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Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city itself is relatively small, with just over 620,000 people living in its confines. At that size, it’s the 21st largest city in the US. However, including the very close metropolitan area, the population jumps to over 4.5 million people.

With over 4.5 million people living in working in and around Boston, you can bet the city is full of businesses, restaurants, and services that work year-round to meet the needs of their consumers. Many of these businesses look out for consumers and treat them with the respect and fairness they deserve. At the same time, there are plenty of businesses in Boston that treat consumers unfairly, often ripping them off in very dishonest ways.

Whether you’re one of the many amazing Boston consumers or simply a tourist or visitor who has been treated poorly by a Boston business, you need a place to share your story. That place is

What Happens After You File a Complaint in Boston

There’s no way that Complaints List can guarantee exactly what will happen after you file your complaint, but there are three common occurrences you are likely to experience.

– The first common result from filing a complaint is that the company or business in Boston sees your complaint. Businesses these days often monitor the internet to keep tabs on how their reputation is doing. When they find your complaint they will contact you to reach a settlement in order to get the complaint removed.
– A second common occurrence is that the company or business in question won’t ever see your complaint. No need to worry, however. This is just a sign that the company doesn’t care at all about how they treat consumers. In this case, your complaint can be used as evidence by local organizations or government to reign in this bad business.
– Lastly, at the very least your complaint helps to deter future consumers from ever visiting the business in question. This hurts the business financially and helps create a better-informed body of consumers in the Boston area.

How to File Complaints for a Boston Business

In order to tell your story you need to file a complaint. Luckily for you, filing a Boston complaint on Complaints List is incredibly easy and fast. Here are the steps:

1. Follow either of the two links telling you to file a complaint. They are in blue or green above and can’t be missed!
2. Choose a category from the list that matches your complaint.
3. Type in your info for your first and last name, email address, and use an alias if you want to keep your info private.
4. Use the body section for your full complaint and add a catchy title.
5. Submit!

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