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Springfield, Missouri, may not be the largest city in the state, but it certainly has a lot of character. There are plenty of tourists, residents, and visitors who spend lots of time in the city every year. You wouldn’t think there would be many bad businesses in such a nice Midwestern city; unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

If you’ve been ripped off by a business in Springfield, you don’t have to stay silent. You need to file a complaint with us, here on Here at Complaints List, we give consumers like you the chance to harness the power of the internet, and to have their voices be heard.

Why Filing Springfield Complaints Works on

We know that when it comes to filing consumer complaints, there are plenty of options online. We truly believe that we’re the best place to share your complaint about any Springfield business that has done you wrong. Here’s why:

Complaints List is a free service. This is a no-strings-attached operation. We are here to empower consumers with the tools they need to fight against bad businesses in Springfield and elsewhere.

You can tell our site is for consumers, and not just some money making scheme like other complaints sites. We only use enough ads to cover our costs!

Filing a Springfield complaint on Complaints List is a smart thing to do. Many companies in Springfield pay attention to their internet reputation and see complaints about them on You could be contacted for a settlement!

Posting a complaint not only helps get the attention of the company that ripped you off, but it also helps out fellow consumers. Often there are others with very similar stories to yours. At the very least, you help consumers avoid these bad Springfield businesses in the future!

How to File a Springfield Complaint

We said that is designed for you, the consumer, and we meant it. It’s very easy to file a complaint. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the green text above that says ‘File a Complaint.’
  2. Select the description that best matches your complaint.
  3. Fill out the forms for your first name, last name, and email address. You can use an alias if you want to keep your name private.
  4. Title your complaint (something informative or catchy helps).
  5. Write out your complaint in the body section.

That’s all there is to filing a Springfield complaint with Complaints List. Did we mention it’s completely free, and there’s no signing up for anything? Join the thousands of other consumers in Springfield, and the entire country, by filing your complaint right now! Your voice matters!

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