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Located in central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City is home to about 600,000 people, with another 700,000 in the metropolitan area. The city is also the capital of Oklahoma state. This means that there are plenty of government employees, businesses, and even tourists coming through the city on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all of the businesses in Oklahoma City are there to keep consumers happy; some just want to make as much money as possible, no matter how bad they treat their customers.

If you’re a resident of Oklahoma City or even just a visitor and have had a bad experience with a business, company, or service, you need to tell your story. There’s no need to keep your bad experience to yourself. You should be sharing it with other consumers in Oklahoma City, all of whom deserve to know where the bad businesses are! is the place to do just that!

Why File an Oklahoma City Complaint on Complaints List?

If you’re wondering why you should use Complaints List to file your Oklahoma City complaint, keep reading. We know there are plenty of options out there for filing complaints about businesses in Oklahoma City, like the Better Business Bureau, but Complaints List has advantages over these traditional ways of filing complaints:

Speed – Using the BBB, government, or anther business organization, it can take a long time for your complaint to even get addressed, let alone action taken to fix the problem. At Complaints List, we harness the speed of the internet to get your complaint posted immediately for anyone to see. Your complaint could even go viral by the end of the week, likely bringing the attention of the business with it!

No cost – You read that right, Complaints List is absolutely free to use. There are no gimmicks or strings attached when it comes to our site. Even better is the fact that we don’t store or ask for all of your personal information! Other consumer complaint sites often require lots of information about the people posting their complaints.

Easy – has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use for consumers of all ages and all familiarities with technology. It’s a site for consumers, and we are constantly improving the ease of use and functionality of the site so you can find and post complaints with little effort.

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If you’re one of those consumers in Oklahoma City who have had a bad experience, it’s always best to record what happened and post it on Complaints List. But how, exactly, do you file your complaint? Like we said above, it’s very easy. This is all the info you need to do so:

– Your first and last name
– A working email address
– An alias (to keep your name private if you want it to be)

That’s the only information we require from our authors who are all consumers, just like you. To get started click on the green ‘File a Complaint’ button at the top of this page. It won’t take you long at all and fellow consumers in Oklahoma City need to hear your story!

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