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Portland, Oregon is one of many cities on the West Coast of the US that is full of unique personality and character. Over 2.2 million people call the metropolitan area of Portland home. The city and people pride themselves on being the “Greenest City in America” and has many forward-thinking policies set up by city and local governments.

There are plenty of businesses and companies operating in Portland as well. This also means that there are some businesses and services in Portland that are actively ripping off consumers in the city. It doesn’t matter if they are locals or tourists; these businesses are out to make a quick buck by taking advantage of innocent consumers like you. Here on Complaints List, you have a voice and can fight back against these bad Portland businesses. All you have to do is file a complaint!

Filing a Portland Complaint on Complaints List

When consumers like you file their Portland complaints, a few things can happen. We can’t guarantee results, as every business and every complaint is different, but the following results are often very normal:

  • Many businesses in Portland check up on their reputation online. A complaint on can cause a lot of negative results for a business. Sometimes these companies contact the authors of complaints on our site in order to fix the problem and have the complaint removed. How you settle it with the business is between the two of you.
  • Many bad Portland businesses will never see your complaint. That or they simply don’t care about negative press. But the important thing is that your complaint has informed and warned other consumers like you, thus reducing the number of customers visiting said business.
  • If enough complaints are filed, local business organizations or the city itself can use the information to help bring a case against blatantly terrible businesses. You help add to that by filing a complaint and you make Portland a better city.

How to File a Complaint About a Portland Business

Two reasons why filing your complaint with is a good idea: it’s free and very easy. Here are the few steps you need to take to have your complaint posted in no time:

  • Click on the green link that says ‘File a Complaint.’
  • Choose the category that best matches your complaint.
  • Input the information for your name, email, and an alias if you want to remain private.
  • Write your complaint’s title and the complaint itself.
  • Send in your complaint!

File Today!

There’s no reason to wait around to file your Portland Complaint. What have you got to lose? It will take a few minutes and then the world will know about the business that ripped you off! Your voice matters and there’s no reason you shouldn’t file a complaint on The site is for consumers like you and you won’t regret sharing your story!

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