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When Americans think of cities with bustling economies, Cleveland, Ohio isn’t usually one that comes to mind. People don’t expect to hear that Cleveland has shifted from a manufacturing and transportation center (which is definitely still a vital part of its economy) into a growing Tech center with lots of local government support. Still, there are a lot of problems in the city, and one of them is businesses ripping off consumers like you.

If you or your business has been taken advantage of or ripped off by a business in Cleveland, filing a complaint on is a good idea. Complaints List was built with the consumer in mind to give them a voice when they otherwise can feel unheard. We believe everyone who has been ripped off or treated improperly deserves a voice and we’ve designed to serve those people. You’ve found the right place to file your Cleveland Complaint.

Why You Should File Your Cleveland Complaint on Complaints List

Here at Complaints List, we’re aware that you as a consumer have many options to share your story. But we believe is the best place to share your complaints and help fellow consumers fight back against bad businesses in Cleveland and elsewhere. Here’s why we think so:

  • Complaints List is a free service for consumers and others who have been ripped off or wronged by a business or company. You don’t need to make an account and sign up. You can file one complaint or hundreds of them!
  • The site isn’t designed to make tons of money. We put consumers first and only display ads to pay for the costs of keeping the site operational.
  • Filing a complaint about a Cleveland company here can often get the attention of the company itself. Many check the web to see where their reputation stands. When a bad complaint shows up on Complaints List, sometimes these businesses will contact you for a settlement or way to get the complaint removed.
  • Sharing your story on Complaints List helps inform other consumers. Once one person files a complaint, many more follow as they normally feel uncomfortable. That person could be you!

How to Go About Filing Your Cleveland Complaint

Filing a Cleveland Complaint on our site is easier than ever. These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Click on the ‘File a Complaint’ link above. It’s green. You can’t miss it!
2. Choose the category that fits your complaint best.
3. Fill out the information. We just need your first and last name, an email address that works, and an alias if you want your identity to remain private.
4. Title your complaint with something that will entice people to read it.
5. Write your complaint. Use details and stay focused on the major points.

That’s all you need to do to file a complaint on Remember, Complaints List is completely free and you do not need to sign up for any deals or email lists. So go ahead and file a complaint right now. You could have your issue resolved quickly and at the very least you help warn innocent consumers like yourself so they avoid any serious problems.

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