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Columbus, Ohio is the state’s largest city and also its capital. With over 1.8 million people in the metropolitan area, the city comes in at 4th place in most populous capital in the US. The city has a mixed economy and attracts diverse businesses to set up shop there. Columbus has also been ranked by BusinessWeek as one of the 50 best cities in America, which is no easy feat! For that reason there are plenty of businesses, tourists, and residents checking out Columbus every day.

However, that doesn’t mean everything in Columbus is perfect. There are some businesses and services in Columbus which treat customers and consumers poorly. Some just rip people off in the city without thinking twice about it. If you’ve been wronged by a Columbus business, your voice deserves to be heard. The best place to do that is here at But why?

Why You Should Use Complaints List to File Your Columbus Complaint

Knowing that there are plenty of options for consumers to file complaints on the web, we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that is the best place for consumers. When it comes to getting your complaint seen by others, you can’t beat Complaints List. Here’s why:

1. Quick Results ‒ Using other complaint organizations like the Better Business Bureau can take too long for any meaningful action to result. At Complaints List, any complaint you file about a Columbus business or service will be posted immediately for the world to see. When you’re complaint is online, things progress quickly!

2. Free Services ‒ You don’t have to spend a dime to file your Columbus complaint with You can file as many complaints as you have and all we need is a little bit of information from you to know that you are a real consumer like everyone else on the site. You can’t beat free!

3. Ease of Use ‒ Our site was designed and is continually improved to make filing complaints as easy as possible. is all about you, the consumer, and being able to share your complaint with everyone in Columbus.

File a Columbus Complaint Now

If you’ve been wronged by a business or been treated in a way you shouldn’t have been by a Columbus business, you need to file a complaint now. You aren’t helpless as a consumer. Use and you’ll have your complaint filed in no time. All you need to provide is the following info:

1. First and last name.
2. A working email address.
3. An alias (if you want your name to be private)

With that simple info you’re all ready to go to file your Columbus complaint. Once you put that info in you simply write a title for your complaint and the complaint itself and click submit. It’s that easy. To get started click on the green ‘File a Consumer Complaint’ button at the top left of the page. File your complaint today!

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