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To the outsider, Louisiana – usually conceived of as a synonym for “New Orleans” – may seem like a good-time place. After all, there’s Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, and good times all around, right? Wrong. As someone who’s had a bad consumer experience with a business in Louisiana, you know the truth. Not all of Louisiana has that “Big Easy” attitude. In fact, many companies are downright nasty when it comes to customer service and ethical practices.

The good news is that you have more resources now than ever before as a consumer. Justice is now within your grasp thanks to Sure, you could hope that a consumer resources magazine might pick up the story. Or, you might hold out hope that the Better Business Bureau or the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General might pick up your case.

The truth, of course, is that these institutions can be slow-moving. You need justice now!

Get Justice By Filing a Louisiana Business Complaint

Getting justice is fairly easy to do when you use Complaints List, a free and easy-to-use service with no sign-up required. Here’s what it takes to move toward justice…

1. Your first and last name.
2. Email address.
3. An alias (if you want your real name to remain private).

Easy, right? There really isn’t any more to the process. We’ve all been hurt by bad businesses in the past. We know how it is. So, why would we ask you to pay more money to bring justice to your situation? You’re probably already dealing with other issues connected to your bad consumer experience. When you work through Complaints List, we take out the headache so you can move toward justice. No sign-up. No fees. All convenience.

File a Complaint About a Louisiana Company Today

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time that you let others know the truth? Share your story on so others know which businesses they should avoid in Louisiana. A few tips before you get started:

Keep your title short, to the point, and make it catchy. Give readers a reason to click on your title. Make it exciting, tantalizing, promising!
As far as the actual complaint is concerned, include as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing. Generally speaking, complaints with more detail perform better in the search engines. Share your story in its entirety!

File a complaint about a business in Louisiana today!

Louisiana Consumer Complaint Resources

State and Local Consumer Agencies in Louisiana
Louisiana Office of the Attorney General
Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office

This page contains a list of companies in Louisiana that have complaints or reviews posted about them.

If want to complain about a company in Louisiana or post a review or report about a person or website in Louisiana click the "File a Complaint" link above.

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