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With almost 600,000 people within the city boundaries, Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the thirtieth largest in the entire country. It’s no surprise then to learn that Milwaukee is a massive and important economic center in the Great Lakes region of the country. Even more impressive is Milwaukee’s metro area which includes an additional million people.

All of these people are also consumers who keep thousands of businesses thriving in the area. Of course, these consumers get a variety of products and services in return for the patronage. But as is the case in many large cities in the US, there are businesses looking to take advantage of consumers as much as possible. They see them as walking dollar signs and want to pad their pockets no matter how poorly they end up treating innocent and honest consumers in Milwaukee.

How to Warn Others About These Milwaukee Businesses

If you’ve had an unfortunate experience with one of the businesses in Milwaukee that does not put the consumer first and treat them with respect, you need to file a complaint. Filing a complaint on is the best place to warn others about a business they should avoid in the city or its surrounding areas. Here’s what you have to do to get your complaint published:

1. Click on either the green or blue link above to start the complaint process.
2. Pick from the list of descriptions the one that best matches what you will write about.
3. Fill out the remaining areas with your name, email, and use an alias if you want to keep your personal info private.
4. Provide a title for your complaint and write the full complaint in the body section.

After those four steps your essentially finished with your complaint. Then you just have to submit it and wait briefly as the site does the rest of the work and publishes your complaint for the world to see. While it’s impossible to guarantee 100% what will happen from your complaint, we’ve seen a variety of common outcomes over the years for people filing Milwaukee complaints.

Usual Outcomes for Your Complaints

One very common complaint involves the business you wrote about. When they find your complaint on the internet, they will definitely want it removed in order to protect their reputation. The business will contact the author of the complaint (you) and offer a settlement or deal to incentivize the removal of the complaint. What you do is up to you.

A second common outcome from a Milwaukee complaint involves the city government or business organizations operating in the area. If they get enough evidence from consumers like you, your complaint can be one of many that are used to force these businesses to change their ways or close their doors.

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