aren’t being billed a monthly pet charge. I paid pet deposit when I moved in and had already renewed the lease also in May 2012. Nothing was stated at that time about we are adding additional monthly fee for pets. Then he stated we’ll get DBK out to install the meter and we will watch it and address the issue again in January.

My complaint is that as with any metered service if you aren’t being billed for actual usage then the statements are to say ESTIMATED. If the bills had said that one little phrase then it could have been caught much more quickly and had been resolved. The attitude of the billing company and the complex leave much to be desired. Though I will state that as of 11/26/12 the meter had been once again installed, but like most meters when it stops registering and is in need of replacement there are no measures in place to prevent this from happening to someone else in the future.

NWSP Services Corporation & AIMCO/Regency Oaks Apts

OP Property Management, LLC – An Aimco Community
regencyoaksapts.com  Regency Oaks Apartments
200 Maltese Circle #06, Fern Park, FL 32730


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