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For many people in the US, when they think of Detroit they think of a city run down thanks to the slow economy. But in reality there are still plenty of businesses bustling in the city. Detroit is home to a metropolitan area of over 5 million people and the city has a long and interesting history. Everyone knows Detroit as the automobile capital of the world thanks it being the headquarters of some of the biggest car companies in the US.

There are of course plenty of bad businesses in Detroit. These businesses prey on innocent consumers like you to make a quick buck. That or they fail to uphold the standards of proper service in their day-to-day operations. If you’ve been ripped off by a business in Detroit when you were visiting or if you reside in the city, you need to speak up. is the place to file your Detroit complaints in a free and easy manner.

“What Happens After I File a Consumer Complaint in Detroit?”

While we can’t guarantee the results you get from your complaint, there are a few common results that occur for many of the consumers that file complaints with Complaints List.

Many businesses in Detroit scour the internet to keep track of their online reputation. Complaints and bad reviews can be a death sentence these days as many consumers check them before giving businesses their hard earned cash. These businesses often contact those who file complaints with us in an effort to get them removed. How the issue is settled is between the business and the author. Complaints List does not get involved.

Many times the business will fail to see your complaint (but many other consumers will!). That or the business is rotten enough to not even care that they have a bad reputation online. In that case, sometimes when a business accumulates a bad enough reputation organizations like the Better Business Bureau or local government can bring a case against the business for its bad practices.

If nothing else happens, at the very least you’ve done a service to other consumers in the Detroit area. This helps not only residents of Detroit, but it also helps tourists to keep away from businesses that don’t deserve to be visited by upstanding consumers. is a resource for consumers everywhere.

How to File Your Detroit Complaint

Curious about how to file a complaint about a Detroit business? It’s easy, free, and fast. You can’t beat that. Here’s what you need to do to file your Detroit complaint:

1. Point your mouse over to the green ‘File a Consumer Complaint’ button.

2. Choose the type of complaint that best fits your story.

3. Fill out your name, email, and alias (if you want your name to remain private).

4. Title your complaint and then write it out in the body section.

5. Submit.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you’ve been wronged by a business in Detroit, you don’t have to stay silent. File your consumer complaint today and help others avoid these bad businesses. Who knows, you may be contacted to settle on your complaint to get it removed!

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