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Seattle is one of the coolest destinations for people touring the West Coast of the US. The city is the hub of the Northwest and offers a completely different feel for tourists and residents than the bustling cities of California to the south.

Seattle is home to a wide variety of tech companies and other industries. It’s a great city to be a consumer in thanks to solid business policies and employment rules. The metro area holds almost 4 million people, so there are thousands of businesses in and around Seattle to cater to these residents as well as the countless tourists who come every year.

Still, there are plenty of bad businesses out there in Seattle that rip off customers on a daily basis. If you’ve been ripped off by a Seattle business or company you don’t have to stay silent; you should file a complaint with us here at Complaints List and have your voice heard by other Seattle consumers. It’s easy and you only need the following info:

  1. First and last name.
  2. A working email address.
  3. An alias (if keeping your identity private is important to you).

On that’s all you need to file a complaint about a business or service in Seattle. Curious about how filing a complaint on Complaints List works? There are countless consumers like you who have learned that Complaints List works, but here’s a little info about how and why:

  1. is purposely designed to help consumers find complaints and any information they need in an easy and fast manner. The layout, copy, and information on the site is optimized to help search engines display your complaints to people who may be searching for information about a Seattle business.
  2. The focus of isn’t just to be a sounding board for people who have some things to complain about. We encourage meaningful and informative posts so that our users, consumers like you, have reliable and useful information to inform their choices and to avoid bad businesses. Because of this, people who write complaints often get results.

Two Common Results from Filing a Seattle Complaint on Complaints List

Many companies in Seattle keep an eye on their internet reputation. They often contact consumers who have filed complaints on our site in an effort to remedy the situation and get the bad information off the web.

If companies don’t make any effort to fix the problems they’ve caused for consumers, often times the collection of complaints on can be used by local government or organizations to force the businesses to change their poor practices or shut them down!

So if you’re looking to make a difference to other Seattle consumers or to possibly get your problem resolved, file your Seattle complaint right now on!

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