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New York City is often called the center of the modern world. The city is one of the largest in the US and is home to a great many celebrities and famous people. New York City is also home to thousands of businesses and services, which operate at all times of the day and night. New York City is the city that never sleeps, after all.

But with thousands of businesses comes the fact that there are also plenty of businesses that rip off their customers or their fellow businesses. If you or your company have been ripped off by a business in New York City at any time, we here at, want to hear from you. Honest, hardworking people like you need to make your voice heard in order to put an end to businesses ripping off other people and businesses.

Why You Need to File Your New York Complaints Here

The internet is full of consumer complaint sites. Some of them do an okay job of getting your complaints heard. Most of them do a terrible job and can’t follow through with their promises. Here at Complaints List, we have a system in place that helps make your complaint meaningful rather than just another bit of text on the massive internet. The following are some important reasons for why you need to file your complaint with us:

1. Complaints List is a free service to use. There is no sign-up required and you can be as anonymous or informative as you want to be. There is also no limit to how many complaints you can file, although, hopefully, you haven’t dealt with being ripped off by hundreds of businesses!

2. We aren’t like some sites that pretend to be there to help and then plaster their site with advertisements instead. We believe in letting the consumer or the wronged business state their complaint in order to warn others and to get something done about how they were treated.

3. Filing a complaint on a New York City business can be detrimental for that business. Companies in New York City are well aware of the power of the internet and its effect on their reputation. Many companies contact those who write complaints on Complaints List for a settlement.

Filing a Complaint Is Easy!

How should you go about filing a complaint on Complaints List? It’s very easy. All you need to do is click on the ‘File a Complaint’ shortcut on the main page. After doing so, our webmasters have made it incredibly easy to fill in the necessary additional information you need. Be sure to address grammar mistakes or any other issues that could be detrimental to your complaint being seen as useful to others who have been ripped off.

So feel free to file your complaint as soon as you’ve been wronged. Here on Complaint List, we’re here for the consumer. If you’re looking for some other areas about which to file a complaint or have other issues you need to bring attention to, we suggest, first of all, using Complaints List, but you may also get help at the following websites:

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