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Located on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont is home to about 42,000 residents. Burlington is one of the larger cities in the small state of Vermont and its metropolitan area contains over 210,000 people, roughly a third of the entire state’s population! Much of the economy of the city is based around healthcare and education, with trade, transportation and other industries picking up the rest of the activity.

The city is a frequent stop for people visiting what Vermont has to offer. There is a great deal of economic activity in the city because of this and the sheer amount of people living nearby. Regrettably, there are plenty of consumers in Burlington that need a service to file complaints about bad businesses they run into throughout the year. Fortunately for them Complaints List is the best service to collect complaints. If you’re interested in filing a complaint about a Burlington business here on, you’ll be surprised to learn you only need the following three pieces of information:

1. Your first/last name.
2. Your email address (a working one).
3. An alias (this can be used to keep your personal info anonymous).

That’s the only information that’s required for a Burlington consumer to file their complaint. You might be unsure whether filing a complaint is worth your time and effort, but we know it has been for thousands of consumers before you. We work hard at Complaints List to make all complaints seen by as many people as possible, making it more likely to have an effect on other consumers and even the business the complaint is about itself.

How Complaints List Helps Your Complaint Be Seen is designed in every aspect to help get traffic to your Burlington complaints. All of the layouts and designs on the page are made and configured in a way to help bring traffic to the site through SEO and other techniques. Even our written copy has been optimized to help people find your Burlington complaint.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in being a website that collects complaints, not just angry venting from consumers (even though you are right to be angry if a Burlington business cheated you!). We want real, serious complaints because we know that many consumers on Complaints List have gotten real results from their complaints. What sort of results are we talking about? Here are a few common results from filing a complaint with Complaints List.

Common Results for Consumer Complaints

One common result from filing your complaint is that the company or business you wrote about will get in touch with you. When they do, they will often look to make a deal with you to have the complaint removed from the internet. How you deal with the company is up to you and the business; Complaints List does not get involved.

A second common result is that thanks to your complaint and complaints from other Burlington consumers, local organizations or even the Vermont Attorney General can take steps to reign in bad businesses in Burlington. This empowers consumers and makes Burlington a better city business by business.

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