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St. Louis is a very unique city nestled along the great Mississippi River in the state of Missouri. St. Louis is an old city, with its history dating back to the mid 1700s. Today the independent city is one of the US’s major inland ports dealing with a vast amount of trade on a daily basis.

As the population and economy in St. Louis continues to grow, businesses have been growing as well. Unfortunately, people still have to look out for bad business in the area. Whether you’re a tourist or a long-time resident of the city, bad businesses are in St. Louis causing all sorts of trouble for honest consumers like yourself.

If you’ve run into one of these bad businesses in St. Louis, you should not remain silent. Speaking up about mistreatment or poor business practices is important. You get to warn other innocent consumers as well as send a message to the business that wronged you. Your first step in being heard is deciding to file your complaint on Complaints List. It’s free and easy.

How You File Your St. Louis Complaint

Filing a complaint about a St. Louis business is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Click on the ‘File a Consumer Complaint’ link at the top of the page. You can’t miss it, it’s green!
2. Select from the list which type of complaint you are filing. Your choice should fit best with the category of the business you’re writing about.
3. Fill out the data forms with your name, email address, and alias. Only use an alias if you want your personal name and identity to be private.
4. Title your complaint and write out the body.

Remember, filing your St. Louis complaint on is free and it’s fast. Once you sit down and get started, you’ll probably finish in as little as five to ten minutes. Don’t sit back and think that your story doesn’t matter. If you’ve been ripped off by a St. Louis business speak up and let the world know!

Tips for Filing Your St. Louis Complaint

Details – Writing one or two sentences in your complaint’s body won’t help other consumers or the company to get the message. Be as detailed as you can be about what happened in your given situation. The more details, the better!

Focus – Stay focused and don’t stray from the main point of your complaint. Rambling on isn’t good!

Quality – Remember, is designed to help your complaint be read by as many people as possible. Use phrases that people would use to complain about St. Louis and make sure your grammar and spelling is up to the challenge. A quality complaint goes far.

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