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Has a company in Ohio wronged you? Were you the victim of aberrantly atrocious customer service? If so, then it’s high time you did something about it! Unfortunately, many companies in Ohio (and across the United States) think that it’s okay to walk over customers and clients. Not so!

Complaints List serves as the online go-to consumer resource for customers like you who have been mistreated by companies in Ohio. Don’t fall for the myth that you’re helpless. There’s plenty you can do to fight back against bad customer service. Here are a few ways to get started…

File a Complaint About a Company in Ohio With…

1. The Ohio Attorney General. The Ohio Attorney General is a great way to get justice through the courts of law. Unfortunately, the Ohio A.G. can be a little slow moving, which means it’s not the most efficient avenue for people with time-sensitive complaints about Ohio companies.

2. Summit County Consumer Affairs. The Summit County Department of Consumer Affairs is a swifter operation than the Ohio Attorney General Office. However, it still doesn’t get your complaint the public attention it needs in order to be truly effective.

3. If you’re serious about filing a complaint against a company in Ohio, then you should file with Complaints List. Our website is one of the most public ways to draw attention to issues of consumer justice. You can get results that matter when you file a complaint with

Why You Should File an Ohio Complaint

There are many businesses in Ohio that seem to be respectable businesses on the outside. And, while many of them are, there are hundreds of companies masquerading as honorable institutions. You may be one of the few people who know the truth. If you’ve been wronged by one of these companies, you can let the truth be known by filing a complaint on Complaints List. Here are a few of the things that could happen if you filed a complaint:

– Concerned about its online reputation, the company contacts us with a request to take down your complaint. However, it’s your story, not ours. The matter is in your hands. You could leverage the power of your consumer’s voice to get positive results after this negative experience.

– Or, perhaps you’ll find a support network of other people who have had to deal with similar situations like the one you’ve described in your complaint on Complaints List. By filing your complaint, you could find this supporting network, which could lead to a class action lawsuit or other form of legal justice.

What are you waiting for? File a complaint about an Ohio company today!

Ohio Consumer Complaint Resources

Ohio Attorney General
Summit County Consumer Affairs
State and Local Consumer Agencies in Ohio

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