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Have you been wronged by a business in New Mexico? If so, then you might feel like you have nowhere to turn. Your case might be considered too small or insignificant for the Attorney General’s attention, and contacting the BBB or other consumer resources just isn’t bringing about the desired results.

If you’re familiar with what we’re talking about, then you need to know about a new kind of consumer resource: Complaints List is a one-stop consumer resource for individuals who have been mistreated by a company in New Mexico. At, you can find links to other New Mexico consumer complaint resources, as well as read informative, weekly articles about how you can protect yourself as a consumer.

File a Complaint About a New Mexico Business

Of course, the biggest draw for Complaints List is the fact that you can file a complaint about a business in New Mexico. When you file a complaint about a company in New Mexico, using our 100% free services, several things might happen:

– The New Mexico business that your complaint is about may see your complaint. Nobody wants a bad online reputation. So, the company could contact you about removing the complaint. In exchange, they may offer you something to make up for the bad experience you had as their customer.

– The New Mexico business you file a complaint about isn’t guaranteed to see your complaint. (If they’re monitoring their online reputation, they certainly will.) However, you can be fairly confident that other consumers will see your complaint. You might find that you’re not alone. When you learn other consumers’ stories, you may be able to gather enough clout to take your case to the New Mexico Attorney General.

How to File a New Mexico Business Complaint

Ready to get started? Filing a New Mexico consumer complaint is extremely easy to do. Again, it is completely free, and there is no sign-up required. Here are the four steps you take:

1. Click the green “File a Consumer Complaint” icon at the top of this page.
2. Choose the type of complaint you would like to file (company, website, phone call, person, etc.).
3. Provide your name and email address. If you wish for your real name to remain private, you can provide an alias, as well.
4. Write the title and body of your complaint. Include as many details as possible!

Easy, right? Join thousands of others from the United States and around the world that have filed consumer complaints. Getting justice isn’t nearly as difficult as you think. File a complaint about a company in New Mexico today!

New Mexico Consumer Complaint Resources

State and Local Consumer Agencies in New Mexico
New Mexico Office of the Attorney General
New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department

This page contains a list of companies in New Mexico that have complaints or reviews posted about them.

If want to complain about a company in New Mexico or post a review or report about a person or website in New Mexico click the "File a Complaint" link above.

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