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Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of the great New York City. In fact, Brooklyn is the most populated borough in the city coming in at around 2.5 million people. Brooklyn, like much of New York City is full of activity at every hour of the day. By itself, the borough could be the fourth largest city in the entire US by population.

With all of those people, you can bet there are businesses that don’t have consumers’ best interests at heart. These businesses look to rip off consumers and even rip off other businesses that they do work with. It’s an unfortunate reality but that doesn’t mean that consumers like you are hopeless and don’t have a voice.

With Complaints List, you have a voice that can make a difference and at the very least, warn others to avoid these Brooklyn businesses.

How to File a Brooklyn Complaint

If you’ve been wronged or ripped off by a company in Brooklyn, you need to file a complaint today. This is all you have to do to get your complaint published on

1. Click on the green text near the top of the page that says ‘File a Consumer Complaint.’
2. Choose the type of complaint that best fits for you.
3. Fill out the information fields for your name, email, and an alias (if you want to remain anonymous with your complaint)
4. Title your complaint and write the full story in the body section.

It might sound too easy or too good to be true, but that’s really all you need to file your Brooklyn complaint. Some people feel like using a complaint service is a waste of time. But here at Complaints List we have had plenty of users get results from their Brooklyn complaints.

Brooklyn Complaints: Possible Results

Filing a complaint about a Brooklyn business is a great way to get that business’ attention. In Brooklyn, many businesses monitor what’s being said about their company on the internet. Many businesses aren’t intentionally trying to rip people off; sometimes they have problems or bad employees and they truly want to make amends for what has happened to people writing complaints on Complaints List. In that case the business may contact you to determine how to fix the issue.

Another possibility is that other consumers will see your story. They’ll learn quickly not to give their business to a Brooklyn business that is out to rip people off. This will hurt the bad business and may bring the attention of organizations like the Better Business Bureau or Brooklyn authorities to investigate or punish the company.

So don’t wait around any longer. File your Brooklyn complaint today on Complaints List and let your voice be heard. It matters!

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